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My Annie part 2

After enjoying the first outing so much, Annie was more then happy to come along for a second adventure. Just as I was getting excited at the thought myself, there was a knock on the hotel room door. As I opened it, she stood there smiling “the last time was so sexy, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with me this time – I’m aching for a good fucking tonight” she said as she entered.

I told her that her outfit and instructions were on the bed and I went for a shower, allowing her to prepare in peace. When I came back, she looked great, standing up in a full length soft black leather coat which came to just below her knees, with her black legs showing beneath it, leading down to sexy black high heels. “So open it you sexy bitch” I told her and she smiled opening the coat to reveal her stockings and suspenders and nothing else, her tits fully exposed, her nipples hard and her neatly trimmed bush just above her stockings. “Time for fun I think” I said as we headed to the car.

“Firstly this is going to be a crude and dirty experience, just to get you into the mood” I told her as we parked up at some public toilets in a quiet area of a local park. It was beginning to get dark, but despite the area being empty, a couple of cars were parked, suggesting the toilets were ‘in use’. I asked her to stay in the car and get herself ready for action. She smiled and eased her hand between her legs, clearly starting to finger herself and get those sexy cunt juices flowing.

In the toilets were one young and one older guy standing at the urinal. They moved apart as I entered, clearly having been doing something. I eased my cock out and started wanking it, making them feel more relaxed and looked at both of them doing the same – each smiled at me. The old guy reached over and started wanking the young bloke off as I watched. “Either of you like women also” I asked. One nodded and the other admitted he’d had some, but preferred men. “I have a hot cunt waiting outside in the car – I can bring it in here for you to fuck it if you’d like” I asked and the young guy was really keen “oh god, yes”, while the other guy also agreed a bit less enthusiastically.

I walked in with Annie following close behind. I told her to unbutton her coat and let it fall open naturally. As I entered the toilets again I said “here’s my little slut who loves a good fucking” and she walked through the door, her coat open revealing her cleavage, but not showing all her tits, but with her bush and stockings clearly visible. The young guy opened her coat and started sucking her nipples, while stroking her stockings – she groaned at the touch, especially as he moved his hand up and stroked his fingers over her wet slit. “We want this to be a pure, crude fucking” I said as I moved Annie towards the wash basin and eased her feet wide apart, bending her forward so she leaned against the sink, legs apart with her arse facing towards them. I lifted her coat above her arse and rested it on her back, revealing the stockings and suspenders and you could see her swollen and wet cunt lips below her arse cheeks.

“So, my young friend, fancy stuffing that cock up this slut’s sopping twat then?” I asked. He moved up to her, with his erect cock out and, using his hand, fed it straight up her hole. He held her waist and began pumping deeply into her, building up speed and starting to fuck her fast and deep. “Fuck me, she’s wet…..I can’t hold back, she’s such a sexy bitch” and he groaned standing still, with his cock pushed up her to the hilt, clearly pumping his spunk up her.

As he pulled out, her cunt was left gaping open for a while. “Let me suck you” said the older guy, who kneeled down and took the young guy’s wet cock into his mouth, sucking him and Annie’s juices off his cock. She watched this quite turned on. “Now me” he said and eased his thick cock into Annie. “That cock is really filling me” said Annie as he pushed it up her to the hilt. With little finesse he started hammering up her “I can feel his spunk…she’s dripping. My cock is so wet I want it up her arse”. I looked to see if Annie would play, but as she seemed to be smiling at the idea, I guessed it was OK. I watched as he pulled his cock out, with spunk dripping off it, and pressed it against her arse hole. He rubbed it around her arse, pressing harder and harder, trying to push the tip up her. I was amazed as the thick knob end slowly disappeared into her arse. He then slowly pushed against her as I saw the length of his cock disappear up her arse. “Now this is what I’m used to you – up the arse. Does it feel good to you, you horny bitch” he whispered. From the groan from Annie, she clearly agreed. Her slowly built up to fucking her arse faster and faster, before burying his cock fully up her as he shot his spunk up her arse.

We left and headed off to our next location in the car. “Sorry if that was too crude and I hope the arse bit was OK” I asked her, a bit concerned. “I like it up the arse, don’t worry – and the dirtier and cruder the fucking the better. That little session has really got my cunt hungry for more” she said smiling and fingering herself as we drove.

