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What the fuck is up with the censorship of my blogs? It's OK for the bronze to run rip-shod and make asses of themselves yet my blogs are a problem. Go visit capoxhamster's profile and see what a sewer that place is. Words automatically censored without regard to their context...

s*l*e*e*p*i*n*g (WTF!!!)

Understand none of these were misused. If they were the blog should be deleted. However when mentioning a c*h*i*l*d proof cap becomes a problem while certain reviewers are allowed to make asses of themselves it shows exactly what the people who run this place are made of.

Update 29Feb: I can't say s*i*s*t*e*r, a word that doesn't have to mean f*a*m*i*l*y, yet I can say daughter. WTF does that say about whoever put the "banned" list together!

Update 13May: Now I see b*l*o*o*d needs to be added to the list. Also someone else pointed pointed out you can use these same words as long as you don't use them in English. Pathetic.

Update 11June one of my blogs mentioned the air f***e. (thats f.o.r.c.e.) Someone should be embrassed, but they're likely to stupid to see how ignorant and lazy they are.

Update 19June You can add b.r.o.t.h.e.r to the list as well. It's getting assinine. They gall to state in the Terms of Use: "4.2 You acknowledge and stipulate that all of the Materials constitute expressive content that is fully protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and other similar legal principles." yet through sheer lazieness they automatically censor so much it's impossible to write about simple every day topics. SAD.

Update 27Jun You've got to be k.i.d.d.i.n.g me! I have to add k.i.d.d.i.n.g to the list! Brilliant!

Update 29Jun Great! Can't use b.r.o, p.i.s.s, or d.r.u.n.k. The ironic part is I was trying to quote a NBC news story. NBC understands free speach, xHam gives it lip service.

Update 12Jul OK. Why is it OK that I can say something is not legal yet I can not say it is I.l.l.e.g.a.l?

Posted by Robinredbreast 3 years ago
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2 years ago
i empathize with you...the fucking reviewers are absolutely ruining this site. not only with their 'page outta the fucking taliban manual for the future'...but also by skewing it to their own tastes and bullying anyone who thinks differently. The only b.s./bullying/abuse (whatever) I have ever received here have come from a member with a reviewers badge...and I've never even exchanged a single word with them!!!
2 years ago
My name is Octoberdogg, and I endorse this blog!

It's gotten to such extremes of insanity here I'm beginning to believe the lunatics are running the asylum... sad day indeed.
2 years ago
What I think is so funny about this whole thing, they have videos of p.o.r.n but you can't say it but you can talk about fucking all you want and that perfectly all right. I can watch everything from putting a woman in chains and beating her until she cries but you dare not talk about i.n.c.e.s.t, a perfectly normal part of nature, as much as boys or girls experimenting with each other when they hit puberty, it is automatically assumed if you say b.r.o.t.h.e.r or s.i.s.t.e.r you are into child porn, but hey, we can still talk about eating pussy, ie, cunt, or any other name we want to put with it as long as we don't talk about eating one on it's period, or how about sucking dick, cock, chocking the ole chicken. I once heard a phrase strain at a Nat, swallow a camel. Personally it would please me to know end if people would go back to basic common sense but hey, if I write anymore I will need to make my own blog. Your quiet beautiful young lady. I enjoy looking at you and reading your blogs. Please do more writing. Thank you. Cardinal
2 years ago
Sometimes I wonder what the people at xH think when they block certain words. Words that we find rather normal in stories and blogs related to sex. Somehow they have a very twisted way of thinking that they themselves think "nobody should think like this". So they censor words that triggered those "bad" thoughts.
2 years ago
Very interesting. I didn't know there were words you can't use on here!
2 years ago
I know it is all really stupid. The way I get around it is to post a story as a blog first to see what "bad" words get ***. Then I sub those words for similar words. Like "force" is a censored word so I sub "jam" or "stick" for it. Then I delete the blog and post the story. Also, you can use an underscore to get around the censor. For example, "sleep" turns into "s***p". But you can also do this sl_eep and at least it is easier for the reader to figure it out.
2 years ago
I got one in my story that was edited from their own system the word they edited "Sleep". And of course the word "fuck".
2 years ago
I wonder more that most of these words, that apparently are always bad in a blogpost, are not forbidden in usernames.
2 years ago
the cencorship here make no sense- i think that they make it new day by day with dices
2 years ago
sick of spending hours putting picks up only for them to be removed for no reason,
3 years ago
I have tried emailing for an answer to the same question. They did not respond. A number of the stories have words censored. Strangely, in many cases the censored words allude to even more objectionable words than those censored.

It does give me a headache trying to read with all those d****d a******ks.
3 years ago
You know Robin, I almost hate to say this and I'm sure it's going to bring it down on my head, But you are right. There are some bronze wearing assholes that are way past being out of control. In the past 6 months I have just sit back and watched how much stupider and ignorant the comments and childish shit becomes. They need to pass out diapers, and dictionaries with the badge. Between the grinning snakes, and racist knee walkers it's gotten pretty sad.
Capo I think see's alot of whats going on but has little time to spare inbetween trying to do his job and keep the site going. Maybe he's to the point he doesn't care anymore. I don't know.
All I know is this place is all some people know and they think it makes them someone. Take away the use of photoshop around here and the whole place would clear out lol. Take it easy Robin and don't let the zoo get to you. xxx
3 years ago
not only this, but also some selfmade vids of me were deleted. none of them showed forbidden material, only me wanking....