The 'Click' of the cage

“Are you going to get up some time today?” My wife questioned.

It was a Saturday morning and I was sl**ping in as usual after a hard week before. I started to rouse as she plopped on the bed next to me and softly rubbed my back, attempting to revive me from the long night sl**p.

“Come on I have a gift for you and I want you to open it,” she spoke with a hint of excitement in her voice.

“What is it?” I yawned not yet completely to my senses, but still wondering if I had missed a key date such as an anniversary or birthday.

“You’ll have to get up to see,” she persisted pleasantly patting my back.

I gradually rolled over and lay on my back as my eyes opened to find her next to me. “Ok where is it?”

“Well if you’re going to be that way about it, I just might not give it to you,” she grumped frustrated by my reaction. “Go brush your teeth and do your business and when you come back, I’ll give it to you.”

“Is it worth it,” I quizzed rolling my eyes as I realized it could not be much as valentines was in February and we weren’t there yet, my birthday was months away and our anniversary was following that so it had to be something small.

“You just have to wait and see. Now, hop to and go do as I said or you’ll regret it soon enough,” she flirted squeezing my balls to get me going and awakening me with a shot of panic.

“Hay,” I exclaimed with a bit of shock.

“Well do what I ask and I promise you won’t be disappointed,” staring me in the eyes with intimidation.

“Alright, I’m up,” I replied as I rolled out of bed and stumbled naked off to the bathroom.

When I returned she had sheeted the bed with the comforter folded neatly on the floor and only the pillows and fitted sheet remained. Without time to speak she swooped the present off the dresser and danced it over to me holding it out in her hand. The sheer red paper matched the short silk robe she had on that much I observe as she moved towards me. She always looked sexy in that robe and I never failed to notice and neither did my lower libido.

I hardly could believe my eyes as I opened the gift my wife had just presented me. It was something I had only read about and seen in pictures, but I couldn't have imagine my wife even knowing what it was let alone purchasing it with the intent to use it. Yet here it was lying in a smartly wrapped box as a gift to me and my erotic imagination, my very own CB3000 chastity device.

The surprise stirred my mind and my firmness frenzied, vulnerably exposed to her view as I hadn’t the time to dress before she dropped this bomb on me. I’m sure she knew this would be a clear way of judging my reaction to her present and what a reaction that was. My thorn throbbed at the thought of being locked inside such a constricting confines. “Next Friday your mine,” she whispered in my ear sending a dominate tingle down my spine.

“Why not tonight,” I whimpered as it had already been a few days since our bodies had intertwined and the thought of no release for yet another week caused my wild worm to weep.

“You so cute,” she coddled tapping my rod timidly as you would the head of a little boy. “But, in order to prepare you I think we better curb you masturbatory habits and allow you to stock up on a supply of your satisfaction for the week. No, I want you good and ready for release. As we wouldn't want you losing control and accidently spilling your seed before hand,” she then reached into the box and set the device on the palm of her hand for me to admire. “I bought this to assure your obedience. You said you wanted to try new things and now's your chance.”

It had been a few weeks since I told her that all my life I had been a chronic masturbator enjoying at least one if not more cums a day. That was up until this year, I was deep into porn which fueled my habit, but I had told myself 2012 would be different. It was my 20th anniversary and I pledged to make this year about her and only her. The first month I was strong using my erection only for sex, but as the year wore on I had brokered a deal with my dick that I would jerk it just as long as I could deny its delight and save my superb pleasure for inside her.

This lead to agonizing endless edging sessions which I’ll admit allotted in failure a few times whether they be a full rich enjoyable orgasms or a intense ruined releases that left me writhing for delight. Either way 20 alone for the year was a heck of a lot less than 365 plus, so I felt rather proud of myself but the guilt of the porn that crept back in my life let me know that I had to share my struggle with her or risk falling back into the dark pity of dirty lust. I had mustered the courage and shared my shame with her and found a rather accepting response. She had been much more vocal about her sexual pleasures and the gift indicated she was much more open to playing games that would energize our sex life.

“Honey, I don't know,” I said with much trepidation.

“Don't be shy dear. You told me you wanted this and so it's time accept what you so desperately need.” She convinced.

“It’s not that I don't want it,” I paused attempting to craft a response that said a week more wait was a bit excessive without trying to appear selfish and unappreciative. “It’s just that it has been a few days already.”

“And you want a release before I cage your little b**st and make it ache for a week more.” She continued my thought as if reading my mind.

“Well, that would be nice,” I confirmed.