We arrived at a small and sleazy cinema I knew, frequented by men only, always wanking at the hard core films, often helping each other to do it. As we entered, the back row was pretty full with 5 guys sitting together, some clearly wanking in the darkness. Only about another 3 guys were in the cinema on the seats in front of them. I instructed Annie to sit next to a guy on a row by himself. I told her to give me 5 seconds and sat several seats away on the row in front. I leaned my hand against my head, pretending to rest against it, but glancing back at this guy who was clearly rubbing himself through his trousers. Annie brushed past me and he seemed startled to see a women in the cinema and for her to sit next to him. I secretly glanced back and saw her move her knees apart, pushing her right leg against his leg. After a second or two he did the same back. Taking the lead, Annie placed her right hand on his leg above his knee and he did the same on Annie’s leg. At this point, I saw her unfasten the bottom two buttons on her coat and open it from the bottom, revealing her stocking tops. She eased down in the seat and, from the row in front, I could see her cunt hair now visible too. He moved his hand up the inside of her leg to her stocking tops. She took hold of his hand and eased it further up to her well fucked cunt. From the position he moved to, he was clearly pushing a couple of fingers up her twat. With the other hand he hand removed an erect cock from his trousers. When she noticed this, she pushed him back and leaned across him, taking his cock in her mouth. All I could see was her head bobbing up and down for several minutes before she sat upright and smiled at me, licking her lips – obviously having taken his load of spunk down her throat.

She came and sat next to me and we discussed our next plan. We both moved to the back door of the cinema, before she moved to the back row where most of the guys were still quite openly wanking. She walked along the row, standing in front of them. They looked surprised as she stood there. There were no seats available as they were all side by side, with her standing in front of the screen in the middle of them. She slowly unbuttoned her coat and fully opened it, revealing her heavy tits and stockings and swollen cunt. “Can I help you guys at all…. I’ve had 3 cocks so far but my horny wet cunt needs a lot more” she said to them. The guy she was in front of immediately reached for her cunt and as she moved her feet apart, I could clearly see him push at least one finger up her, pushing it in and out as if fucking her. Another guy stood up, grabbing her tits and squeezing them before clamping his mouth onto one of her nipples, Annie’s hand grabbed his erect cock and started to gently wank it.

“I’ll watch the door if you want to lay down at the front of the seats, near the screen – she’ll take all of you no problem” I said. Annie smiled and moved to the front of the small cinema, followed by all the guys. As I followed, I noticed she’d slipped the coat off and was lying on her back on it, legs apart and knees raised, with her lovely pink gash wide open and soaked already. One guy immediately got on his knees between her legs and eased his trousers down, pushing straight up her. The rest sat on the front row watching and wanking as she lay there being fucked in front of them by the first guy. “She can’t get enough cock this bitch can’t, she needs one in both ends” one guy said to me as he sat astride her chest, stroking her tits before leaning forward and pushing his cock into her mouth. As she took it he leaned forward on all fours, so Annie’s head was resting on the floor with nowhere to move to as he began to rock forward fucking her mouth. She just lay there, one guy starting to hammer into her cunt with the other ramming his cock in and out of her mouth. “Fuck me, what a fucking whore” gasped the bloke between her legs as he shot up her, pulling out his cock which was dripping wet. Another young guy almost pushed him out of the way, before pushing his face into her sopping cunt, licking her out, before kneeling up with a long erect cock waving in front of him. He held it t one hand, easing the tip into her, before plunging roughly up her and starting to fuck her hard.

“You’re getting this load all over your face you randy little bitch” said the guy sitting astride her, pulling his cock out of her mouth and wanking it, before thick white spunk exploded from it and splashed over her face and hair. I watched as, so sexily, Annie used a hand to wipe all the spunk off her face licking her hand and fingers to swallow as much of it as she could wipe up. As the young guy between her legs spunked up her a huge black guy moved down to her. “I want you from behind babe……..I want you to squeal as you take this monster”. Annie rolled over and moved onto all fours her dripping cunt up in the air. “You’re gonna look at this first” he said as he slipped his trousers down and kneeled in front of her with a fucking huge thick black cock in his hand. He could only just get his hand around it and it was 9” plus in length. “Try to get this into your mouth you fucking slut – it’s going up your twat in a second”. Annie smiled to herself as the huge black knob was pushed into her face, opening her mouth wide but struggling to take the swollen light brown head between her lips. I thought she was going to choke as he pushed against her face “don’t just suck my cock end you bitch, take some of my length down your throat”. I watched in amazement as her lips seemed to stretch and a couple of inches of his thick black cock disappeared into Annie’s mouth.

