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You made me promises promises...

...Knowing I'd believe
Promises, promises
You knew you'd never keep

To be fair all politicians make promises, many of which never make it to reality. It seems the media is really good at reminding us of these IF they don't like said politician. “Read my lips. No new taxes” became part of the American lexicon. When all was said and done that broken promise affected very few people in a big way.

Barak is a media darling. Millions are suffering as a result of his broken promises. Has the media been reminding you of those broken promises? Here are but a few things candidate Barak, and newly elected President Barak promised us...

He promised 5 million new energy jobs. Forget jobs in general he promised 5 million in just the energy sector! They like to play games with the unemployment numbers so those don't mean much. What really matters is that jobs created under Barak have not kept pace with the increase in population!

He promised his health care plan would bring down premiums $2500 for typical f.a.m.i.l.y by the end of the first term. This one was a straight up lie because the health care plan was deliberately structured not to take affect until after he faced reelection. He's counting on people to be to stupid to find out whats really going to happen with health care until he no longer needs their support.

He guaranteed his financial plan would help stop foreclosures. Yea that happened. If Bush was somehow responsible for the mentally ill homeless that were homeless by choice, Barak is certainly responsible for the elderly and the families who have been thrown out of their homes under his watch.

He promised to cut deficit he inherited in half by end of first term. Barak's supporters are really good at the “blame Bush” game. Here knowing what hand he had been dealt he promised one thing and went on to spend more than every other president that there’s ever been!!!

He promised to "lift 2 million Americans from poverty" and "jolt the economy back to life". This one hurts the most because the exact opposite is true. Record numbers of people have been f.o.r.c.e.d to poverty because of his policies and the economy is stagnant not because of what happened before he was elected but because of what he's done since he was elected.

So far there's been no promises for his next term. He just keeps asking “Do you want to go back to the policies of the past?”

I sure do.

Posted by Robinredbreast 2 years ago
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1 year ago
It's heartening to know there are those who do see! Now if you would kindly VOTE! Those who don't understand and those who take exception please disregard!
2 years ago
8.2 per cent is the unemployment number they tell you,what they don't tell you is the 150 thousand that drop off the rolls each month because their unemployment benefits have ended...considering the fact that they've been extended to 99 weeks..the longest in history,tells you all you need to energy jobs are great..get a couple billion,ship it overseas,or even better,just go under and walk away...both of which have been done by cronies of this administration