Fittest Lad On Footie Team

Kurt and Damien, they both got subbed off at the same time. So they both went for an early shower. As they made their way to the changing rooms Kurt thought: oh fuck, this was gonna be really hard for me.

He had never been in the changing rooms with just Damien before, never been in the showers with just Damien.

Kurt and Damien played for The Red Lion. They were the best team in the Sunday League Division. Damien was the fittest lad on the team. Kurt found it hard enough getting changed and showered with all the lads but it was Damien who he really fantasised about. It was Damien he lay in bed at night thinking about while he had a wank. He lay in bed tossing his dick thinking about pulling Damien’s football shorts down over his muddy thighs. He lay there in bed stroking his dick wishing it was Damien’s dick he was stroking. He had loads of sexy dreams where he’d be sucking Damien’s big cock and fucking him up that gorgeous big round arse. He’d woken up loads of times in the middle of the night after having the sexiest wet dream ever, thick white jizz all over his belly and chest and in his face.

Damien – Kurt had so many dirty dreams and fantasies about him. When he filled his head with dirty thoughts of Damien his cock got well stiff. He’d dreamt and fantasised about doing all sorts of sexy things with Damien. One of his favourite fantasies was to go up to him on the field after Damien had scored a winning goal and kiss him and then strip him naked in front of all the other lads on the team and suck him off on the pitch. That one always got Kurt’s cock jizzing a big load.

Damien was not only the fittest lad on the team, he was probably the fittest lad in any team, and being alone with him in the changing rooms…how could Kurt possibly stop himself from checking out Damien’s dick? When the full team are in the changing rooms and showers, Kurt always made sure he was well away from Damien so he didn’t see him naked. He’d never really seen him naked. He daresn’t look at him coz he knew that if he saw him naked, he just knew that if he saw Damien’s naked arse or his cock there was no way he’d be able to control himself. He’d taken a quick glance now and again in the changing rooms and the showers but he’d not let his gaze last more than a second or two. He’d never really got a good proper look at Damien’s naked body but he wanted to see it more than anything else in the whole world.

Oh Damien, why the fuck did you have to play in the same team as me?

Kurt asked that question over and over again.

Damien– the fittest straight lad Kurt had ever seen. Sexy as fuck.

They were now alone in the changing rooms. They were talking then Damien pulled off his shirt and straight away Kurt had to look away coz straight away he got those sexy feelings in his dick. He had to take a quick glance though. Damien looked absolutely gorgeous. Smooth slim hard body. Then he took off his shorts and his jock and he caught Kurt checking out his dick. Kurt just had to look at it, just one quick glance.

Damien gave Kurt an intense look.

“I just saw you checking out my dick.”


“You was just looking at my dick.”

“Was I fuck.”

“You was. I saw you. And I mean like, proper looking at it.”

“Why would I wanna look at your dick?

“You was checking it out. I saw you.”

Kurt was sitting on the bench and there was no way he could get up. His cock was now solid in his shorts. His boner wasn’t showing coz he had one foot up on the bench and he was taking his boot off. Damien just stood there facing him. He was naked. Kurt couldn’t look. He wanted him to go away and take a shower, leave him alone.


Go away.

Kurt couldn’t look up. He just sat there with his head bowed.

Damien just stood there. Kurt could feel the heat from Damien’s body, he was that close. The wonderful smell of Damien’s hot sweaty body filled Kurt’s nostrils. Damien and Kurt very rarely socialised. They only really ever saw each other twice a week when they were playing football and so Damien was always hot and sweaty. Kurt associated Damien with the wonderful smell of boy sweat.

Kurt still had his foot up on the bench.

“You’re taking your time taking that boot off.”

Kurt still wouldn’t look up.


“That boot. Stuck to your foot, is it?”

“It’s my foot. It’s well sore. I think I may have sprained my ankle.”


Kurt wouldn’t look up. He was willing Damien to go away and leave him alone.

“Why don’t you look at my dick again?”

Kurt didn’t say anything. He felt ashamed that he was feeling this way about Damien. And he was blushing big time. He just sat there. Damien had caught him out. He knew how he felt about him. Then he pulled Kurt up from the bench and he saw his boner tenting his footie shorts.

Kurt wanted the ground to open up and swallow him.

Damien laughed.

“What’s this? Horny boy?”

He flicked Kurt’s boner through his stretched nylon shorts with his finger.


