My Sex Adventures

Hi I'm James and I'm 20. I'd like to tell you about all the sex I've had ever since. I lost my virginity when I was 16, so let me tell you who it was to. My uncle married my aunt when she had already had two c***dren from a previous relationship. Her oldest c***d had a baby when I was 3. Which meant she was 13. I had seen her come from this ugly shell to become a coming-of-age beauty, her breasts had fully developed and she was looking finer than ever. I remember the first time I had saw her like this, I busted one out in my upstairs bathroom. About two weeks later she and her mum came up to visit, I had to run upstairs, she was wearing a tight shirt which almost made her boobs stand out, although it wasn't too tight to expose them a lot. She had her hair straight, gently brushed, and her face had hardly any make up on, and she still looked fine. I had to go upstairs and have a wank, upon cumming I thought to myself " Why am I doing this, she's pretty much f****y, this is disgusting, knowing she was born into my f****y but not actually bl**d related ", The fact the latter was true, I continued to think about her , then I heard my bedroom door open, I was screwed, completely, I had a bulging boner and sticky fingers, so I pretended to sl**p by pulling my blanket over myself. It was her. By the way, her name was Georgie. Georgie said "James, your mum wants you" I pretended to wake up, and said "Sure, tell her I'll be a minute" i went to the bathroom and washed my hands, my boner hadn't gone yet, she then walked into the bathroom and said "James, I saw what you were doing in there, why do you not eat your own cum?" I looked at her bemused and surprised and said " Because that would be gross! And aren't you even shocked? I mean, you saw me wanking!" She got all shy and she blushed and said " Please don't tell, but I get so horny sometimes, I put my fingers in my private areas and rub my fingers up and down it, and when I shriek, all this liquid came out, which I thought was cum, and I later found out it was, and sometimes I swallow it, pretending it's a man leaking in my mouth." I smiled at her sexual innocence, even though she was a sex rabbit. I looked at her and said " Mum really didn't need me did she?" "No, I wanted your attention" she replied, I stoked her hair and smiled and said "Do you want to know what a real penis feels like?", she looked excited and enthusiastically said "Yes please!!!"
We grabbed each other in a trance if happiness and I took her to my bed, I locked the door and got my dick out, she looked at it and confusedly said "Well... What do I do now?" , then I said with slight annoyance, "Put your mouth around it and suck on it, like a lollipop, but don't chew it when you're finished, just swallow the juices!" she giggled and said " Are you sure we can do this? We're f****y. This is wrong", I looked at her and smiled " Just my luck, eh?" she looked at me with a sad face and said "But we're not bl**d related though, even if you inseminated me we wouldn't have to worry about having a fucked up baby! So I guess I better get started!" she seemed really happy and enthusiastic and wrapped her mouth around my cock and began to make me feel pure ecstasy, I groaned and pulled her into my cock even further, she began to choke and gaped and said " For fuck sake, why do that!!!" she was really angry, I said with a sorry look "I'm sorry Georgie I thought you liked it" " Well it was nice but it almost made me throw up, so it hurt, so can we just go back to basics?" she explained and asked, " Fine, but baby, if you watch porn as much as me, you'll realise there's a lot more to do" I replied, she continued to suck on my cock and every single molecule of pre cum was milked and swallowed, eventually I was prepared to blow my load so I asked her if she wanted me to blast her or just drop it all in her mouth, she wanted it all to herself for supper and when I blew my load, she swallowed every single drop even bits that came out after, she wanted all my cum and I was prepared for a big future fucking her and trying new stuff with her.

By the way, comment if you would like a part 2 and 3 where I will talk about fucking my step-second-cousin in different positions and methods and even fucking my mum's friend who is 40, and even the threesome with Georgie and my mum's friend.
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3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
Good Story
3 years ago
yes yes yes more please keep us informed of it all go for it man
3 years ago
mmm yes, very hot, loved it want more yes plzzz. have your mom as well
3 years ago
She's family? Not even close. You should try fucking your mother or sister. Now THAT's incest!