LOVE HIM (Hung Like A Bull) Chapter 2

L h O i V m E

-Chapter 2 Hung Like A Bull-
On my way to the ranch the next morning Cody’s email played over in my mind like the flashing white lines reflected in the hubcaps. Every mile marker I passed became a metaphor for the all the steps it’s taken me to get this amazing guy into my life. I beat myself up wondered why in the hell it’s taken me so long to get serious with him? In my eyes he was perfect, his shy smile melted my heart, his perfect bubble butt I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of and he treats me like desert. On the long drive I came to the reaization that I was truly in love with Cody, which scared the hell out of me, I’ve never felt I’ve needed someone as much as I need him.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the image of Cody half naked. For me that was the ultimate turn on; his underwear holding tight to his cock like a shrink-wrapped deli sausage, it’s seared in my brain. But more amazing then the photo was the fact Cody shared it with me.

Arriving just before sunset I found Cody with a couple of ranch hands stacking straw in the barn. We gave each other a manly embrace then he introduced me as his best friend. I tried not to show it but I was taken back by being introduced as his best friend. Saying something like that was going to make it either really easy on me or really hard for me when I decide to make my move on him. I felt like grabbing his ass right there but at the same time I felt I was going to have diarrhea. Fuck I was scared to take that next step. I just hoped to god when the moment was right Cody’s answer would be yes.

After dinner I took a long hot shower letting the warm water pound on my chest. Slowly I stroked myself imaging Cody kneeling before me going to town on my cock in the same way a newborn calf suckles his mommy’s tit for the very first time. Cody’s long tong worked my cock over coaking my ball into surrendering a tasty meal. Cody lightly tugged downwards on my sack massaging my tender balls, his lips surrounding my cock and drew upwards as if it were a straw vacuuming up the last few drops of a milk shake. I moaned as his lips relentlessly pulled at my milky load. I couldn’t hold back any longer. In the next few seconds Cody would get what he had worked so hard for.

Instead, the door to the bathroom swung open “How long you going to be”. Startled I paused as if woken from a dream. “I’m almost done,” I blurted back as the door closed on my words.

As I stepped out of the bathroom Cody snatched the wet towel from my waist, my plump cock bounced off my stomach and my balls swung like pinecones in a wind storm. Yeha! Cody screamed as he turned my white skirt into a lethal weapon striking my vulnerable ass. Startled I jumped like a clumsy sissy, trying to avoid the next lashing to my delicate cheeks. I slipped and fell my legs opened wide exposing my dangling boys to Cody’s aim and sure enough his whip hit me square in the nuts dropping me to the bunkhouse floor. A wave of heat flashed over my body, a field of stars filled the room collecting and then expanding over and over again. Clutching my balls I collapsed to the floor Cody sat beside me apologizing his hand rested on my hip. Later he told me how much he wanted me that night and was sorry he ruined the moment.

Lying in bed I relived the moment; I remember staring at the huge bulge in Cody’s pants the next thing I knew I was naked on the floor in a heap of pain. I could have kicked myself in the ass for trying to get away I guess it was a flight or fight instinct. As Cody finished his shower I imagined him drying off his tanned body, the towel moving down his back and over his tight ass the thought of Cody drying off his man tool made me extremely horny.

Abruptly the door to the bathroom opened Cody emerged wearing a thin white towel stretched tightly around his slender waist. Like a cat in a burlap sac Cody’s cock shook under the towel as he walked through the darkness. He stopped at his bed, his body now showered in moonlight pouring through the bunkhouse window my heart jumped as the wet towel dropped from his hips and vanished into the shadows on the floor. My eyes scanned the bronze god that stood before me his sculpted back gave way to his round ass, if there was ever a perfect model for a Remington sculpture Cody fit the bill.

Bending over to clean off his bed Cody’s hairless balls swung from side to side like sac of potatoes dangling from a bear line. Seeing Cody completely naked for the first time was a religious experience. His body was a temple of beauty that could bring any man to his knees. I had worshiped Cody in my dreams and now he stood in the flesh only an arms length away. My lips held tight stopping me from blurting out something c***dish and stupid.

Apologetically Cody broke the silence “Sorry about hitting your nuts man I don’t know what got into me”. Letting him off the hook I jokingly replayed, “Was that your idea of foreplay”. Cody’s voice lightened up and he replied, “You know you probably tripped over your own balls seeing you’re hung like a bull”. I answered back “Well it looks like we both have something in common”. He replied, “I’m glad you noticed big boy, I thought I’d give you something to dream about tonight. Cody’s naked body slid between the sheets.

Our bonding time was interrupted when the bunkhouse door opened, Russell and Carl half d***k stumbled to their beds. Cody whispered “Sweet Dreams” then rolled over and was fast asl**p.

Love to here what you think so far.
My next chapter-- I finally get what I’ve dreamed about for so long.
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4 years ago
i love the way you are gradually expressing your desire for Cody, and i love the way he exposes himself but in a gentle romantic way. beautiful.
4 years ago
mmm damn
4 years ago
You got me hooked now.
4 years ago
Waiting in sweet anticipation, please continue. Hank
4 years ago
You have a gift keep them cumming thanks
4 years ago
wow,very imaginative script.kinda reminds me of the series we used to get on UK tv back in the 60s and 70s,programmes like 'Rawhide','The High Chapperel and 'The Virginian'.All that simmering sexuality between those horny farmhands and cattle-men,used to make my young cock twitch like crazy,lol! keep it going,fella!
4 years ago
O I've got to read the next chapter soon Thanks
4 years ago
Hot. U and Cody r an exciting pair of dudes and u express the tension and passion so well. Thanx.