I Strip Vandal

All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over

I see this lad vandalising a bus shelter in Poplars Road. Proper scally he is. Just like me. He’s drawing cocks and balls and writing stuff like Sutton Green Boys Suck Cock and Sutton Green Scallies Take It Up The Arse. Fuck me, he’s got some balls, this lad. I mean, the Sutton Green estate where I live, it’s only a five minute walk away and here he is slagging us all off.

I sneak up behind him.

“What the fuck you doing?”

He jumps out of his skin. He’s fucking gorgeous. I think I recognise him.

“You’re a Westford lad, aren’t you?”

“What’s it gotta do with you?”

“Cocky little bastard, aren’t you? And how do you know Sutton Green lads take it up the arse? Fucked one of ‘em, have you?”

“Wouldn’t touch one of them dirty bastards with your dick, mate.”

“First of all I’m not your mate, and second I’m one of them dirty bastards. So what you gonna do about it?”

He’s about to do one when I grab hold of him. He looks shit scared. I pin him up against the bus shelter.

“So what have you got against us Sutton Green boys then?”

“You’re a bunch of fucking cunts.”

“We love you as well.”

“Some of your lads beat my cousin up.”

“He probably asked for it.”

“No he didn’t. He’s a good lad.”

“Course he is. Little angel.”

“Yeah he is actually. Your lads were well out of order.”

“Yeah, well I’m sorry about that.”

“Yeah. Course you are.”

“Mate, there are some cunts on your estate as well.”

Us Sutton Green lads and them Westford lads have never got on. We hate them, they hate us. If I wanted to I could knock this lad out but no way was I gonna spoil his gorgeous features.

“Does your Mum and Dad know you deface bus shelters?”

He gives me a funny look.

“I don’t live with my Mum and Dad. I’m fucking 18.”

“You should act your age then and not your trainer size.”

I take his permanent marker off him.

“Right, 18-year-old scum, take your top off.”


“You heard me, you fucking scum.”

“Who are you calling scum?”

“You. Why? That’s what you are, innit? Fucking scum.”

“You’ve only just met me. You can’t call me scum.”

“Just did.”

“You know fuck all about me.”

“I know enough to know that you’re scum.”

“Call me that again and I’ll bang you out, mate.”

“Yeah, right. You and whose army?

“I can have you, no probs.”

“Yeah, course you can.”

“I’ll spark you out if you don’t do one.”

“Oh look at that. I’m shaking like a leaf.”

“You don’t scare me, you fucking queer.”

“Stop being a prick and just take your top off.”

“You just call me a prick?”

“Yeah. Coz you are one.”

“Yeah. Well, takes one to know one.”

I’ve had enough of this c***dish banter so I pull his top up over his head. He’s standing there with no top on in the bus shelter and he doesn’t look too pleased.

“Give me my top back.”

“Take your trainers off.”

“Fuck off.”

He’s not going to co-operate so I take ‘em off for him. He doesn’t put up a fight and I manage to get his trackies and boxers off no problem. He wants me to do this to him, the horny fucker, course he does. He’d have smacked me by now if he wanted to. I’ve stripped the horny little bastard down to his white socks. He looks proper sexy standing there in just his socks.

He says, “I may as well take these off as well.”

So he takes off his socks, gets naked in the bus shelter.

He says, “Is that what you want, you fucking weirdo? What you gonna do to me now, eh? You gonna fuck me? Is that what you gonna do?”

I look him up and down. He’s proper fit. Has a great body, well toned – hard, slim smooth body. Nice, flat, tight belly.

“It’s what you want me to do, innit? Oh no, sorry. You wanna fuck me, don’t you? That’s what you fantasise about, innit? You fantasise about us Sutton Green boys sucking your cock and you fantasise about bumming us. You dirty little bastard.”

He says he’s not scared of me. Fuck, I can’t get over just how fit he is.

“Let’s have a look at your bum.”


“You heard.”

I turn him round.

”Nice arse, tight bum-cheeks.”

“See. You are queer. You all are, you Sutton Green boys.”

I’ve got my hand on his shoulder but I don’t have a tight grip on him. If he really wants to he can easily do one. He’s enjoying this as much as I am. I have a proper feel of his bum. His arse is well tight and hard, nice soft skin stretched tight across firm bum cheeks. I turn him back round to face me. He has a nice big fat scally uncut cock, low-hanging balls, smooth, no pubes. Don’t you just love lads who shave their pubes?

I still have the permanent marker in my hand.

“I’m gonna teach you a lesson.”

“Hurry up then. The bus’ll be here soon.”

I take the top off the marker and I write on his flat hard belly, I write SUTTON GREEN BOYS, SUCK THIS! And I draw an arrow pointing to his cock. He just lets me write it on his belly. Doesn’t try to stop me.

Once he realises what I’ve written, his cock starts to grow hard. Horny lad, gets a full throbbing hard-on in seconds. The horny naked Westford lad in the bus shelter gets a big throbbing boner. Stiffens up in seconds it does till it’s sticking out from his fit, hard slim body.

