Wot We Did When We Had No Girls To Cuddle Up To

Me and my mate Dermot, we’d been drinking in town. Dermot had come back to my flat to carry on where we finished off in the pub and now he was too tired to walk home.

I got the spare duvet from the bedroom, and he stripped down to his boxers. Then he said he always slept in the nude and he asked me if it was ok if he took his boxers off. I thought: well what if he has a wet dream and spunks his jizz over my sofa? Oh fuck it. It’d been a while since I last had a boy cumming in my flat.

So I said, “Yeah. It’s ok. Get ‘em off.”

So he took his boxers off and he got under the duvet on the sofa. I was in the chair. There was some old film on the telly.

I said, “I’ll just watch the end of this film then I’ll fuck off to bed.”

Dermot said he often stayed up watching films, said he’d lie on the sofa under the duvet watching the telly, said him and his bird did it all the time. Said he loves having a cuddle under the duvet with his bird.

He said, “Wish she was here with me now. We’d cuddle up under the duvet.”

“Yeah. You can’t beat a nice cuddle.”

I’d split up with my bird a couple of months ago and I really missed her cuddles. I told my mate.

Then my mate said something that really took me by surprise.

“Mate, get under the duvet with me.”


“Let’s have a nice cuddle.”

“Fuck off!”

“Come on. Just a cuddle.”

“Are you turning funny or what?”

“No, just wanna cuddle.”

“Well you’re not getting one off me. For a start, you’re fucking naked.”

“So? Go on, mate. I’m missing my bird.”

“You can carry on missing her as well.”

“Oh mate, come on. Please. I always have a cuddle when I watch a film.”

He wasn’t gonna give in and he did look like he was in need of a cuddle, bless him. So I gave him one. I got under the duvet with him and we had a proper cuddle under the duvet. Put a smile on his face. We were just having a laugh but it was proper nice, having someone to cuddle up to. Nice to have a warm body to feel. Nice to feel skin on skin.

After a bit I tried to pull myself away but my mate was still holding me.

“Fuck me, mate. You really do need a cuddle, don’t you?”

I tried to pull away again but he was holding me proper tight.

And then I felt our dicks touching. Dermot was naked and thankfully I had my boxers on so it wasn’t naked dick to dick touching. Dermot pulled himself away from me a little.

He said, “Sorry about that.”

But he still kept hold of me.

I said, “Don’t be daft. Our dicks are bound to touch. We can’t help our dicks touching.”

So Dermot pulled me closer again, carried on cuddling me. This time I didn’t try and pull myself away coz it felt really nice having a cuddle with my mate. I really liked it. And our dicks touched again only this time Dermot didn’t pull himself away or say sorry. And we were lying there cuddled up to each other and his dick felt nice and warm against my dick. But then I had to pull away coz my dick was getting hard and I didn’t wanna scare him away or nothing. It wasn’t getting hard coz I fancied my mate. It was nothing like that. It was just the physical contact, having him touching my dick with his dick. It doesn’t take much to get my cock to get nice and hard.

But anyway, we were still holding each other.

I said, “All right, mate. That’s enough.”

I tried to pull myself away but Dermot kept hold of me.

He said, “No, just a bit longer. It’s nice.”

I was now fully stiff and I had to make sure my hard-on wasn’t touching Dermot. Then…oh fuck…Dermot, he only went and started running his hand up and down my body, proper stroking my body with his fingertips nice and gentle like.

“What…what you doing?”

“This is what I’d be doing to my bird if she was here with me now.”

“Yeah well I’m not your bird so stop it.”

I was just worried coz he was making me feel horny and my cock was hard enough and I didn’t want him to feel it.

I was breathing proper heavy. My hard cock was pre-cumming. I felt proper sexy and I got this overwhelming urge to…to kiss my mate. I don’t know why. Just got this strange sexy feeling. It’s just that it felt well nice having a cuddle with my mate under the duvet with my cock all boned up.

I said, “If…if my ex-bird was here now, you know what I’d do?”


“I’d…I’d do this.”

And I moved closer and I kissed Dermot on the lips.

Fuck, I thought: that’s it. I’ve gone too far.

What made me do that? I dunno. I just did it. Spur of the moment like. Like it was an overwhelming urge to do it. Don’t know why I did it and now I felt…I was horrified. I panicked and I pulled myself off my mate. I came up from under the duvet and I got off the sofa. I pretended I was just messing about, pretended I just did it for a laugh.

But my mate, he just lay there and he smiled and he said, “Mmm. That was nice.”

And he went and licked his lips and like, he wasn’t joking. He reached out and took hold of my hand and pulled me down on top of him and he kissed me on the lips. What the fuck was going on? I brought my lips from his and I just sat on the edge of the sofa.

My mate propped himself up on his elbow and smiled.

