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Che el Chancho (Che the pig)

I wanted to call this "100 million died in the name of communism and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" but it wouldn't fit in the box!

Some questions have been asked so an explanation is in order.

Why do you hate Che Guevara? I don't hate him. Despise, revile. These would be more accurate emotions and befitting of what one should feel towards a mass murderer. The word “hate” is usually thrown out when some one is trying to shut down the discussion!

So how'd this come up, after all this is just a sex site?!? Ya I know (sigh). It came up because there are users who see Nazis hiding around every corner. I was was put in the position of defending a user who used the letters “SS” in his user name and was being accused of evil even though in this case SS had nothing to do with Schutzstaffel.

While this was going on someone posted a bondage video featuring a SS officer with really nice boobs. It was deleted for being insensitive. I guess I can't watch Raiders of the Lost Ark any more as it too has cartoon like Nazis.

Don't get me wrong I know my history and I get how images of Hitler's Nazi terror could dredge up an emotional response. The part that “grinds my gears” (if you will) is the double standards and the hypocrisy. As all the above was going on there were several post by a user who thinks he's cool using a picture of Che Guevara for his avatar. I get why a sexy make believe SS officer might be insensitive. However, given that standard I don't get why a real world image of a real mass murderer should be acceptable! Nor do I get why it's acceptable for a reviewer to call me a “dumbass” in public Just because I point out the hypocrisy.

So back to why do I revile and despise Che, anything good you think you know about him is a myth. Starting with Robert Redford's ridiculous movie. The truth is the motorcycles broke down early in the journey and they went on using other means of transportation. We can't let the truth get in the way of a good movie though. Often described as a revolutionist he was nothing more than a hate filled individual who used revolution as an excuse for his abhorrent behavior.

While Hitler's numbers were higher Che was still a psychopathic murder. The exact numbers are not know but he was personally responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of men, women, and c.h.i.l.d.r.e.n. He sent hundreds more to the firing squads to be killed without the benefit of a trial in his name. He enjoyed these executions and often used his own pistol to fire a bullet to shatter the skull of the executed prisoner.

The real measure of what he accomplished is in what he did to Cuba. Given it's location Cuba should be, per capita the richest nation in the world! It should be a shining Caribbean paradise, instead it's a hell hole that makes it's people risk their very lives in hopes of escape. Ironically he's often shown with a cigar which is funny as while I don't smoke them, people who do have told me that the Cuban cigar is surviving on it's past legend. Communism ruined that too.

The popular myth is Che left Cuba to take the revolution elsewhere. The truth is he was a failure as a human being. He fled Cuba because his private life was a failure. He was an adulterer who deserted two wives, countless mistresses and numerous c.h.i.l.d.r.e.n.

He was anti- homosexual, free speech, rock 'n roll, the list goes on and on. There's the funny part, the guy using the Che avatar, as a non-conformist would have been first in line to Che's firing squad!!!

Oh, the title I settled upon, he was called Chancho (Pig) by his classmates because he rarely bathed! Now that's a revolutionist! A man of the people!!! (as long as the people stand up wind!)

Posted by Robinredbreast 3 years ago
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2 years ago
I could not have said it better.
Great work you have done
2 years ago
Agreed. Che was garbage and a complete coward. He was "fearless" until he had the tables turned on him. He cried and pleaded for his life before being killed. At least he got to know what his victims felt like.
3 years ago
Well said indeed.
3 years ago
I'm glad to see someone putting Guevara in his place.
3 years ago
You absolutely rock Robin!! (no pun intended). Ask any idiot on the street you see wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt why he is wearing it, and most likely all he'll be able to tell you was "He was a revolutionary" Yeah, so was Hitler and Ghadaffi.
3 years ago
Very good info on this COMMIE PIG, I like it
3 years ago
I love this site but the moderators and reviewers have a God complex and push their agendas.I agree with with you...Gramps
3 years ago
You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
Well said, well said
3 years ago
Give them hell Robin & keep telling it like it is. Hitler was a piker when compared to Stalin,but Chairman Mao beats them both.
3 years ago
My dear friend . I completly agree with you .