So there I was on that cold January morning, sitting in a little shelter at the train station, freezing my nuts off and wishing that -- just for once -- the train could be on time. I didn't even catch it very often! It was only when I travelled home to my parents place 4 or 5 times a year I had to catch the train from this God forsaken station, but there always seemed to be an excuse for the train not to come at 7.32 like it was meant to. I hated this fucking journey, and waiting for this damned train, but sods law said that if I got there 1 minute late then it would have gone on time.....So there I was, freezing my bollocks off. Again.

I heard footsteps coming from the other end of the small platform, obviously a female from the sound of the shoes on the concrete, and to relieve the boredom of counting along to the ticks of the station clock I glanced over. Then, for just a brief moment, time stood still. It was her! It HAD to be her! WAS it her?! It had been many years since the first time I saw her, but I instantly recognised that face.....

I should explain a little bit who HER was...Twenty years ago, on my way home from work and whilst waiting for a bus (made a change!), I went into the pub next to the bus stop. I went in for a quick pint to kill 15 minutes and ended up staying 5 hours...and getting VERY d***k!! I was 21 years old and I'd ordered my pint, sat down and looked around the place. It was pretty empty, but there were 2 ladies in there drinking wine. They had a couple of empty bottles on the table, and one in a wine bucket. They were both maybe in their early to mid thirties, but one of them instantly caught my eye....She was stunning! She was blonde, and had a dark business suit on. The skirt went down to her knees and I was instantly wondering (as you do at anytime let alone as a young man!) if she was wearing tights or stockings....It took about 10 minutes to find out. A few minutes after I sat down I think she caught me staring...She smiled at me and turned back to her friend. A few minutes after that she crossed her legs and I could see her stocking tops. At the time it gave me an instant hard on...She was SO fucking hot and seeing that turned me on so much. She didn't look at me again for a few minutes, but I was getting harder and harder as she flashed a little bit of leg at me once in a while. It was when she uncrossed her legs and opened them just wide enough for me to see up her skirt to where the stocking tops touched that I was really, really hard. Then she went off to the toilet. I couldn't really see her friend, but she was dressed in a similar way...She was a brunette and a little older but still very, very nice. I started to touch myself through my trousers....I was SO hard....HER came back from the toilets a minute or so later...I was still touching myself through my trousers and she saw me I think. She sat back down and crossed her legs so that I'd have NO doubt what was under her skirt. To this day I remember it so clearly. For a while longer this went on. About an hour and a half later, after we'd both come and gone to the loo's a couple of times I decided I was going to follow her into the ladies but I wussed out. It was a little narrow corridor to the toilets, and I followed her into the corridor but didn't dare go any further....I waited for a minute....She came out of the ladies and excused herself as she squeezed past me back to the bar...She smiled at me and I kicked myself, literally, for being so young and careful instead of carefree....So I went to the loo, did what I did, and went to sit back down. By this time her and her friend had gone. I went outside but there was no sign of them. I'd missed the chance.....

So there I was on that cold January morning, sitting in a little shelter at the train station....And there -- I think -- was her....She came in to the one little bit of shelter and sat down next to me. "Morning...Lovely day!" I said. "Yes!! I'm bl**dy FREEZING!" she replied. I said to her that I thought she looked familiar and through chatting I found out that she was an accountant and used to visit a company near mine. I told her that I recognised her and asked if she had any idea who I was...She told me that she found me familiar and asked if we knew each other....I recounted my story to her about how I first saw her and she laughed...."Oh my, yes!", "I liked you!" she told me. "I went in to the toilets and saw you following me....So I sat there with my panties off waiting for you". I felt devastated....I KNEW I should have followed her!!!

"But I came waiting....And I still remember that day....I loved to flash my stockings and I still do.....", "It's too cold to wear a little skirt but give me your hand".....She took my hand and guided it down her trouser top. She was now in her 50's but she was as amazing as I remembered and I was as hard...

I rubbed her pussy until she came on my hand, and she rubbed my cock SO nicely.....When we got on that stupid train she sat down, I sat down opposite and dozed off....I still don't know where she lives.....
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