“It would wouldn't it,” she played along. “I suppose since the k**s are all away at friends this morning, I can accommodate one last release before week begins, but you’ll do it on my terms. And if you so much as show any disobedience,” her demeanor distorted devilishly, “I'll lock you in your cage for three months, before I even consider letting you touch your cock again. Understood!!”

Her dominance d****d over me and my gaze dropped to her feet as I submissively responded, “understood.”

“Now, fetch me your ring,” she insisted.

Also over the past year as I had struggled to restrain my desire and in an effort to withhold I purchased a small rubber cock ring with a leather harness to help contain the batter of my bull while I joyfully jerked. It was made to help me hold out and assisted in saving me from surging over the side when I was so into stroking. Most of the time it did just that and in addition made for a firm erection which filled my hand. I had also shared this with her since she demanded no secrets at the confession of my carnal urges. She was letting me know that this was no longer a private little plaything.

I handed her my ring, a shameful reminder of my lustful indulgence. She studied it a bit before passing it back to me and ordering, “Put it on.”

I did as she demanded, fitting it to my form for her to inspect, before she began to play with my nipples until my rod had reached a rigid state, dancing around in its desire to be touched. “Ew, we like that don't we?”She mocked, intensifying her torment with light pinching and twisting of the tips until I uncontrollably reached for me wonton wand. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” she scolded as she smacked my hand away brazenly. “You would like that wouldn't you?” She sexily scowled. “To stroke for my beautiful body?” now untying the silk sash of the kimono she wore.

The robe fell open to reveal her creamy white skin and my eyes traced the Line from her neck through the gentle divide of her cleavage, across her soft belly to the button before noticing the silkiness of a surprisingly smooth shaven slit. As long as we'd been together she sported a thick pelt but I had always fantasized to feel the flush flesh of her fold and look upon her beauty without blemish. My wish granted a sight of seer astonishment that stirred my a****listic appetite and my heaving hardness hopping in its horniness.

“You like?” she query as my cock convulsed. “Would you like a closer look, my pet” she played while the robe d****d from her shoulder and slid off to display her complete nakedness.

“Yes, Yes, Yes pppplease,” I stuttered like a naive school boy seeing his first naked woman.

“You may kneel,” she sanction with a sexy cynical snicker.

“Thank you” indebted to her present.

“Mistress!” she accentuated. “You may call me mistress,” Cupping her breasts with her hands and gently giving a lift while letting her fingers lightly roll over her peaks. She gazed off nonchalantly, showing a carriage of confidence, command and control.

My eyes fell from the display above to the beautiful bloom that has begun to break open and pretty pink labia that peeked out for me to peer upon. I could hardly control my hand from wrapping my fist around my firmness and fondling my form. She slowly with much superiority slid a hand down her sexy body and slipped the center two fingers down the slit before spreading them, opening up her aura and allowing me to gaze at its glory.

The scent of her sex filled my mind as I deeply drew in breath from the life bearing fruit causing me to quiver at the thought of consuming her quim. “Does it smell nice, pet?” she posed powerfully playing the part she had assumed.

“Oh, yes mistress,” I hesitated a second before asking, “May I taste it.”

“Not yet my naughty boy,” she could hear my anticipation and wanted to inflame it before sanctioning a sample. “Rise,” she instructed and as I stood she push me to the bed causing me to fall on the edge jutting my hips forward to provide her ample access to my extremity. Pressing up between my leg she pinned my rod against me and reach up to pinch and pull firmly my nipples once more commanding, “No cumming until I order it so. Got it?”

“Yes mistress,” I timidly replied.

She then took a firm grasp on my manhood and made the mushroom massage her magical mound. I watch as she stood over me sighing as she used me to fan the flames of her femdom power, working her way down till the head sat at the wet well of her want. “Be very careful to control,” she hissed as she slowly sunk onto my solid staff, taking it ever so slowly and effortlessly into her well lubed loins. Mere second seemed like hours as inch by inch I was inserted until she took me all the way to my balls.

“Feel my pleasure wrapped around your rod,” she enriched with emphasis, “and know you won't again for a week.”

“Mmmmm, yes mistress,” I moaned as my mind melted in its own little world while the walls of her hotness wringed my riches.

Seeing me escape in the exquisiteness of the experience she was quick to reinf***e her rule, “Control your cock or risk it being a lot longer.” We were nowhere near ending and she would not be happy if I lost it so soon.

“Yes, your greatness,” I awoke to her alert and salvaged my self control.

She soon began to rock on my rod causing me to feel the pleasure deep in her delight. I was so hot and horny from the intense teasing that I could barely contain my cream and when she began to slide off and on my shaft at an excruciatingly slow pace I found myself begging to be let loose.

