I Made Dirty Phone Calls To Me Mate's Younger

My mate’s younger b*****r Tim is dead cute. He is really sweet and sexy as fuck. My mate has no idea I fancy his little b*****r. When I say little, he’s 18.

Tim’s a proper fit lad. My mate doesn’t even know I’m gay. It’d freak him out if he found out I was into cock. God knows what it’d do to him if he found out I fancied his younger b*****r. I wanted to tell my mate how I felt. But I know he’d go crazy. He really protected his younger b*****r even though he was 18 and old enough to look after himself.

I wish I could tell my mate what I got up to with his b*****r the other night.

I wanted so much to tell him.

It was late at night. I phoned my mate’s younger bruv Tim. I withheld the number and I put a different voice on so he wouldn’t recognise me.

I said, “Oooh! Do you like having your bum licked?”

I felt proper dirty. I shouldn’t be doing this, not to Tim. He was so sweet and this was dirty. Then I thought: fuck it, it’s only a bit of fun.

I waited.

There was a silence for a few seconds then he said, “Who’s that?”

Just hearing his voice made my cock well stiff. I was naked and I was stroking my cock.

I said, “I wanna give your arsehole a good rimming.”

“Who the fuck’s that?”

“I’d rim your sweet little arsehole then I’d stick my big cock up your sweet little bum.”

“You dirty fucking weirdo!”

“It’s what you want me to do. Innit, sexy boy?”

He slammed the phone down. Bet he was gonna have a wank later thinking about what I’d said to him. He’d be wanking his tender dick till it was proper raw.

I felt a bit guilty just for a second or two. I’d never made a dirty phone call before. I’m thinking: I hope I haven’t freaked him out or nothing. No, I didn’t say nothing to freak him out. Just dirty talk, that’s all it was. Just a bit of dirty fun.

Next day I went round my mate’s house and his younger bruv was there. I felt dead horny being in the same room as him and I was thinking about the dirty phone call I’d made to him last night.

Later that night I made another dirty phone call. If I wasn’t careful I could find myself getting addicted to this.

“Oooh! You want me to suck that raw cock of yours, don’t you?”

I thought he’d probably slam the phone down again, but no. It didn’t happen. Instead Tim, my mate’s younger b*****r, he said, “Oh yeah. Go on then. Suck it for me. Suck my big fucking dick.”

I didn’t expect that.

“You dirty boy.”

“Yeah, I am dirty and I got a big cock for your mouth.”

“You’re gagging for it, aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah. I need sucking off real bad.”

“You want me to eat your arse as well, don’t you?”

“Yeah. And when you got my bum all wet you can fuck me. You can shag my sweet little bum.”

I heard him groaning.

“What you doing, you naughty lad?”

He said he was having a wank listening to me talking dirty.

I said, “So you got a nice big dick then?”

“Yeah. It’s well big.”

We talked dirty and we had a phone wank, me and my mate’s younger b*****r and he had no idea it was me talking dirty to him.

Next day I went round my mate’s house again only he wasn’t in. Tim answered the door, invited me in, said I could wait, said his older b*****r would be in about an hour or so. So I was in the house with just my mate’s younger b*****r. My cock was feeling proper horny in my trackies.

Tim made me a cup of tea and we were sitting there on the sofa chatting away and I couldn’t stop thinking about our phone wanks. Tim was proper sweet, bless him, and he had no idea that it was me who’d been making the dirty phone calls. I wanted to tell him then maybe he’d get his dick out and we could wank off together on the sofa.

And then from out of the blue he said, “Do you think I’m fit?”

The question threw me. I didn’t know what to say.

“What…what do you mean?”

“Fit. You think I’m fit?”

“Do I think you’re fit?”

“Yeah. Do you?”

“I…I dunno.”

Then he stood up and took his T-shirt off.

What was going on? Why was he doing this? What had come over him?

I could feel my dick growing in my trackies. Tim, he was gorgeous. Slim and smooth, sexy as fuck. And he was standing there showing off his body to me.

“What…what you doing?”

