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Just the FAQ's

Yep, seems we need one! Check back as I'll update it as needed!

What are you wearing? LOL a little cliché isn't it. Oh well. If the cam's on I'm at least going to start dressed. If the cam's put up, I'm naked. WAIT! don't get excited it's not that sexy as if I'm naked I'm under at least two blankets!

What kind of computer do you have? It's a custom made hotrod put your pants back on and stop wanking off on my computer, computer. If I said you could have me or the computer most of you would take the computer! Basically I'm sitting here on a couch with a wireless keyboard & mouse looking at a 52" HD monitor.

If you haven't seen the rest of the pix in my gallery you don't know what your missing!!!

Do you leave while your logged in? No. I may be playing with other things at the same time, email or whatever, but if it says I'm on line I'm here.

Do you like ______ cock? (fill in the blank, young, old, black, monster, tiny, etc. etc.) Duh. Have I done all the above? No, my real sex life would put you to sl**p. Do I want to? Yes. Will I? Probably not the world is going to end in 2012.

How do I start a conversation? I wish I could tell you there's a magic word but there's not. Just be polite, from there it's mostly luck of the draw. Have a pict on your portfolio. A verified pic is even better!

No, I'm not really ignoring you!

We need to revisit conversation starters. As I said I can't say what will work as I never know what's going to catch my eye at any given moment. The important thing is BRING SOMETHING TO THE TABLE! I can suggest a few non-starters...

Hi. (and nothing else)
Do you want to cam? (I don't even know you yet)
Can I stick my dick in your ear? (If it's not going to work in a bar it's not going to work here!)
Can I have your Social Security Number? (Bad move to start asking personal questions)
There's more but hopefully this gets you thinking!

Another thing that's a complete waste of time is to send me your cam link while I'm playing voyure on someone else's cam. (of cousrse typing this was a waste of time because these are exactly the type who never look into a profile before hitting the "send" button!

Girls on the other hand go to the front of the line. Sorry guys nothing personal there's just way more of you than there is of them. And don't bother faking that your a girl. Even if we don't call you on it we can always tell, it's closely related to gaydar. (yes even some in my friends list fall into this category, sometimes it's just easiest to let them play their games)

On the internet no one knows you're a dog!

Where do you live? Can I have your email, drivers license, Soc Security and a pint of bl**d? Not until I get to know you.

Do you want to trade pictures? No. What I have to offer I'll put in my gallery.

How did you make that cool avatar? A program called AnimateGif from It's free, it's stupid simple. It doesn't even require installation.

Who takes your pics? My hubby. Can I help? Ya never know.

Again check back as I'll update this s needed! Hugs, Robin

Posted by Robinredbreast 3 years ago
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2 years ago
3 years ago
I love this. Now you make me want to write a blog like this.
3 years ago
I would take you over the computer. Not even close. Your amazing!
3 years ago
wanna see my tent pole trick?
3 years ago
Wicked responses
3 years ago
cool lady
3 years ago
love your answers
3 years ago
I have an other stupid question : do you like xhamster site ?
Well, who doesn't like the hamster...
3 years ago
My dear Robin, I want to be a blanket...:)
3 years ago
Robin, I love your honesty!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
I like your spirit---you go girl!
3 years ago
just be yourself ... you seem cool
3 years ago
love the way you but yourself out there Robin
3 years ago
you forgot "do you wanna see my willy"
3 years ago
3 years ago
Cool. I like you Robin. Thanks for sharing