He says, “Go on then. You’re a Sutton Green boy. Suck my cock!”

I get down on my knees and I suck the horny scally’s cock in the bus shelter. Doesn’t take long before the dirty bastard starts pre-cumming in my mouth. Can taste it and it tastes well nice. He holds on to the back of my head while I suck his dick and he’s going, “Oh yeah! Suck it! Suck my cock, you fucking queer cunt!”

I’m giving him what he fantasises about. That’s why he scrawled that graffiti on the bus shelter. He wants us Sutton Green boys to suck his cock. Yeah, well I’m sucking it for him.

I take my mouth off his cock just for a moment and he starts jacking off, rubbing the tip of his helmet against my lips.

“You’re a proper horny little bastard, you are, aren’t you? You’re all the same, you Westford lads. Dirty bastards the lot of you. You’ll let anybody suck your dicks.”

“Yeah, well you dirty Sutton Green boys’ll suck anybody’s dick.”

“Shut up, you queer! And put your cock back in my mouth.”

I suck his cock some more. His bell-end’s proper filling my mouth. I like a cock with a nice big helmet that really swells out over the thickness of the shaft, and that’s what his cock’s like. I love it – a big fat swollen cockhead on my tongue, sliding to the back of my throat.

I get up.

“Dirty boy, letting me suck your dick like that.”

I turn him round and I write on his arse FUCK THIS!

He has no idea what I’ve written. Just then another lad comes into the bus shelter. He’s a student. He’s shocked when he sees me scrawling obscene graffiti on the scally lad’s naked body. And he’s shocked when he sees the dirty scally has a boned up cock.

Dirty naked Westford boy grabs hold of his boned-up dick and he says to the student, “He’s just sucked this.”

The student looks at me. I lick my lips. The student shakes his head.

“You’re like fucking a****ls, you dirty scallies.”

I give the student the marker.

“Naked boy here needs teaching a lesson for defacing this shelter.”

Student boy says, “Oh right,”

He just stands there. He looks a bit confused.

“Well go on them, brainy boy. Don’t just stand there.”

“What? What do you want me to do?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake. Use your imagination. Write something on dirty bastard here. Draw some cocks on him. Use your imagination.”

“Oh right.”

He draws lots of cocks and balls all over the scally’s body and over his face, and he writes on the scally’s forehead I LUV SUCKIN COCK.

Ha! Nice one.

I turn naked boy round to show the student what I’ve written on that tight hard scally arse.

Naked boy says, “What have you written? Tell me. I wanna know.”

I say to the student, “Do you wanna show him?”

At first he doesn’t grasp what I’m saying.

He goes, “Eh?”

“Eh? Fucking eh? You’re the one with the fucking brains. I’ll ask you again. Do you wanna show him?”

Then it clicks.


But he just stands there.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, brainy boy! Your head might be full of science and shit but you not got much sense, have you?”

”English and Art actually.”


I unbutton his jeans.

He says, “It’s ok. I can do it myself.”

Brainy English and Art’s boy drops his jeans and undies. I give his cock a nice little tug, get it nice and hard for him. He smiles when I do that. He looks well sweet when he smiles. Then he spits on his dick and he bends naked scally boy over. Naked scally boy knows what’s gonna happen. He’s bent forward with his hands on the inside of the shelter, sticking his bare arse out, spreading his legs wide. The student spits on the scally’s arsehole. Then the student shags the scally in the bus shelter while I wank the scally’s cock and wank myself off at the same time.

I get down on my knees in front of the naked Westford boy and I suck his dick, run my hands all over the obscene grafitti on his smooth hard tight body as the student bums him good and hard. Then me and the student, we change round. The student sucks the scally’s cock as I fuck him up the arse. I slam my cock real deep up the scally’s bum, run my hands up and down over the dirty drawings of cocks and balls on his back.

“Oooh! Fuck! Fuck!”

It’s well horny hearing the sounds of the student sucking and slurping on the scally’s dick as I shag him. I fuck naked Westford boy hard coz that’s how them dirty cunts like to be fucked, innit? Nice and hard. He’s loving it, moaning and groaning with my cock up his arse and the student’s mouth on his dick. I shag the dirty bastard harder and harder and every time I bang into him with my cock, his cock slides down the student’s throat. I slam my dick in and out of the dirty naked Westford boy’s bum and he slams his dick in and out of the student’s mouth.

I spunk my jizz up the Westford boy’s hot arse as he squirts his load down the student’s throat.

Me and the student, we manage to put our dicks back in our jeans by the time the bus pulls up, but the horny fit as fuck Westford boy is still naked. Everybody on the bus can see this horny scally standing there naked in the bus shelter with obscene graffiti all over his gorgeous body, and cum dribbling down the back of his thighs and from his stiff cock.

This story is taken from my ebook SCALLY BOY DREAMER Volume 1, available on Amazon.

© Robbie Webb 2012

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2 years ago
fucking sweet ;)
2 years ago
Well Done.