He didn’t say nothing.

Then he went and dropped his trackies and his boxers. He got naked and he just stood there showing me everything. He pulled on his dick and it got stiff. He smiled at me and he slowly stroked his dick. My boner was showing big time in my trackies.

I just sat there not saying nothing, confused why Tim was acting like this.

Then he said, “You’d love to splash my cute face with your steaming hot jizz, wouldn’t you?”


“You’d love to squirt your hot load in my cute face, wouldn’t you?”

“Er…would I?”

He jacked his cock and he said, “And you’d love to fuck my tight young arsehole, wouldn’t you?”

Oh fuck. He knew. He knew it was me who’d made them dirty phone calls. I went bright red but he was up for it big time. He was well horny. He stood there wanking naked and he said he was gonna tell his b*****r, my mate, that I was a dirty perve.

I begged him not to say anything.

“Mate, we can carry on with our dirty phone wanks. Your b*****r doesn’t have to know. It’s fun. Yeah? Me and you talking dirty and wanking. Just a bit of fun, mate.”

He pulled me up off the sofa and told me to take my clothes off.

“Yeah ok, mate. I’m up for that. Just you don’t say nothing to your k**, yeah?”

“Shut up and get your kit off, weirdo.”

I got naked with my mate’s younger b*****r. He got on the sofa on his knees and he held on to the back of the sofa and pushed his cute peachy bum right out. He was completely smooth. Shaved cock, shaved balls, and his arsehole was smooth and pink. His bum cheeks were proper tight and round, and they were spread and he was a proper rude boy, a slim smooth lad with a lovely tight round bum. He was almost begging me to bang his cute little bum with my big cock.

He looked over his shoulder and he said, “Go on then. Fuck me up my tight little bum.”

I had to pinch myself. This was a dream come true.

I licked and sucked his balls from behind. He tasted well nice. I gave his pink little hole a good rimming and then I banged my cock up his cute little bum.

I filled my mate’s younger b*****r’s bum with my cock. I’d never had my cock in anything as tight as this. And I wanked his horny tender dick as I shagged him. I fucked his slim tight young body, his hard 18-year-old body, nobbed his tight arsehole, ran my hands all over his smooth hard body.

He was squirming around with my cock inside him, pushing his bum out, grinding his smooth hot bum cheeks into my groin. My hands were round his slim waist and I was pulling and pushing him on and off my cock, using his tight little bum to wank my cock. And he was moving his hips around in these sexy circular movements as I shagged him. My cock had never felt so good.

I squirted my load up his cute little bum, and his cock squirted in my hand. He splashed his cockjuice all over the sofa. I pulled out of him and we sat there naked on the sofa for a while while we got our breath back then I said, “Have you got some tissues while I wipe all your jizz off the sofa?”

He said, “Nah, it’s ok. Leave it. Me and my bruv wank ourselves off all the time and we leave our jizz everywhere. Mum and Dad don’t mind.”

I got dressed and I panicked a bit coz I was thinking: what if my mate comes in and catches me here with his younger bruv naked like this? I told him to put his clothes on.

He said, “Chill out.”

Then I saw my mate walking down the path. I told Tim and he just laughed. He picked his clothes up and went upstairs. But he was really taking his time as if he had all the time in the world.

I was shitting myself big time.

“Hurry up, you prick! Your k**’s gonna see you!”

He disappeared just in the nick of time.

My mate walked in and when he saw me he said, “What the fuck you doing here? Who let you in?”

“Er…your k**. He’s…he’s upstairs.”


He got me a can of lager from the fridge then he said, “Oh for fuck’s sake. Sorry about this, mate. Looks like our k**’s been wanking again.”

And he got a couple of tissues and wiped the spunk off the sofa.

This story is taken from my Kindle book WOT I GOT UP TO WIV PEOPLE I SHOULDN’T HAVE BIN WIV, available on Amazon

© Robbie Webb 2012

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2 months ago
Thanks Robbie for sharing that with us.....
2 years ago
what a suspens,and unexpected end!
2 years ago
Great Story!