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Useful Idiots...

People often say the United States would be better off if California broke off and sunk into the ocean. Here in the mid-west we'd be better off if Chicago broke off and sunk into Lake Michigan.

Per capita there's far more idiots living there than in the rest of the state. How else can you explain not one, but two Mayor Daleys, (Or is it Mayors Daley?)

If you're starting to feel sorry for Chicago stop and remember it's Chicago who gave us Barak Obama. He's the President who owns a home in Chicago, yet stays in a hotel when he comes back to Chicago.

Given all that it's great to see it when the rest of the state takes advantage of said idiots.

Recently the City of Chicago held another one of those inane gun “buy-back” programs. They offered a 100$ Visa card for guns and 10$ for BB guns or replicas.

A group called Guns Save Life (great name) gathered together 60 rusty inoperable pieces of shiat and a pile of BB guns and traded them in for $6,240.

The money will be used to buy ammo for a NRA summer camp that teaches youth to shoot. They will also buy 4 nice bolt action rifles that will go home with 4 of the lucky campers.

I have to imagine the idiots in Chicago are quite flustered upon hearing this. Someone needed to take their money. I guarantee the gang bangers weren't lining up to turn in their guns for what per single gun is chump change.

Actually the city should be signing up the gang bangers to attend the NRA's camp. If they learn how to shoot, innocent people might not end up dead when they shoot at each other and miss.

The murder rate wouldn't immediately go down, but eventually as they killed each other off it would have an effect

Posted by Robinredbreast 2 years ago
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1 year ago
kinda unusual that there are fellow conservatives on my favorite porn site....
1 year ago
How many of you know who first used the term, "Useful idiots?" (Actually, I believe the original phrase translated as "Useful Fools," but far be it for me to quibble over synonyms)!
1 year ago
Hear Here! Or is it Here here? Here here? However you spell it, I concur! And I'm glad there are those who get it!
2 years ago
HOwcom O'Bama doesn't spend Christmas there ?
2 years ago
Could not agree more.
2 years ago
Could not have said it better.
2 years ago
I know that we always don't always see eye to eye, but that is a damn well constructed rant.
2 years ago
considering what happened with Fast and Furious,and that program's Chicago connections,it's not really surprising how easily they were made to look like chumps
2 years ago
Well written!