“Stay still and focus!” she instructed, feeling me trembling within her as I attempted to prolong the performance.

“Yes mistress,” I managed to relay, battling back with a longing to last.

“It won't be long now before you’re tucked away unable to enjoy my pussy's pleasure,” she taunted intimidating, “Tell me when your close.”

“As you wish my queen,” I consented, resigning to her reign.

It wasn't long before I was struggling to sustain from shooting my load, yearning to empty my clip into her treasured tease.

“I can't hold it,” I cried and she swiftly slid back and off my bone letting me settle from the edge.

She fetched the silken sash and tied my wrist before ordering, “On the bed.” She then attached my wrists to the foot board post and had me slewed across the sheets stretching my feet towards the opposite corner. Climbing up next to me she began teasing my torsos treats with her tongue and teeth, taking long slow strokes followed by gentle nibbles. Before long she was harassing both in tandem using her mouth with one while the other twitched in her finger tips causing my body to ache for her fucking as I thrust aimlessly into the open air.

“Oh honey fuck me,” I whined and she bit down on my nip with intensity, for I was so lost in my lustful delight that I neglected the respectful title she had commanded. The pain caused me to yelp as I quickly attempted to retract my request “forgive me mistress.”

She gnawed on it tighter and painfully pulled away until the tip raked over her teeth and broke free. “Oh I'm done with fucking your cock,” she spouted with a giggle as she brushed her fingers roughly over both of my nipples.

She could see the terror in my eyes as I pondered her denying my desired release. “Don't worry,” she spoke in a very sexy tone “I have plenty of other ways to provide for your need,” her tongue began to sway sensuously sliding over her lips and slowly darting in and out of her mouth as if to say it hungered for my manly meat and the magical milk it would make.

I fell into a slight stupor dreaming of her taking me into her mouth and sucking me dry. Never had I been so privileged, her naughtiness was so arousing and the insinuations she was expelling had me teetering on the edge.

“Right now my nasty boy, I want you to prove you're worth what I'm working for,” she spoke supremely as she rose up, turn towards my feet and straddled my chest, providing an awesome view between her legs. Slowly descending she demanded “kiss my ass and demonstrate your desire to do as I delight.”

She squatted over me lowering the beautiful backside to my embrace and before she could sit I lifted my head as far as I could to meet her majesty and communicate her control. I pressed my lip deep between her cheeks till they lay pressed against her precious power, embracing it firmly consenting to her control and conveying my craving to comply with her command.

My lips soon parted and my tongue slowly extended to savor the flavor of her superiority mixed with my humiliation. “Mmmmm, That's it my ass licker, service me and show how much you want my mercy on your horny little hard on, to allow its release.”

I moaned as I pierced my oral appendage into her anal orifice expressing my honor to be under her in such a submissive act. “Oh yes, rim your rich reward you nasty ass wipe. Dine on my dominance.” She was getting hot in her hold over me and soon took complete control as the crack of her ass consumed my face and belittled my breath beneath her.

The intoxication of the intensely lustful act was overwhelming; I was so taken aback by her overbearing I failed to realize she held control over my airway. I continued to tongue her treat feverishly before my body beckoned for breath. I could hear her giggle as I began to squirm under her seat aching for air. Carelessly she leaned forward offering me the much needed oxygen while she intensified my arousal with a long slow lick of my shaft. I returned my concentration on her ass expressing my delight as I began to believe she would soon be sucking me to satisfaction.

Shockingly she sat back up burying my face beneath her butt, holding me there once again, smothering me longer this time until I was begging for breath. And once again she casually leaned forward for me to inhale as this time she traced slow circles with her tongue over the head of my horn.

“Oh thank you mistress,” I gasped.

“Back in my ass,” she bellowed As she f***ed my face into her fanny for yet a third time pressing harshly on my jaw to make me open wider, extending my tongue deeper into dark delicacy of her dominion. She took her time once more loitering till my lungs languished before gifting me with air while she pressed her precious lips to my lusty loins and lured me to thrust, brightly backing off and burying me under her booty once more.

She continued the teeter totter torment and tease for a long time torturing me as she smothered, smashed and sat on my face before the intense teasing of her oral arousal like none my cock hard ever felt before. I could tell she was enjoying her efforts as her delight drooled down between her legs and coated my lips and tongue which were affixed to her tremendous triumph. I continually lapped away at the lewd little hole, imparting my obedience, as I attempted to convince her I required relief.

I nearly passed out in the end as suffering a sustained sit that stretched the bounds of my breath but was brought back with bewilderment by her downing my dick deep into her throat wrapping her lips firmly round the base of my shaft before leisurely ascending to the apex, popping it out like a sucker to a sex crazed school girl.