He said, “That was proper nice.”

Yeah, it was. But I didn’t know what to say.

Then my mate said, “Just coz we’re lads it doesn’t mean to say we can’t have a kiss and a cuddle.”


Then Dermot laughed.

I said, “What’s so funny?”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“Dunno. You.”


“No, in a nice way. I like you.”

“Yeah. I like you. We’re mates.”

“You’re a nice kisser.”

“Shut up.”

“Only saying.”

“Yeah, well. So are you.”

He smiled then he pointed to my boned up boxers.

“What’s this?”

“Yeah well. It’s late, innit? I always get boned up at night.”

Dermot kicked the duvet off the sofa. He just lay there naked, stretched out on the sofa with his cock on bone, lying flat along his belly.

He reached for my boxers and pulled ‘em down. I just stood there and let him do it. My boxers fell to my feet. I stepped out of ‘em, my cock proudly sticking up in all its naked glory. Then my mate, he pulled me down on top of him. Dermot felt my cock all hot and hard against his skin, my bell-end slapping hard against his belly. He didn’t say nothing, just smiled. He took hold of my hand and he put my hand on his dick. His dick was rock solid as well, throbbing all hot and wet.

Next thing, he’s lying on top of me kissing me, and our cocks are rubbing together. It felt well nice with my mate lying naked on top of me. He looked well sexy. I got this weird sexy feeling for my mate. We were both lying naked with our hot boners throbbing together.

His hand went between our bodies and he started jacking my dick as he carried on kissing me. He was proper good at wanking me off, did it really good, made me proper moan.

I’d never realised before just how good-looking my mate was. We were only messing about, having a bit of a laugh kissing but yeah, he was proper good-looking and this really did feel well nice being naked with him like this.

We just lay there staring into each other’s eyes. It was really intense. And it was like it’d got all serious. It felt weird. I had this really nice warm feeling all over my body. Then my mate, he brought his lips to mine and we proper kissed with tongues. We really got into it and we rolled off the sofa on to the rug. We were rolling around on the rug, kissing, exploring each other’s bodies, our hot cocks rolling and rubbing and slapping together. We were both breathing heavy, getting well sweaty on the rug.

Then my mate, he brought his lips from mine. He looked deep into my eyes and he said, “Do you know what my bird would do to me now if she was here? She’d suck my cock.”

Just hearing him say that, it made my cock strain harder against his cock. This was weird. I’d never ever had any feelings for my mate before. I’d never ever thought about sucking his cock but now just the very thought of sucking it was turning me on big time.

I licked my lips.

“She would, would she?”

“Yeah. She loves sucking my cock.”

I felt his cock throbbing against my cock. I started moving my hips back and to nice and gentle, humping my cock against my mate’s cock.

He smiled. He had the most beautiful smile.

I kissed and licked my way down to his nipples. His pink nipples, they were well stiff and I sucked ‘em into my mouth, going from one to the other, all the time looking up into his beautiful blue-green eyes. I’d never noticed before just how beautiful his eyes were. I’d never noticed before just how beautiful his face was. Everything about him was beautiful.

I kissed my way down his body till my lips touched the tip of his cock. He just lay there stretched out on the rug with his arms above his head and I kissed the head of his cock. I took hold of his cock, wrapping my fingers round the thick base of his shaft, pulled his big stiff cock away from his body and I slid my wet lips over the big silky smooth head of his cock. It was like hot silk on my lips.

I sucked my mate’s cock into my mouth, sucked it all the way down to the root till his big hot cockhead was down my throat. I deep-throated my mate. He put his hands on my head and started fucking my face, banging his balls in my chin, pulling and pushing me up and down on his cock. I played with his balls, slipped my fingers between his balls and his arsehole.

I felt his cock swell up bigger and hotter in my mouth as I sucked him deeper and deeper. He arched his back, tossed his head back, shoved his dick real deep and then I felt it – thick powerful spurts of warm cum squirting in my mouth, over my tongue, down my throat.

My mate’s cum tasted amazing. The whole experience was so intense.

I brought my lips from his dick. We lay there together, our bodies soaked in sweat. We snuggled up to each other naked on the rug. We kissed and we fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

This story is taken from my Kindle book Wot We Did When We Had No Girls To Cuddle Up To & other erotic stories, available on Amazon.

© Robbie Webb 2012

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5 months ago
so you did enjoy yourself did you do anything else later maybe
6 months ago
you should have said your bird would suck your cock. then it could have been a 69
12 months ago
This is a great read. Totally relate to the scenario and cock fun. Nice one.
1 year ago
Mmm nice horny story mate, u got me really hard xx
2 years ago
I love sucking cock and tasting spunk...yummy....
2 years ago
I agree! friends are great!
2 years ago
loved it,realy hot and so horny