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OK for now forget all the conspiracy theory that the Christian Scientist are responsible for breaking up Tom Cruise & Katie Holms. On their web site they've put a 23 question quiz: ”How American Are You?

I got a 19. Too many sports questions. What the hell do I know about football!?! (real football not soccer) (apologies to any UK readers)

I dare you to take the test and post your score here. (yes even if you don't live in America)

Posted by Robinredbreast 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Booo I got 20. Fucking Mayonnaise =/
2 years ago
22 0ut of 23 and im a Aussie lol
2 years ago
question number 22 is wrong. Ketchup used to be number one, but a few years ago salsa overtook the lead as number one. Mayo has not been number one for quite some time. Not to mention that some of the questions are not really aimed towards the younger crowds, though others are. And as pointed out by Robin, if you are not into a sport, how would you know the answer? Also I find Big Macs to be gross, as I cannot stand 1000 Island dressing. Even though McDonald's claims that is not the secret sauce. lol, I generally get the number 3. I was distracted while answering a couple and clicked the wrong answer by accident on a couple too. I ended up with 16 out of 23, 70%.

Lastly I agree that Soccer is the "real football", though I like both.
2 years ago
Lol Real football?! In OUR version we actually use our FEET primarily. In your version you carry it about hither and far. So which one should really have the deserved name?? HMM?! :p
(Honestly though I dont care in the least. hate both games. lol)
2 years ago
I got 19 correct and 4 wrong.
2 years ago
i got 19 out of 23 i,m not amerikan , just dutch
2 years ago
ok, took the test, got an honest 16 out of 23.i did all the questions cold, no going to research the answers.
2 years ago
Oh. My bad I'm mixing up my religious scientist.
2 years ago
i thought it was the church of scientology.
2 years ago
i got 17...i'm almost twice as better than Sam...what a commie pinko America hater he is
2 years ago


You answered 9 of 23 questions correctly for a total score of 39%

Is that good?