“Now,” she avowed, “I need to cum and since your cock couldn't last to my liking I’m going to give you tongue a try.” She thrust back her hips offering the dripping wet want to oral.

I wasted no time in wading into the precious pool, licking the lips of her lust the blossom bloomed open inviting me to feast on the soft silken purse of her pleasure. My tongue darted and dash around in her dampness developing the desire she demanded. Almost immediately she cooed uncontrollably, “oh you’re so good at eating my pussy, I don't know why I don't keep you at it all the time…Fuck yes,” she exclaimed as I slid my tongue firmly up the inner wall and out on a hunt for the hot button of her hooch. I was quick in my search and soon wiggled over the nest of her nook sending shocking sensations through her body.

“Oh yes, suck that clitty you cunt licking fuck,” as she f***ed it down firmly.

My lips seized her stockade sucking it in and she let out a squeal. “Fuck yes,” she howled as I licked the tip of my treasure taking her to top edge of her orgasm. I started the engine of her excitement as l blew bubbles over the bulb. “Oh yeeesss...Fuck yeeesss,” She screamed as her hips shifted to high and she fucked at my face “oh, oh, oh,” she screeched as she squirted a cum harder than she ever had before. It flushed into my mouth as she nearly broke my jaw driving my tongue deeper. She continued her inaudible squeaks as jets of her juices covered my chin and chest while she bucked and fucked away fabulously fulfilling her fancy.

She continued to convulse and pulse her pussy over my oral prong for an intensely long time before tears of joy began to flow from her face and her breath came back. She then started to giggle with glee as her body began to glow from the greatness of the gloriously experience. She quickly climbed off falling to bed into ball. “Wow…oh wow…fuck wow,” She laid there in a daze for what seemed like forever before folding out like a butterfly bursting from a cocoon. “That was fucking amazing,” she smiled, “now let’s talk about your needs.”

“Do you need to cum too” she mischievously murmured causing my cock to stir.

“Oh yes! Please yes! Fuck yes! May I mistress?” I elated.

“Oh but you're not even hard,” she goaded giving me a tinder tug. “I think you want it more than you need it, don't you.”

I ponder the question hesitating answering as I was unsure what to say that would help my situation.

“And you told me weeks ago your darkest desire was to be denied your delight, driven beyond breaking until your cock cries for release, drooling with need at the very thought of me fucking you. So I am left wondering if your want to cum is it just a plea of pleasure,” as she placed the small plastic cage on my belly.

I could not respond as mind was spinning with the thought of being locked away without spilling so much as a drop.

“So I ask you again do you want to cum or is it that you really, really want to be denied?” she solicited. Before I could speak she continued on, “I mean if you really wanted to cum wouldn't you have done so when I was fucking your cock or even more when I was sucking your dick desirably?” casting doubt on what I willed.

Again I pondered not wanting to let go of my chance to cum but aching for her continued control.

“Let's face it your being ruled by your little head and you'd really love it if I locked you away until you leaked with the anticipation of my pussy sliding down your dick and drawing out your delight. So which do you to purge you of your pleasure now making for a poor performance next Friday… or are you going to allow me to fulfill your inner fantasy to have you hot and bothered for the best burst of your life next week,” she posed puckishly.

“Denial,” I stammered silently.

“Oh, are you sure?” She impishly served.

“Yes mistress,” I played back still shy in my response.

“Then I want to hear you say it,” she tested. “Tell me you really, really want me to deny you tonight.”

“I really, really want you to deny me tonight,” I hesitantly repeated, letting the word wash over me.

“Are you certain?” she examined once more whimsically.

“Yes mistress,” I fortified my resolve.

“Say it once more,” she insisted.

“I really, really want you to deny me tonight,” carrying a little more confidence.

“That wasn't so bad now was it?” she tittered teasingly.

“No mistress,” I distressing responded expecting her then to lock me away for the week.

She surprisingly took the cage from my belly and set it back on the night stand. Then turning her attention back to me slowly began to tease my member as she flicked her finger gingerly over the tip of my right nipple till I filled her fist firmly. “I feel so much better now that I can continue not feeling guilty about forcing you to hold out because you told me that is what you really want,” she said with a sassy smile. “So you’re not to cum this week no matter how hard I push you and if you do lose control I'll have to punish you by locking you up as long as I determine you deserve. Agreed,” she questioned accenting it with a sensuous twist to my nipple.

“Yes mistress,” I responded shutting my eyes as I enjoyed the superb stimulation. Truth is I would have agreed to anything as I was sloshed by her soft slow stroking.

