Unexpected Story challenge (oil and knife)

After being given a task of writing a story with oil and a knife (not my thing I must add) this is what I came up with.

I had fallen out with my wife, an argument over nothing but had escalated probably unnecessarily as we both gave each other the silent treatment.
It had been nearly 4 weeks since I last had sex, and my balls were busting. The hot summer days didn't help.

I was working installing timber decking in the garden of a rather well to do lady, fit, early forties and a great body but such a shitty attitude.

She insisted on laying in the garden semi clad and watched as I worked
A bit of a bitch really she had already had plenty of complaints and sarcastic remarks. I didn't need it to be honest.

She had a great body but fucking knew it.. I fantasised about doing the horny bitch hard
I would show her how a rough round the edges guy like me loves to fuck.
She continued to talk down to me, really pissing me off.

It ate away at me as I toiled in the heat.
I saw her come out again this time with another pimms and lemonade and a poncy straw.
Then out came the suntan oil, I watched lustfully out of the corner of my eyes as she poured it on herself
She knew I was watching and took great pleasure as she rubbed the oil all over her naked skin
Tiny bikini bottoms and a top way too small to hold in those enormous tits..
Bitch !!! I murmured but really i wa so aroused by it all..

Then something switched as I looked over I saw her begin to rub herself inside her bikini bottoms
This was my moment and I wandered over slowly.

My intentions were one tracked and as I poured more oil on her she giggled and rubbed and I calmed my thoughts and began to massage in the oil on her shoulders then further down...
I then loosened her bikini top, and that was the catalyst that kicked it off..
She shouted "what the hell are you doing"
"Stop right now"
I wasn't listening "you fucked me about, and teased and you are about to get your hands burnt" I replied.
Grasping her bikini top and running in the house she was screaming to leavè her alone...
It had gone too far I raced after her , and as she fell through the open patio doors I caught her up
The fear in her eyes as the realisation of what was about to happen sunk in

Into the kitchen she ran grabbing things to throw as she tried to make her escape
"You fucking scumbag leave me alone" she screamed!
It is at this point I became more violent lifting a knife from the kitchen drawer and then preventing her from accessing the hallway with my strong arms .. Her massive tits hanging free and as I wrap my hand over her mouth, stopping her instantly by pushing the sharp knife against her bare nipples..
A slight bleed appears as I press harder
"Take off your pants you teasing bitch" I order
Pushing the knife up to her throat she immediately obeyed
I remove my hand from her mouth and her breathing is so rapid, crying and helpless in my power
My hand feeling her crotch and immediately my fingers are inside her stretching and pushing.
"You are going to get it you tease..
I will teach you who is the boss here!"
My hand fucking her hard , fingers in her cunt and a thumb up her ass
Pushing hard abusing punishing
In sheer fright she is obeying my every instruction the knife at your throat helping of course
I drop my shorts and rip off my dirtied vest
Pushing her over the table .. I enter her from behind the blade hard in her back
My heavy laden sack is smashing against her ass as I thrust f***efully
She daren't fight me off , my precum provides all the lubrication I need
With every thrust i violate her she's scared and in absolute terror
I admire the amazing body I am fucking
And smile I have her now exactly as I had planned totally unsuspected by her.
All high and mighty and now she is just a victim of my brutal fucking
There is just one thing left to do that's release my seed inside her
I lurch and fling the knife to the other side of the room
My hand forcing your face down and your hair all sweaty and oily
A slight tremor gives an indication of what was about to come
I explode inside her with such f***e, and pull out my dick and cum again over her ass
I release my hold and let her go ...

She turned to me and whispered "I fucking loved that my cunt is so full, I am so glad I married you, I love our RP fucking!!!"

I reply "but let's not leave it so long next time"

100% (9/0)
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12 months ago
great story