Wot Happened After He Split Up Wiv His Girl

All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over

My mate Jez, he gets my cock well fucking hard. I get my hardest erections when I think about Jez. I only have to think about him and it throbs up into the most unbearably stiff hard-on ever. My erections are well hard full stop but when I think of Jez they’re rock solid. I don’t know what it is about him that makes me feel the way I do. He’s just got this presence about him, this aura. Whenever I’m in his company I get a really sexy tingly sensation in my cock. He just makes me feel so fucking sexy.

He was staying at my place. He’d split up with his bird. Personally, I didn’t know what he saw in her in the first place. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, he was far too good for her. He could have anybody he wanted, Jez. He was so good-looking. In comparison she was really, really plain. I know that sounds proper shallow but apart from her looks she didn’t even have a nice personality. Well I didn’t think so. Obviously Jez thought so otherwise he wouldn’t have gone with her. But no, to me she was as dull as dish water and, well it’s not like she’d been beaten with the ugly stick a few times or nothing like that, but she just wasn’t pretty. Maybe I’m being biased coz like I proper fancied Jez, always had done and that bitch had been intimate with him whereas I hadn’t. There, now you know why I’m being so horrible about her.

But anyway, none of that mattered now coz they’d split up. Now she was out of his life whereas I still had him as a friend. So there!

We’d been mates for years, me and Jez, but it was not till he started living with me that I realized just how much I fancied him. He was one horny fucker and I couldn’t handle it. He’d been living with me now for just two weeks and he was doing my head in. The sexual tension was unbearable. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he kept his jeans on. He’s one of those lads who walks about the flat in just his boxers or undies or whatever he’s wearing. I’d be like keeping my eyes off him in case I got a boner.

Then one afternoon I came home and he was sprawled out on the rug in front of the fire, lying on his stomach, reading a magazine and he was wearing nothing but a jockstrap. Swear down. I thought: Is he doing this on purpose? I thought: Does he know he turns me on? Know what I mean? I mean, there he was lying down in just his jock for fuck’s sake. What was all that about?

I took a good look at his arse then I went in the kitchen to make a brew. I needed a wank real bad, get all the spunk out of my balls. My balls were aching, my cock was aching and it was all because of my mate, the horny bastard. What was he doing lying there almost naked in my flat? Getting my cock hard, that’s what he was doing.

I made myself a cup of tea, and I made one for my mate.

I went back in the front room, gave my mate his cup of tea and sat down on the sofa. I sat there staring at my mate’s fit body. Horny bastard, sprawled out on the floor like that. He was engrossed in his magazine, didn’t know I was staring at him. He had a really fit body – smooth, hard, muscular, slim waist, great arse. What an arse. Nice round firm bum. Great arse framed by the elastic of his jock. I wanted to get up and put my hands on his bum, grab a feel of it, touch it, slap my big dick all over it.

Then I just came out with it. It was what I was thinking and I actually said it out loud.

“Great arse, mate.”

Straight away I said it I thought: Oh fuck, did I just say that?

My mate looked up at me.

He gave me a really funny look.


I went bright red. Didn’t know what to say.

My mate said, “You looking at my arse?”

I said, “Put some fucking pants on, will you?”

I picked up a magazine, buried my face in it.

He said it again.

“Were you looking at my arse?”

I didn’t say nothing, kept my face in the magazine.

“You were, weren’t you? You were looking at my arse.”

I put the magazine down.

“I couldn’t fucking miss it, could I?”

Then he slapped himself on the bum.

He said, “It is sexy though, innit?”

Dirty bastard was spanking himself on the bum, looking over his shoulder at me, licking his lips.

“You’re not right, you, mate.”

“Do you really like it then?”


“My arse.”

“Put some pants on, will you?”

“But you’ll not be able to look at my bum then, will you?”

“Fuck off and put some pants on.”

He smiled at me.

He said, “It wouldn’t bother me, you know.”

“What you going on about?”

“I’m dead open-minded me, mate.”

I picked the magazine back up.

He smacked his bum again.

“Will you stop doing that?”

“Are you gay?”


“Are you gay?”

“Why do you ask me that?”

“Just asking.”

“Yeah, well just put some pants on.”

He said, “It’s ok. You’re still my mate.”

He just lay there showing off his bum. He was proper showing it off. He was lying face down and he started wiggling his hips back and to. His bum cheeks were stiffly wobbling and they looked so fucking sexy.

“You’re the gay one, mate. Lying there wiggling your arse for me.”

He laughed.

He then pushed his bum up in the air.

“Oooh! Mate, look at my bum. Do you wanna shag me, mate?”

I threw the magazine at him, hit him on the arse with it.

