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Who the hell is Sydney University and why am I warning them?!?

If a guy does something gutsy they say he has "balls". What's the female equivalent of balls. If there isn't one can a female have balls?

There is no such thing as an "accidental" nipple slip. It's not that hard to keep your boobs in your shirt. If you want to.

Why is dogging just a UK thing? Why doesn't it happen in the States?

If love is blind, boobies must be braille.

It's too bad a side affect of Photo Shop is not low sperm count. If it was the average intelligence of the world would go up a fraction of a percent.

Can one be a MILF if they've never been a M?

I wish my lawn was Emo so it would cut itself.

True headline: Top surgeon f***ed to resign after comment that semen makes women happier OK first off who didn't know that, second how miserable does the bitch that attacked this poor guy have to be???

For the good of society Photo-Shop should have a c***d-proof cap.

OK, here we go again: Get your rocks off. Can a girl get her rocks off? Does she even have rocks? If not what's the female equivalent?

I like Boobies! Big, small, tight, floppy, natural, enhanced, pick any descriptive. However when I see a botched boob job I want to cry.

"Ignorance is bliss" Who ever came up with that?!? The truth is the truly ignorant are far from blissful, they are usually unhappy, suspicious, stubborn, and frustrated.

Why does it seem like the crowd on this site that likes to say "No bullshit just porn" is number one when it comes to dishing out the BS!

Recent headline: Lightning strikes far more men than women. According to the article between 1995 and 2008, lightning killed 648 people, and of those, 82 percent were male. The obvious conclusion: GOD HATES MEN!!!

If the profile says "female" and goes on to state "I do not accept Friends Request with penis avatars" then you're not really dealing with a female.

Condoms prevent mini-vans.

Check back for future updates!

Posted by Robinredbreast 3 years ago
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2 years ago
Excellent post. And, for the record, I belive you have balls, girl, more than many men.
3 years ago
I love it. :) All stuff I thought but with your own way of saying it.
3 years ago
"If love is blind, boobies must be braille" - this just landed my fav list...forever...
3 years ago
The female equivelant of balls is breasticles. hun.
3 years ago
i wouldn't say deep; amusingly funny, maybe
3 years ago
I rather like you Robin. I don't get either of the photo-shop things though. .-.
3 years ago
LOLOLOL keep them coming Robin, so true...
3 years ago
Hey Robin … You seem to have a great sense of humor …. Let me ask you a question …. Instead of saying "COCK- A- DOODLE - DO" ..… Do Robinredbreast say "ANY - COCK- WILL - DO" ?????
3 years ago
Dogging is breaking in to the states NOW
3 years ago
I love your musings. Thanks
3 years ago
You're way too smart for this site, ya know.
3 years ago
Ahaha this was hilarious!!! I do have most of the answers lol
3 years ago
I have to say that you have BALLS!!!! .... I haven't been able to get the "Balls" to even add a profile picture !! LOL Maybe one day . Thanks for sharing all that you do!
3 years ago
Just one of those things I guess..."Who really cares anyway!!" disrespect to you at all, I keep staying up on your blogs...maybe we should be 'friends', you sound very interesting. I'll send a 'friend request'...hope we can
3 years ago
it looks like the sydney thing was a warning that someone just cut and pasted and a lot of others did the same without really reading or editing....or Sydney uni could be running this entire show !!! higher learning ;)

and nipple slips are cool, and don't tell me a girl doesn't check her outfit before she leaves the house...
3 years ago
The university- Jerks that use for other sites for boots
men balls= women TITS thats why friends would say and they hike them up when they are being brave LOL
Nipples are cool and something to have with
Dogging well not sure why LOL
and YES Boobies braille but fun to try and decipher lol
3 years ago
i changed mine to institution of higher learning, & as for the adult friend site i was there several years ago deleted my profile. they rewrote it as some 21 yr old. so i went in & changed it back to me & have not been bothered by them or anybody from there since
3 years ago
englangland- I thought it took balls to make spunk!
3 years ago
Well with nipple slip I think Britney has shown its deliberate as she has too many accidents!
3 years ago
ah if a female does something gutsy i say she has spunk.
whilst a female can never have balls she can always have spunk.
3 years ago
Where am I going.......and why am I in a hand basket?!?!

I'm trying to figure the Sydney University thing as well..... Can't find any myth or fact info on net, but I do know it has been around for a while and on other profiles on other sites....

Looking forward to your next accidental nipple slip.....