Caught him just below the ridge of his bell-end on the underside where it was proper sensitive, right on that little gathering of fleshy skin below his bell-end. Made him jump.

Damien laughed again.

Kurt still couldn’t look at him. He just stood there with his head bowed. Then Damien, he took hold of Kurt’s hand and he put his hand on his dick. That’s when Kurt looked up coz…Damien’s dick…it was hard. He had a massive hard-on and he wrapped Kurt’s hand round the thick shaft of his hot throbbing boner. Damien took his hand off Kurt’s hand, and Kurt just kept his hand wrapped round Damien’s hot boner.

Kurt just stood there. He froze. Couldn’t take his eyes off Damien’s beautiful cock in his hand. He took in the beautiful sight of Damien’s hard dick in his hand.

Kurt managed to bring his eyes from the throbbing cock in his hand and he looked up into Damien’s beautiful blue-green eyes. As he looked into those eyes he got this really warm feeling all over his body.

Damien smiled, his stiff dick in Kurt’s hand.

“You wanna get your shorts off, mate, and we can have some proper fun?”

Kurt couldn’t believe his ears. At first he thought Damien was just having a laugh but no, Damien said it again.

“Come on, mate. Take your shorts off.”

Breathing heavy and fast, Kurt got his kit off. He got naked with Damien in the changing rooms. Damien smiled and that same beautiful warm feeling rushed through Kurt’s body. Damien put his hand on Kurt’s arse, grabbed a feel of his arse then he smacked it real hard.

“Naughty boy, checking out my dick.”

“Mate, you don’t know how hard it’s been for me with you in the team.”

Kurt couldn’t believe he was actually saying that to Damien, telling him how he felt about him. He felt strange, as if this wasn’t actually happening. But it was.

Damien put his hand on Kurt’s arm.

“I do, mate. I do know how hard it’s been for you. It’s so obvious, the way you’ve been avoiding me, never looking at me, always talking to the other lads and not me.”

Kurt took a deep breath.

Damien stroked his arm. He could see that Kurt was embarrassed and also really sad.

“It’s ok, mate.”

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“What you sorry for? You can’t help the way you feel.”

“I…I love you.”

Damien laughed.

“Don’t be daft.”

Kurt hated himself for saying it.

“I’m just messing about.”

Damien knew he wasn’t just messing about.

“Come on then.”


“Let’s not waste any more time.”


“You want it, don’t you?”

Oh fuck, did Kurt want it!

Damien ran his fingers nice and gentle up and down the side of Kurt’s face.

Kurt took hold of Damien’s hand and gently pulled it away from his face.

“No, mate.”

“What’s up?”

“You don’t have to do this just because of the way I feel about you. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry.”

Damien put a finger on Kurt’s lips.


Kurt stopped talking. Just the touch of Damien’s finger on his lip made him feel really warm all over.

Damien told Kurt that he wasn’t gay but that he was one horny bastard.

“If there’s a boy who finds me sexy and that boy wants to have fun with my dick then I don’t see why I shouldn’t let that boy have fun with my dick. You know what I’m saying, mate?”


“Especially if he’s proper nice like you.”

Kurt’s cock was harder than it had ever been. Damien looked down and saw all the pre-cum oozing out of Kurt’s cockhead. Kurt’s cock was feeling dead tender. It was aching like mad. He had to touch it.

Damien didn’t feel the same for Kurt but that was ok. He really really liked Kurt but he wasn’t in love with him like Kurt was in love with Damien. Damien knew how Kurt felt about him, as long as Damien knew how Kurt felt that’s all that mattered to Kurt.

Kurt’s head was spinning. He wanted to kiss Damien on those gorgeous thick ripe red lips. Damien must have been reading his mind. He brought his face close to Kurt’s face. Kurt could feel Damien’s hot breath on his face. He breathed in Damien’s gorgeous smell. Then Damien brought his lips closer and his lips touched Kurt’s lips.

Damien kissed Kurt on the lips. The two boys held each other, their naked bodies pressed together, their stiff hot cocks throbbing together, and they kissed. For Kurt it was like they were kissing forever. It was the most beautiful feeling ever, better than all the wanks he had ever had, better than any sex he had ever had with any boy, not that he had had all that much. This was better than getting pissed on a Saturday night. It was better than the biggest strongest spliff he had ever smoked. Being kissed on the lips by Damien gave him the best feeling he had ever, ever had. And he didn’t want it to stop.