He rolled over and lay there on the rug face up. Oh fuck, he looked even sexier now with it all bulging out in his tight little jock. I had a quick glance but then I had to look away coz I got this well sexy tingle in my dick. I put my foot up on the sofa and started messing with my trainer. I was getting a boner and didn’t want my mate to see. I was pretending to concentrate on my trainer, pretending I was trying to pick something out of the sole but I could see my mate lying there on the rug almost naked from the corner of my eye.

He started talking about his bird.

He said, “I really miss her, mate.”

“You’re bound to, mate.”

I couldn’t look at him, not while I was feeling this sexy, not while he was lying there in just his skimpy little jock.

“You know what I really miss about her, mate?”


“Well, everything really but like I really miss her giving me a good massage.”


I wanted to get up and go in the kitchen but I now had a massive fucking boner in my trackies and I couldn’t get up coz my mate, he would have seen it all boned up in my trackies.

He carried on talking.

“She loved stroking my arse, mate.”

“I bet she did.”



I said that really quiet, to myself really. He didn’t hear me say it.

“Yeah, she loved stroking my arse.

I saw him turn over again from the corner of my eye and when I looked he was lying face down on the rug and the dirty bastard was only humping the rug. I couldn’t take my eyes of that beautiful arse of his. That was the sexiest sight ever. His bum cheeks were proper wobbling as he humped the rug. He had a fantastic arse. Those bum cheeks, they looked so hard and firm. I wanted to grab ‘em.

I didn’t say nothing, just sat there and looked at him as he humped the rug. He was doing that on purpose to get me all excited. Course he was. And it was working.

He said, “Mate, this is how I used to fuck my bird.”

“Yeah, well don’t you go leaving your spunk on my rug, you perve.”

He stayed lying face down and he stroked his arse.

He said, “Come on, gay boy. Make my arse feel good.”

“Yeah, you’d love me to do that, wouldn’t you?”

He couldn’t see me stroking my boner through my trackies.

“Not as much as you’d love to do it to me.”

I squeezed my trackies round my cock.

I wanted to get on top of my horny mate. I wanted to straddled him. I wanted to whip his jock down and eat his arse. I wanted to put my cock inside him and shag the arse off him. Oh fuck. What was he doing to me?

I sat there stroking my cock through my trackies and I got carried away with my dirty thoughts, closed my eyes and thought about doing all them naughty things with my mate. I must have had my eyes closed for a while coz when I opened ‘em, Jez was sitting up on the rug looking at me stroking my cock through my trackies.

I froze.

I just sat there with my hand squeezing my erection through my trackies.

Oh fuck, my mate had caught me.

He smiled.

I took my hand off my boner. I picked a cushion up and put it on my lap.

My mate smiled. He got on the sofa, sat next to me, took the cushion off my lap.

I was dead embarrassed. I just sat there with my head bowed.

My mate put his arm round me.

“So you’re gay. Big deal.”

I didn’t bother trying to deny it. There was no point. He knew. My face was now purple. It was so obvious that I was gay. I think he must have known for ages. Whether he did or not, I didn’t care. And I didn’t wanna deny it coz I wanted him so bad and now that he’d caught me wanking off over his arse and…oh fuck it.

My mate, he knew and he was being dead nice about it. I just sat there with my head bowed, waited for him to say something. We both just sat there for a while not saying nothing. His arm was round me all the time.

After a while he stood up, put his hand on my shoulder, told me to look up. I looked up. He gave me a big smile. I didn’t say nothing. I just couldn’t think of anything to say. Then my mate, he turned his back to me. He stood there with his hands by his side. What the fuck was he up to now?

He then spoke.

“Mate, pull my jock down.”

I didn’t move.

He said it again.

“Pull my jock down, mate.”

“You seriously want me to pull your jock down?”

“Go on, mate. Do it for me.”

“You’ve just found out that I’m gay and now you’re asking me to pull your jock down?”

“Go on, mate. Do it.”

“All right then.”

I tugged the waistband of his jock down over the cheeks of his bum. But there was something stopping me from pulling his jock all the way down, something at the front. The front of his jock was pressing down on something. Didn’t take a genius to work out what it was.

I said, “Who’s the gay boy now, eh? You got a fucking boner, haven’t you?”

What the fuck was happening with us two? The two of us being all gay like this. He still had his back to me. He slipped his hand underneath, pulled his jock down over his stiff dick.

He said, “My dick’s hard coz I’m thinking of my bird.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

I wriggled his jock down over his bum, down over his thighs, down to his ankles. I pulled his jock off. He was standing there naked in my flat with his bck to me. He gave me a really sexy pose and ran his hands up and down his body and over his arse. Then he lay back down on the rug face down. I got off the sofa and I got on top of my naked mate. I was straddling the backs of his thighs. I picked his damp jock up off the floor and brought it to my face. It was all warm and sticky. I sniffed it. Sniffed my mate’s sweaty jock. Then I pulled my cock out of my trackies and I wrapped my mate’s sticky jock round my hard cock, squeezed it. I had a wank with my mate’s jock round my big fucking dick.

