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“Interactive Urinal Communicators.”

Hey b.r.o, next time you get p.i.s.s d.r.u.n.k, listen to your urinal.

I wish I came up with that line but, I didn't. It came from a story on NBC-Chicago.

"Michigan officials are deploying 400 talking urinal cakes to 200 restaurants and watering holes across the Great Lake State as part of a stepped up anti-d.r.u.n.k driving campaign for the Fourth of July, the Detroit News reported."

Times like this I'm glad I'm a girl 'cause if someone started talking to me when I was peeing I would not be amused.

"Healthquest Technologies Inc., has named their motion-activated deodorizing cakes Wizmark “Interactive Urinal Communicators.”

“There are many places you can put your ad, but most of them don't guarantee three seconds of attention, let alone a consumer's undivided attention,” the firm says on its website.

Wizmarks can “talk, sing or flash a string of lights” to greet their visitors, the company boasts."

Great, I'm picturing these lights trigering an epileptic fit and some poor slob is flopping around on the restroom floor!

"According to the Detroit News, the urinal cakes being sent across Michigan will broadcast this message: "Listen up. That's right, I'm talking to you. Had a few drinks? Maybe a few too many? Then do yourself and everyone else a favor: Call a sober friend or a cab. Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands."

I don't know. I think if my toilet was talking to me I'd need another drink. Jokes about the guy who was so stupid he "ate the mint" aside, you know there's some mut, somwhere who's going to take the thing home with him.

Posted by Robinredbreast 2 years ago
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2 years ago
it's why people pee outside in parking lots.
2 years ago
If you going to steal it,make sure your wearing gloves.How long before we see this on E-bay ?
2 years ago
"“There are many places you can put your ad, but most of them don't guarantee three seconds of attention"....i don't know about the younger generation,but i'm usually concentrating on the matters at..or be influenced by a urinal puck,American ingenuity at it's finest