Unspoken desire

It was a cold March morning and I was about 10 minutes into a 35 minute journey, sitting at the back of the bus listening to some music. At the next stop I saw the most incredibly beautiful lady get on. The bus wasn't particularly busy, there was only a me and a couple of other people on it, but she looked around for a second, and then walked up to the back and sat on the bench seat opposite me, which seemed a bit odd but I wasn't going to complain! She had the most incredible blue eyes, and dark hair tied up on top of her head. Her lips were cherry red and all I could think to myself was "Wow!". I smiled at her and she smiled back. She was even more gorgeous when she smiled and I suspected she'd probably be able to hear my heart thumping against my chest! In fact, I had visions of me like Tom of Tom & Jerry, my eyes out on stalks, little hearts instead of pupils and howling....She was wearing black, shiny leather high heeled boots that zipped up to her knees, and I couldn't see what else because of her big winter coat. After she'd sat down and crossed her legs though, I could see a bit more...She obviously had a little denim skirt on and either black tights or stockings. She was gazing out of the window and a sweet smile crossed her lips. It was pretty warm on the bus, so she undid her coat and pulled it open. I could now see that underneath that coat she was wearing a thin white blouse. Best of all, it did absolutely nothing to hide her braless breasts underneath it. Her nipples looked erect and were straining at the material. My hands were in my lap, and I very slowly started rubbing my stiffening cock through my trousers, part of me hoping she'd catch me. I was getting really turned on now and she got her purse from her bag, took out a tatty, dog eared piece of paper and handed it to me. I looked at her slightly confused, but unfolded it and read it....It had 3 words on it: "Wank for me".....She looked me in the eyes and held out her hand. I returned her paper to her, and she carefully re-folded it and placed it back in her purse. She uncrossed her legs, and I was a little dissapointed to see she was wearing tights, although they were very sheer. She definitely didn't have any panties on under her tights though, and I could clearly see her gorgeous clean shaven pussy through them. Where before I was just lightly stroking my cock with my thumb, I instead took it in all my fingers. The hardness of my cock struggling to remain contained in my trousers. As I slowly wanked my cock through the material, she slowly slid one hand up her thight to her pussy and started fingering herself through the sheer, silky material. It wasn't long before a wet patch appeared in them and she now started to tease her clit with her finger tip. I was getting pretty uncomfortable in the trouser department by now, so I unzipped them and gently eased my hard cock out. It sprang to attention once it was free and she let her gaze fall to it. She smiled once more and now slid her free hand inside her shirt and started tugging on her left nipple. I thought they were erect before, but now it looked huge! The tip of my thumb was a little sticky now from the pre-cum I was generating, and I wiped my hand on a tissue. As I did this, she leant forward in her seat and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked and teased it with her tongue, scr****g her teeth very gently around the tip as she popped it from her mouth before taking as much as she could inside her mouth again. It felt amazing as she sucked and teased and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I was going to cum. My hips were thrusting very slightly now, and I held the back of her head with one hand and gently pulled her onto my cock in time with my thrusts. I was fucking her mouth hard and fast and although I couldn't see clearly, I could see that she still had one hand between her legs, rubbing her gorgeous wet cunt. My body tensed and she took a tight hold of my cock as I came in her mouth. Hot, sticky wads of my cum gushing into her mouth.....She started to lick the tip of my cock, cleaning up every last drop of my cum. She sat back up and she had a string of it dribbling from her mouth and down to her chin. She sat back upright in her seat and carried on rubbing herself. She'd torn a hole in her tights whilst she was sucking on me and she had 3 fingers inside herself, fucking her soaking wet pussy. There was lots of her juices around her pussy and she'd obviously already cum by the looks of it. I moved to her side of the seat so that I was sat facing towards the back of the bus the same as her, and gently pulled her hand away from her pussy. I lifted her fingers to my mouth and sucked on each one, loving the taste of her juices on my tongue. Then I put my hand where hers was and slipped a couple of fingers inside her soaking wet pussy, rubbing her clit with my thumb as I fucked her hole with my digits. She was so wet and hot, and my fingers slid in and out really easily, her pussy lips stretching very slightly as I fucked her. Her body quiverred a couple of times as I did this and she appeared to be cumming really hard her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open and her face screwed up tightly as she came on my hand. I crouched down in front of her, opened her legs wide open from her knees and buried my face in her pussy. I loved the smell and the taste, and I licked the whole length of her crack, right up to her clit which I then sucked and teased with my tongue, wanting to make her cum over and over as quickly as possible. Her body tensed a couple more times as I tongued her, and then she pushed my head away. I sat back on the seat I was on and with that she stood up, rearranged her clothes and did her coat back up. She got her piece of paper back out, and for the first time I noticed that on the back was a a set of lines with a cross through each four. I couldn't see how many there were, but there were at least 5 or 6 sets of them. She placed another tick mark with a pen, put the paper away and then was off the bus before I could even register my surprise.....We hadn't spoken a single word, but I'd just cum harder than I think I've ever cum in my life...That was 3 years ago, and I've never seen her since. I still hope that she'll re-appear on my bus one morning.....
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Incredible storry
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very HOT