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At university, the buzz of new surroundings and the tension of not knowing anyone was tangible. I resolved that I would be outgoing and seek out friends and trust my instincts, instead of being shy as I had been in the past. At the university campus, you could tell that the mix of youth people, alcohol and loneliness would be a recipe for sex but, still, how forward could you get away with been?

I was walking around campus and saw a beautiful ass in front of me. Now was the time to be confident. I walked straight up to her and said "Hello. are you a fresher?". "Yes", she replied and smiled. It was on. She was a gorgeous Indian girl called Anita, a little chubby but mainly on her ass and breasts, just how I liked it. The months of take away meals and frozen pizzas, were yet to come and she actually still had a nice shape. She had hoop earrings, great eyes and a beautiful smile. We talked a little, I was feeling nonchalant, which really helped, so I said "Okay it was nice talking to you and began to walk away". I stopped and asked her, "Hey, I'd like to get in touch with you again, what's your number?". We exchanged numbers and I left.

Later that day I met 2 other girls, talked innocently with them and got their numbers. The idea was to be friendly and non-sexual, get their digits and let them think about me for a while. One of the girls was a white girl from Manchester, Victoria, studying Business, I got talking to on the bus back to halls, we lived close by. The other was a British-born Chinese girl from Newcastle who was always hanging out by herself outside the building next door to mine. She wasn't particularly attractive and wore a dirty pink jacket all the time.

At home I got home and planned the next day. I intended to call up Anita since she was favourite. I also planned on chatting to a lot more girls and not resting on my laurels. Thinking it would take a while to get into their pants, I was surprised to see a text from Victoria. Her fire alarm had gone off in her building and she said she was standing outside in her pjs. Okay. I went down to see her and offered that she come up to mine. There I looked after her, provided her with food, shelter, drinks ;) and she decided to stay the night and suck my cock, swallowing the cum and telling I had a big dick and that she loved me. Wow... She was a bit tipsy, but an enthusiastic cock sucker and the best part was she seemed to really enjoy it.

The next day I was calm and mellow, like the world was on my side. I went to the university bar and saw Anita playing pool. She was playing with a guy and after I said hi I found out that he was actually her boyfriend. Disappointed, I didn't let it show and acted like it was cool. After a while the boyfriend left and left me, Anita and a few other friends. I played Anita at pool and she actually kicked my ass. I made out like I let her win... We got talking about stuff and I mentioned that I didn't have a TV and was missing it. She said she had one so I asked if I could watch a bit. She asked me "are you serious?". I said yes. She asked "serious, serious?". "Yes." We went up to her room and presumably forgetting about the TV she showed me pictures of herself in traditional dress and so on and said that her parents were visiting soon and that she had to hide some things. I asked what and she said "condoms". I said I'd have a look and see if I could find anything. I went into her shower and found a half used pack of condoms. I brought them back and said, "yeah, you'd better hide these, it's pretty obvious. Or you could just use them up before they arrive. I could help." I stroked her pussy through her jeans and her eyes lit up. She was so horny. She pulled my cock out and started sucking on it like she was thirsty. She also commented on my size and said "it's so much bigger than my boyfriend's!". I stripped her of all her clothes except her shoes (that turned my on) and fucked her until I came. After that I fingered her to orgasm, which I don't think she'd ever had before as she was shaking with shock and delight. I remember walking away soon after she came and looking back to see her flushed face. I wasn't going to stay around, she turned me on like crazy but somehow I thought she was a scumbag for cheating. I wouldn't be so judgmental these days and I wish I'd fucked her again instead of turning down her invitations, but I had qualms and was being a prick.

On the way home I saw the Chinese girl standing outside her flat again, like a prostitute looking for attention. I said hi, but was too tired for anything else. A few days later I saw her again and finally gave her what she wanted. after she talked about how uncomfortable her bed was I asked to see it (the most basic and direct line I ever used!?). Of course she said yes and we when up. I was ready for a challenge but didn't need to be. She sat on her bed and after a bit of chit chat, she said "I'm on the pill" and opened her legs, showing me her crotch. I grabbed her tits through her jumper and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. Neither of us had condoms so I took the risk for the first and only time in my life and had unprotected sex with her. It was beautiful to feel her juices sloshing around inside her pussy around my cock and it was really sexy to gush inside her. She really liked the pounding. I was paranoid afterwards though as she seemed like such a slut. Luckily I didn't catch anything, but decided the worrying about it afterwards wasn't worth it.

I saw the Chinese girl one more time that year when me and Victoria started talking about a threesome. I texted her to came over and they both sucked me off together and I came over both of them. They licked the cum off each others faces and kissed. We all slept in a bed together and fingered each other in the morning.

From time to time in that first year, between all the fucking, I actually did some studying. Glad I passed the first year as the second and third led to 2 redheads, a blonde, another Chinese girl, a girl from Kazakhstan, a Japanese slut and a Japanese girlfriend.
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3 years ago
God damn, which University in Manchester was that. Im @ MMUBS and I find much of the women there (Pakistani and Oriental) not to like mixing. Only a few bother.