My trip to Japan (chunky legs)

While walking around the huge gates and tall trees of Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, I was reflecting on the loneliness of the trip. I had flown out from London to visit my Japanese girlfriend, but as she was working, I had plenty of free time in the day. Things weren't going so well with her anyway, more arguments than usual and the strain of our long distance relationship was showing. The worst thing was that even after being apart for 6 months, the sex was not passionate and neither of us seemed that into it. On my part, I felt like she kept me back a little, bracing me away with her legs to control the depth of the penetration. This made it really unsatisfying for me. I needed to feel the full length of my cock inside her to get off. My cock is fairly large and she was Japanese so I felt like I wasn't even able to penetrate her deeply with it. Several times I cooled down the sex after giving her an orgasm from oral. It was obvious she wasn't satisfying me but we weren't exactly communicating well anyway. It was fun being in another country but my sexual needs were not being met.

Japanese women are my favourite. They are so beautiful. I like that they love showing their legs. For me a trip on the underground was a visual treat. I love their milky pins. I like how men seemed more valued in general than in the west, probably because there are more women to men. More women needing men or another man to satisfy them properly. Women seem more forward in a way, once you establish communication.

In the Meiji Shrine I passed the main shrine section and entered into a park. There was a well-like water feature for washing your hands before entering the shrine, and I wandered over to it, realising that I was alone suddenly for the first time in a while. I started taking pictures of the 'well', trying to get a cool image of the reflections in the water. While lining up the shot I noticed a woman in her thirties with a skirt showing her beautiful chunky legs.

She looked over to me like she was caught in the headlights. I got nervous and looked away. She continued walking and I got that awful feeling of sensing an opportunity walking away. There was something in her slow walk and short skirt and the look that she had given me that made me feel like it was okay to go and talk to her. As lame as it was I decided to ask for directions. I knew exactly where I was and where I was going but she helped me out with my map of Tokyo. Luckily she had learned English and seemed happy to practice with an actually Brit. As I showed her the map she took hold of it lightly too with our hands touching. This make my cock twitch, she was definitely up for it. We walked around the park looking for the northern exit and eventually we found out and as we'd explained we needed to go in different directions it felt like the end of the line. I thanked her for her help and said I was lucky to meet someone so kind on my trip. I shook her hand and went in to kiss her on the cheek. I held on to her hand tighter and kissed her on the lips and then pulled away. After my bold move I was going to ask her casually for her number and maybe try and meet her again the next day, but the look on her face was like I'd just turned on a light bulb. She was smiling and her eyes were excited. I mumbled something about a number but she grabbed me by the hand and led me away. I don't remember either of us saying anything the whole way, I just remember the feeling of her hand, warm, and the squeezes we would do occasionally as if to make sure our new friend didn't disappear as quickly was they had arrived. She took me to a 'Love Hotel' which is a hotel that can be booked for hours rather than nights. The implication is that they will be used for sex. As the door closed, leaving us alone and with privacy for the first time, we started kissing passionately. I rubbed her tits through her top, large for a Japanese woman, and squeezed her ass too. She would gently stroke my cock through my jeans and it was getting rock hard. I took my jeans off first and then pulled my cock out. I put it in her mouth and she enthusiastically sucked on it, looking up at me with her smiling eyes as if to say "this is the biggest cock I've ever seen". She started to take her clothes off too, and when she got to her panties she lay back on the bed. I instantly dived in and started licking her out. She couldn't take anymore and pulled me over and pushed my bare cock into her pussy. I was worried about STDs but the moment was just to horny to stop and once it was in I thought I may as well just carry on (it turned out okay this time but you should always practice safe sex guys). The sex was amazing, I fucked her so deep and her pussy was so wet. It was as it was so much better BECAUSE I didn't know her and we'd just met. I fucked her for ages, stopping when I wanted to pop and fingered her for a while, which she loved. She must have cum about three times and she told me afterwards that she had never cum before that. I was so horny by the end, I just had to cum in her pussy. I even licked it out myself and kissed her to make her swallow it too.

We exchanged numbers but there wasn't time to meet again on that trip. Sometimes I imagine what happened to her - was she pregnant? Did she have a husband? I had the best sex of my life and I'd love to meet 'chunky legs' again.

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Me Mstar visit Japan
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I my have to take a trip to Japan