“Now you slut, I’m going to stuff this monster up your fucking twat” and he moved on his knees behind her and first fed his bulbous knob end into her. Once buried into her hole he pushed against her and she pushed her cunt back against him. Her inner lips stretching as the thick cock slipped up her. Once in there he started a slow and deep action, fucking her deeply. “Didn’t think that little white cunt was gonna take me…well done you whore, you really have got one hell of a cunt there. Now see what it can take” and he held her hips and thrust really hard up her, causing her to gasp. He then just fucked her, going in really hard and deep. “Oh just fuck me, bury that thick black cock up my cunt, I said fuck my dripping pink cunt you bastard. I’m a fucking slut, I wanted anyone’s cock tonight and lots of it. I want to be covered in spunk”. As she said this the young guy who hadn’t had Annie yet gasped as he stopped wanking and held his cock up to Annie’s face and a thick stream of spunk splashed against her cheeks. She grabbed it in her hand and pulled it to her mouth where she sucked every drop from him as he continued to ejaculate down her throat.

As he pulled out the black guy shouted out “you’re gonna see how full my black balls were” and he pulled out and a huge stream of thick spunk splashed almost along the full length of her back. “On the sexy black stockings” shouted one guy and the black bloke pointed his long thick cock at her thigh as another huge stream of white spunk splashed down the black stocking and suspenders. “I’m not wasting the rest” he said and gripped the base of his cock tightly, moving round to Annie’s face and pushing it into her mouth. He released the grip on his cock and she sounded to almost choke as the rest of his spunk erupted into her mouth, but she just sucked hungrily on him. As she sucked him dry, most of the other guys were taking it in turns to stroke and finger Annie’s cunt, watching as the many loads of spunk started to run back out of her. “Time to take you home” I told her as she stood up naked and slowly pulled her cunt on, with the 8 or so guys all grabbing at her cunt and tits for a last grope. “You are one sexy little slut, with one hell of a cunt” said the big black guy as we left, his huge cock still out. As if to say thank you, Annie kneeled down and took the long semi erect black cock deep into her mouth for a long slow suck before leaving.

“Fancy a last one” I said as we passed the toilets again. “My cunt has been hammered to death, but why not” she smiled. I walked slowly into the toilets as 3 guys were wanking each other and looked startled at seeing me. “Relax, I just need some help. I want someone to fuck a horny little slut I have in my car. She can’t get enough cock tonight”. “I will” said the oldest guy, a medium length but thick cock in his hand. “Just leave your cock hanging out and go up to the car outside, knock on the window and just say “I want to shove this cock up your cunt you fucking dirty slut”” I told him. I followed him outside and watched as he did that and what happened next was so sexy.

Annie didn’t answer, but just opened the door and stepped out of the car, a glimpse of her stocking tops showing as she got out. She walked to the front and sat down on the edge of the bonnet, before laying back on the car, moving her feet about a yard apart and then slowly opening the coat to reveal her nakedness. “So here’s the dirty slut waiting for you to shove that cock up her twat – go on then, fuck me and make it hard”. “God, your cunt looks as though it’s been well used tonight”. “Just shut up and fuck me” Annie told him. He moved straight against her and pushed it easily up her cunt and fucked her hard, with the two other guys now wanking while they watched. “Don’t waste any spunk, shoot over those sexy spunk covered stockings” I told them. The guy was building up speed and really ramming it up her and one of he others approached and sucked on one of her nipples. The other moved close and gasped as he spunked down her stockings, which were now covered in cum. “What a dirty slut – happy to let any strangers fuck you – oh shit, my load is about to empty in you you dirty bitch”. He pushed deep into her as he unloaded his spunk up her.

As he pulled out, I could see a stream of cum now running out of her cunt. She reached for the other guy and pulled him towards her, kneeling down and taking his cock in her mouth. “I want him to fuck your face and see how dirty you are” said the guy who had just fucked her as he pulled her arms and held them tightly together behind her back. “Now hold her head and fuck that mouth until you drown her with your cum” he told the younger guy. He held her head firmly and moved right into her face – ramming his cock in her mouth as if fucking her. I could hear Annie gagging but left her to it. “Swallow every drop you bitch” he said as he pushed right into her mouth and held her head there. Annie gagged again as she had the full length of his cock in her mouth and he had clearly just unloaded a load of spunk down her throat. I watched in amazement as he bucked against her face and she took every drop until he removed his wet cock.

I thanked the guys who were then amazed when Annie bragged about how many cocks she’d had that night and said her goodbyes by sitting legs apart, holding her lips open and letting the spunk literally run out of her sore and swollen cunt. Each in turn went down and licked at her cunt entrance before we got into the car and left.

What a night.

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1 year ago
just keeps getting better and better
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1 year ago
1 year ago
mmmm i'd love to fuck her with her pussy filled with other guys cum mmmmm
2 years ago
Another great story
2 years ago
want a great story, wanking hard to that i so need to pump that cum filled pussy, then lick it all out.mmmmmmmmmmm
2 years ago
Nice story - love the detail !
2 years ago
I would love to do that xx
2 years ago
what an eventful nite indeed