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"Excess ain't rebellion..."

"...You're drinkin' what they're sellin." You probably recognize these words made famous by the band Cake. It couldn't have been said any better.

Alberto Korda became a fashion photographer as a way to get laid. Judging by his his marriage to the "drop-dead-gorgeous" Cuban fashion model Natalia "Norka" Menendez it worked.

Alberto also served as Che Guevara's unofficial photographer. March 5, 1960 while at a funeral he snapped the picture that launched a million t-shirts. Yep the one every little pinhead wears to show how rebellious they are. Of course the truth is Che was a narcissistic mass murderer who didn't like to bathe. If you haven't been there read my blog:

Given that Che is the father of communism in Cuba it's a bit ironic that he's become capitalism's bestest buddy! Ya it's tacky to have a mass murderer as your spokesman but let's face it, the emotionally immature are easily swayed and if you start counting all the people who are pissed at something, that's one huge market!

Here's my favorite. Ice Cream in the form of someone who once put a put a gun against a fifteen year old boy's head and killed him! Yummy!

Fabric softener! Ya! when I think firing squad I always think cuddly!

f.a.m.i.l.y insurance! Great tie in given that the reason Che fled Cuba was to get away from his wife, mistresses and who knows how many k.i.d.s!

Sweet shoes! Of course if you live in Cuba these shoes cost more than you make in a year. Sucks to be you!

Naturally stupidity knows no boarders so that ubiquitous t-shirt is marketed everywhere.

Once your everywhere you might as well sell beer in Korea!

Here's a magazine that's honest. Although I don't understand how idolizing someone who killed so many Cubans without provocation and condemned the rest to live in squaller qualifies as "pro-Cuban"

Never mind the b.l.o.o.d. Gotta' get me that brand of highlighter!

Pepsico thinks you'll swallow the Kool-Aid and drink their Pepsi Max 'cause there's nothing more American than Mt. Rushmore and Che the Pig!

If all these pictures have you jonesin' for more just head to your favorite search engine and type in "The Che Store". Yep there really is such a place! You can buy anything from a purse to a Zippo lighter with Che's face on it!

A fool... I mean a revolutionary and his money are soon parted!

Posted by Robinredbreast 3 years ago
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3 years ago
3 years ago
That pepsico picture looks more like some random person's drawing. Also, it seems like the idea isn't pro-Che, but instead showing how you screw up big time when you're not alert enough
3 years ago
I miss your blogs.
3 years ago
wow! u r fuckin awesome! gooooooood fuckin point! this blog is great! thanks for bein so outspoken and sayin what needed to be said lol. good point.
3 years ago
I was always amused at how conformist nonconformists tend to be. They all want to look alike, dress alike, talk alike until a real radical comes along. Then they're freaked out and can't decide whether to ostracize him or imitate him...
3 years ago
Lmao very nice, Che is GAY