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What Really Grinds My Gears...

Yep you guessed it! Another ongoing thread. This one is just for me to rant!

If you're going to pay by check have it and the pen ready! First off who still pays with a check!?! They have this wonderful new invention called a DEBIT CARD! However! If you're going to pay by check KNOW THE DATE! If you're a cashier, who's job it is to accept checks KNOW THE DATE! AND FINALLY, if the person behind you tells you the date don't turn to them and say "Are you sure?"

Who the hell buys this crap! Very very very rarely does an advertisement have any affect on me. Most of the time my only thought is "What kind of idiot is going to rush out and buy that just because they saw that commercial?" The topper though, HAS TO BE, Always feminine products. They like to use the slogan: "Have a happy period, Always" WTF It had to be a guy that wrote that. Try having b.l.o.o.d dripping out of your schlong (or schlort as the case may be) and see if you're happy!

WTF haven't heard this before! In Chicago police shot 15 year old Tatioun Williams. He had several prior arrest and pointed a gun at police officers who were investigating a robbery in which an iPod was taken at gun point. His mom said "That's no reason to kill a c.h.i.l.d." Not only should gun toting criminals be shot without regard to age, mothers who name their k.i.d after a planet in Star Wars should be shot as well!

I could have told them that! According to the GMAC Insurance National Driver's Test, if they had to take a written drivers test today, nearly 1 in 5 licensed drivers would not pass! This means 36.9 million American drivers, or 18% of the country's total licensed motorists are morons! I haven't tested anyone however, just from driving from point to point I think they got the number WAY LOW!.... AND! That's not even counting all the #@&%!<$% i.l.l.e.g.a.l.s driving around without a license!!! -BUT that's a whole another rant!

I'm glad they've solved all the important problems in the world! Thus allowing California OSHA official to draft rules requiring condoms to be used in porno films. Never mind that the safest place to have sex in California is within the sex industry! How about sending the condom police into the bath houses to protect the public at large! The Porno industry has been watching their own. The only thing these idiots are going to accomplish is for the entire industry and their money to pull out (pun intended) of an already piss poor economy.

Beejoli Shah is a douche-bag. She's the "C" "U" next Tuesday who met Quentin Tarantino and allegedly had a one night stand involving toe sucking. She then proceeded to email 15 of her friends ripping into Tarantino and showing some picture booth photos of them strategically placed on top of a script she's trying to promote. OK EVERYONE who's ever watched a Tarantino film KNOWS he's got a foot fetish! The part I don't get is where you think you have the right to trash anyone's physical appearance! You yourself look like a paint job on a car. You look great from 20 feet away. Get closer and spend some time looking and the flaws start to become the parts your eyes are drawn to! The best part is that all of this new found attention has gotten you fired from your job! Get used to the one night stand part. I see in your future a long line of guys waiting to use you and dump you when they wake up and realize how ugly you are!

Back to you Tom (and check back again for further rants!)

Posted by Robinredbreast 3 years ago
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1 year ago
hahaha........i love it!
3 years ago
LoL I love this. I must agree with the blog.
3 years ago
His name was Tatioun? (common spelling???) Who the Hell thinks up these name and how they are spelled!!!
3 years ago
Actually, I know a girl who LOVES having her period.
3 years ago
Some people are lucky to even know the day of the week,let alone the date.
3 years ago
LOL I have not wrote a check .....damit I forgot!
3 years ago
LMAO...Nice. Your just so damn awesome.
3 years ago