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So Easy Even the Bronze Can Understand

It was Wil Wheaton's birthday yesterday. (July 29) He decided the best gift would be for that day to become known a 'Don't Be a Dick Day”.

He published this handy flow chart that the bronze and their sycophant followers should take to heart.

They likely won't follow it but, it's simple enough that they'll have to come up with another reason for not following it!
Posted by Robinredbreast 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Good flowchart but the problem with people being dicks is the inability to tell they are in fact being a dick.
2 years ago
Ok, your blog post caught my eye with the Wil Wheaton reference.It is good seeing him back on tv in Big Bang Theory and Eureka. Looks like he survived Star Trek T.N.G. typecasting. His flowchart is simple enough, although I tend to be more of a dork than a dick on those occasions when I need the flowchart.But what or who are "the bronze" you are referring to?
2 years ago
2 years ago
Aha... but I see a flaw in your plan!
Those particular reviewers at fault (not all of 'em - but none have convinced me yet) - reading ISN'T a requirement for the job. Watching is. Just. Watching.
And clicking!

See, because it's not moving, they won't get it.