My mate, he turned over. He was lying on his back and I was straddling his thighs, wanking my dick with his sweaty jock. He took hold of his massive hard-on and started wanking, me and my mate wanking off together, me and my straight mate wanking our dicks, two horny lads having a hot wank.

What were we doing? We’d never done nothing like this before. He wouldn’t be doing this if he hadn’t split up with his bird. But I wasn’t taking advantage of him or nothing. No, it was him who made the first move. He wanted to do all this. Everything had gone absolutely crazy in the last five minutes. My mate had found out that I was gay and now we were doing this. This was insane. It was total swivel eyed craziness.

He said it again.

“I really do miss my bird.”

I was breathing really fast. My whole body felt hot. I was feeling so fucking horny.

“We’re good mates, yeah?”


We both wanked our dicks.

I looked into my mate’s eyes. I’d never really noticed before just how beautiful his eyes were.

“Mate, I’m gonna do something to you that your bird wouldn’t do.”

“I’m not being funny mate, but how the fuck do you know what she did and didn’t do to me?”

“Well I’m pretty certain she didn’t ever do this to you.”

I got off him.

“Get on all fours and stick your arse out, mate.”

“You…you seriously expect me to do that?”

“Well…no…but it was worth a try.”

He smiled.

“For you, mate, I’ll do anything.”

He actually did it. He got on all fours and stuck his bare arse out.

“Oh fuck, mate. You really do have a great arse.”

“So you said.”

I got behind him and I put my hands on his beautiful arse. It felt just like it looked – amazing. His bum cheeks were so hard and firm, his skin so soft and smooth. I was in love with his arse. I spread the cheeks so I could get a good look at his tight little hole. It was nice and pink.

He was making these gorgeous deep groaning sounds.

He pushed his arse right out so that his cheeks spread some more.

It gave me such a beautiful feeling, my mate exposing his most private part to me like this. This was making us feel so close, so intimate.

“Mate, you got a nice tight little arsehole.”

“I don’t think my bird ever once looked at my arsehole.”

“I don’t know if I should say this, mate, but she really didn’t appreciate you, mate.”

“Anyway, I don’t wanna talk about my bird…sorry, my ex-bird. So can we not mention her no more, please.”

“Sorry, mate.”

I kissed my mate’s arse and I licked it.

He was going, “Oh yeah. That feels nice. Kiss it, mate. Kiss it and lick it.”

I kissed and licked both cheeks. He stuck his bum right out and I licked it. He had his thighs spread and his bum pushed right out. Then I stuck the tip of my tongue in my mate’s pink little arsehole. Did he like that or what! I licked his arsehole and wanked his cock. Moved my tongue round nice and slow in circles over his tight little bumhole and jacked his big dick. I rimmed my mate and wanked him off.

He was squirming around with my tongue up his bum. I had both hands on his bum, spread his cheeks apart. He was now wanking himself off and his arsehole was clenched around my tongue. Then I fucked him with my tongue. He was loving it, tossing his dick, going, “Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

So I took my tongue out and I fucked him with my cock. I opened him up with my big hot cock, felt his tight little hole stretching around my cock. I pushed till it all went inside him, his beautiful arse squeezing round my cock. And when it was all inside him I pulled back till I just had my cockhead inside him, his arsehole squeezing round the ridge of my helmet.

I took a moment just to take in the incredible sight of my beautiful mate on the end of my cock. Seeing my cock buried inside my mate’s bum was the most amazing sight ever. I wanted this moment to last forever. I could stay hard forever with my cock inside my mate like this.

I felt his arsehole squeezing tight, felt my cockhead burning inside my mate. I held on to his waist and I pushed back in. I felt every inch of my cock moving around inside my mate. Every sensation was focussed on my cock inside my mate. It was like my cock was my whole being. I had never ever experience pleasure like it.

“Oooh! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck!”

I did to my mate what his bird could never do.

I did to my mate what no girl could ever do to him.

I fucked him.

And he loved it.

And I fucked him till I shot my cum inside him.

It was the most intense orgasm ever.

After I pulled out of him, I lay there on the floor and got my breath back. My mate lay there for a while on the rug face down.

I put my hand on his back.

“You ok, mate?”

He rolled over. His body was soaked in sweat and cum.

He had the biggest smile ever on his face.

This story is taken from my kindle book WOT HAPPENED AFTER HE SPLIT UP WIV HIS GIRL, available on Amazon

© Robbie Webb 2012

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