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How I became "The Great Reviewer Hater"

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

“The Great Reviewer Hater” is not a self granted title. It came from an unprovoked attack by an ex-reviewer. He, at some point got mad at something gave up the bronze badge and spent days deleting his some 20,000 pictures. I suppose it was supposed to be the cyber equivalent of “I'm taking my ball and going home”

OK, big deal in this case the ball was all stolen web pics. Someone else will steal them and post them again. The bitterness is still strong with this one and since he's not posting he's got nothing better to do than attack.

My disenchantment with the bronze began long ago. It didn't start out that way, actually you can probably still find my name on the volunteer list. It only made sense with the amount of time I spent here. Most of the reviewers who regularly attack me now were on my friends list at the time (by their request).

It started falling apart when one of the bronze (if you think that sounds like an insult, its meant to be. I wish I could take credit but I stole it from “Mad Max”)

Any way, one of the bronze started using an avatar of a c.h.i.l.d in a sexual situation. Specifically it was an animated gif made from video taken from an episode of “House”. The plot was a hormone problem created hyper-sexuality in an 11 year old and at one point he grabs 13's butt. It was one thing on a medical drama. Taken out of context and placed on a porno site it was gross.

To keep this in context while a reviewer was using this avatar they were busy debating whether or not Bart Simpson was a c.h.i.l.d!!!

I'd like to say that once I reported this that management took swift action. Nope. That's when it became clear that there are two sets of standards, one for the users and another for the bronze. I had to complain more than once and once they finally did take action it was obvious my report was not kept confidential because as soon as the avatar fell a certain click of reviewers immediately dropped off my friends list.

(That will teach me, however will I replace them?)

If this was an isolated incident It would be no biggie. Unfortunately it's not. You'll often find users are made to remove d.r.u.g references from their avatar or page while reviewers are not. One of the bronze who has I think left for other reasons even (proudly) had a reviewer's badge with pot leaves photo-shopped into it. I could care less who wants to smoke pot, its just the rules should be the same for all.

Another case in point is one of the reviewers who really dose think his excrement doesn't stink, routinely refers to users as the “dumbs”

I burned my bridge when they started the “Female Choice” video category. One of the very first videos there was from one of their advertising partners. It featured a woman getting her vagina stapled shut with a heavy duty staple gun. I'm OK with a little light B&D but there's a line crossed when it leads to b.l.o.o.d and mutilation. Their initial reaction was so what. I'd take so what if they were willing to staple their dick to their leg and call it men's favorite.

From there it just got out of control. A healthy percentage of the reviewers found it good sport to attack users. Initially you might say the ones being attacked deserved it for one reason or another. Unfortunately since this was allowed to go on unchecked it's spread to the point that innocent users with no prior contact with the bronze are attacked. I've lost many good friends who have deleted of abandoned their membership here. The new xHamster motto is clearly “bullshit first porn, maybe as an after thought”.

Recently a group of reviewers tried to take action and self-introduce some professionalism into the process. All hell broke loose and the idiots who've stained the whole institution won out.

The excuse on the troublemakers side is they're not paid so there are no standards. BS! Professionalism applies to volunteer service as well!

Why does management turn a blind eye? Who knows, it's clearly taking away from their profit. Especially when they do things like attack the cam girls since that's clearly where the big bucks are.

Are they truly impotent? Are they afraid there isn't a crowd of people who would gladly take a reviewers badge. If they dumped every trouble maker the line for that vacancy would be at least a dozen people long. They wouldn't have to try hard to clean things up. All they have to do is e.n.f.o.r.c.e their own Terms Of Service. Many of the reviewers violate these on a daily basis, only to have management turn a blind eye.

No surprise though their glorious leader can't even control his own page, however his page like every page here is a direct reflection of it's owner.

Notice that I was specific, but, didn't attack anyone by name. The counter attacks won't be so graceful.

Posted by Robinredbreast 2 years ago
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2 years ago
i suppose by reading and commenting on this then it will bring more shit to me

so.. i am commenting and agreeing with everything you wrote.
i've complained and was told in somewhat nice way to fuck off.
double standards apply, a god reviewer put photoshopped pictures of me on his page, and when i replied by doing the same i was warned by xhamster.

Robin, i wish you all the best and will support you, no matter how much shit i get for it.

and as there are also another million sites like this then who cares.
i download pics and videos from other sites and upload here, and sometimes we make our own material, but isn't that what everyone else does.

to the trolls.. i'm ready

come get me

2 years ago
Possibly one of THE best blogs on xhamster addressing the 'state of the nation' here!
Most users come from democratic countries, yet no-one ELECTS those who are, pretty much, in charge of things when it comes to moderating xHamster... we're all here for a good time, right? So why do some small-minded folk insist on fucking it up?? Whether it's accusing others of being trolls (ok, some are true, but most are not), being trolls themselves towards others, or just poor & biased moderation - it's a crock of shit and needs to be stopped.
2 years ago
I know nothing of Xhamster hierarchy/management, but I am glad that there are sensible, articulate people like yourself blogging about your experiences and observations. Thank you!
2 years ago
People like to chalk it up to your jealous because you dont have a badge. I know better. You have a certain class here that love to bust folks, point out things but when that microscope gets turned on them all hell breaks loose, they got more excuses and reasons then a cow has ass and then they have to rally up.. protect the chosen bunch of craven idiots. And it kills me you dont name names but its always certain ones that seem to take offense. It doesnt take a genius to figure out the guiltiest dog always barks the loudest and trys to bite first. You have some good reviewers who dont use the badge as means of acting like they are above the common rule here and try their best to be fair all things considered. But then you have those that do review and use the badge as a cape. Keep hatin robin you got the same rights here as the grand puba's of assholism do. (rolls eyes) hugs 1LG
2 years ago
I totally agree with everything you stated her Robin. I even had the Gestapo head honcho Capoxhamster (little head, big hat, how fitting) call me a loser or some other derogatory term so I just repeated his words right back at his small minded small dick ass and then blocked him ever commenting or contacting me. Not all reviewers are bad but most of the sorry lame ass loser get so full of themselves when they get that lil badge that they lose sight of what this fucking site is all about. The dumb fucks need to remember its not about them, its about the porn.

Oh yeah one other thing, it ask in the questionnaire about recreational drugs. I posted some photos of some beautiful marijuana buds, all different varieties and that self important big hat lil headed punk said I couldnt post them then removed them himself when I wouldnt....why the fuck do they ask that question then????????
2 years ago
I always wondered how you became the "TGRH"

I do enjoy history (no joke)
2 years ago
i think you wrapped it up in a nutshell,although they all aren't that way,there's enough to poison the well...i won't even go on you-know-who's page anymore,it's basically a snarky doesn't care because they have double the sponsored content they had a year ago,and 90% is teaser crap endlessly posted under different titles..if it weren't for the people i've met i'd have vamoosed long ago
2 years ago
But thanks for what you have done to make this a good site!
2 years ago
What a refreshing insight into the inner workings of Xham. Why do people come up with a good thing, then manage to fuck it up?