Damien finally brought his lips from Kurt’s.

Kurt felt d***k. He felt stoned. He felt like he was floating. His cock was as hard as concrete and as hot as fire. His pre-cum had dribbled down the whole length of his throbbing cock. His smooth tight balls were soaking wet with the jizz that had spilled out of his cock because of that one kiss from Damien.

Kurt, he couldn’t explain how he was feeling just now. He felt sad but didn’t know why. It didn’t make sense. He wanted Damien so bad, that’s why he was feeling like this. He knew he could never ever have him like he wanted him. But for now, there was just the two of them naked in the changing rooms and their cocks were rock solid and it was good. No, it was fucking awesome.

Just hearing Damien say those words.

“Come on, mate. You can have me.”

Damien let him do whatever he wanted.

Kurt touched and felt Damien’s naked body all over. He wanted to touch and explore every single part of his beautiful body and breathe in the gorgeous smells. Damien was all hot and sweaty and hadn’t yet showered and Kurt just loved his smell.

It was like all Kurt’s Christmases had come at once. Damien let him touch his cock. He let him play with his cock. He let him wank him off. And he let him suck him off. Kurt had to pinch himself when he had Damien’s cock in his mouth. Kurt had sucked cock before but this was more than just having another boy’s cock in his mouth. This was …he had no words to describe it. Having Damien’s cock in his mouth made him feel so close. This was so intimate and intense.

Damien sprawled himself out on the bench and he let Kurt lie on top of him. Damien’s body was warm and hard underneath Kurt and their hot dicks were rubbing together. The two boys rolled over and they rolled off the bench on to the floor, rolling and twisting on the floor naked, arms and legs entwined, naked bodies hot and sweaty, hard cocks slapping and rubbing together. Kurt kissed Damien’s naked body all over.

Damien stood up with his legs spread and his hips pushed forward, his back arched, hands by his side, and Kurt got down on his knees. He held the thick shaft of Damien’s dick and took the dripping head into his mouth. He sucked the cock of the boy he was in love with. Damien’s cock swelled up big and hot in Kurt’s mouth. Kurt’s hands were on Damien’s arse as he loved up the hot cock with his lips and his tongue, sucking the juice out of it. It was the most intense experience ever.

Damien got on all fours on the floor. Kurt got on his knees behind him, put his hands on his waist and he got his face in between those hard bum cheeks, breathed in the wonderful aroma of Damien’s arse and his balls from behind. And Kurt licked Damien’s arsehole and he rubbed his cock into the crack of his arse. Kurt’s hot wet dick touched Damien’s bum, his bell-end pressed up against his arsehole.

Kurt spread those hard soft-skinned bum cheeks and he pushed real hard and his dick went inside him. Kurt made love to Damien. He shagged him up the arse, fucked him and it was like nothing else in the world mattered. This is what it was all about. This is what made life worth living. Kurt shagged Damien and it was the most intense moment of his life as he fucked his cock in and out of Damien’s tight arse. Fucked Damien up the arse. Slammed his prick hard into his tight arse.

Kurt was hunched over Damien as he fucked him on the floor, his chest pressed into Damien’s back, one hand sliding up and down over Damien’s chest, his other hand wanking him off, kissing him on the back of the neck and saying those words as he fucked him.

“I love you, Damien. I love you.”

Damien threw his head back. This was a completely new experience for him. He had never been wanked off by another boy before, never been sucked by another boy before, never been fucked up the arse before. He was loving every second of it.
“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, mate!”

Kurt’s cock, it was rammed tight up Damien’s bum. All those nights lying in his bed thinking about him, wanking over his dirty thoughts and now his cock was buried deep inside him and he fucked all his deep love into Damiens arse.

"Oh mate! I’m cumming! Cumming! Oooh!”

Damien. The fittest lad on the team, the lad who Kurt had had so many wank fantasies over. He finally got to have him. He came inside him, his cock squirting endless jets of cum inside him, the most deep and profound orgasm he had ever had, Damien’s cock spunking gallons of jizz in his hand.

Kurt and Damien, they went to shower and the water washed away the cum from Damien’s arse just as the other lads in the team started pouring into the changing rooms.

© 2012 Robbie Webb

The above story is taken from my Kindle book
FITTEST LAD ON FOOTIE TEAM & other football stories, available on Amazon

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