“Good boy.” She stated patting my baton and balls.

She then stepped behind me and untied my wrists before ordering me, “go get cleaned up, but don’t take too long.”

“As you wish mistress,” I agreed as I jumped to my feet and hurrying off.

I complied quickly washing my face and chest before brushing my teeth and reaching for the door knob, as I opening the bathroom door to rush out I was greeted by her standing at the entrance, waiting with the look of impatients.

“Forgive me mistress,” I was quick to account for my delay but she heeded no mind, as she swiftly slipped her arms around my head and swooped in for a passionate kiss. The embrace was electrifying. She pressed against me pinning my baton to my belly before gyrating her hips and heating up my hard on to it full extent, as she sucked on my lower lip lustfully.

It was almost as if she was another person from the dominatrix I had left a moment ago. This was a horny hot woman of passion and she was sending off intense signals of fuck me now. I figured she had finished playing games and wanted me to plow her precious pasture as I reached around to grab her ass greedily giving it a squeeze before lifting one of her leg to open her up and position my prong to plunge inside.

She promptly powered over me and pressed down so that she sat her sopping slit on top of my shaft knowing I could not be naughty and nestle it into her how she had it.

I returned her kisses with equal energy as my hand cupped her breast and I teased her trying to goad her into giving me permission to put it in. Passionately I cared for her ear lobe as I whispered “you’re so wet.”

“I know,” she breathed. “Does it make you horny having me wash your wand with it?”

“Oh yes, baby. I wish I could fuck you right now,” hoping she would succumb to the urges.

“I wish I could fuck you too,” she heatedly responded. “But it’s not what you really want,” as she slowly stepped back showing she was not as finished with me as I thought.

I was overcome with urges and I attempted to follow her clamoring on for her to cave. My hands m*****ing her mounds as I made it evident I wanted her.

“Are you going to be disobedient?” She razzed knowing that I would quickly conform to the submissive slave she had been toying with early rather than risk three months without so much as an erection.

“That’s better,” she said, taking my leash between my legs and leading me back to bed. She then lay back across it like and angel to be adored, letting her legs hang from the side to expose my dream inches from the head of my arrow.

Propping herself up on some pillows she started to direct, “now I need you to be horny.”

“Oh I already am mistress,” surging to set myself on her slit.

“Yes but are mad for me. I want to drive you so insane with want till you'd do anything I imaging to be inside me and you can start with stroking yourself for me,” harassing hotly. “You've told me you like to touch it and tease it so now I want to watch as you pretend that your hands are mine and no matter how much I jerk it you just cannot get off because no matter how close you come I get slower and slower until I stop at the edge compelling you to crave the exquisite eruption while denying you the necessary finish that will f***e you over.”

My eyes glossed over as she took control and my hands moved to her mandate, molding with my member and massaging it magically.

“That's it jerky boy, toy with it,” she prodded with sexy supremacy. “Take it nice and slow, I don't want you to edge to soon. I want to see the stamina you have to sustain your service to me.”

She then slowly started to toy with her tits, pressing them together as she kindly combed the peaks with her fingers. “Oh, what dirty little mind you have to want to masturbate for me while you watch me play with my titties. I bet you'd like to lay your cock on my chest and have me wrap your rod with my rewards.”

“Oh yes mistress,” I strained. “I'd love to fuck your titties.”

“Have me squeeze them around you and then pump up and down your dirty little dick,” She drove the image deep into my mind.

“Oh yeah, you make me so horny mistress.” I coursed.

“Oh yeah, I can see you starting to speed up,” she spurred, turning up my Tempo. “You'd like to bang my breasts wouldn't you?”

“Fuck yeah,” I sighed.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as she started to pinch and pull on her nipples. “You make me feel so naughty to tease my titties.”

In shock and awe I watched when she then slid one of her hands down her body resting it between her thighs. Her legs spread wider as she pet her prestige playfully, letting her fingers lightly linger over her lovely pink line. She pressed them in and forked open the fold, feeding eyes with a sight that surged my stroking. Boldly she began to bring her fingers together and bury then into the burrow, swirling them in the sap of her stimulus before bring them up to coat her clitty with the cream.

She ow'd and ah'd erotically as she continue to play with herself peeking out to peer at me pounding away at my pecker, building up as I intently watch the arousing burlesque.

I could feel my balls beginning to beg and my hand shifted down and started to slow as I felt the eminent edge emerging. I soon was softly slipping my finger tips over my blazing b**st as it beckoned to be set free. I struggled and strained to subdue my secretion before having to stop completely or risk losing control. My hands continued their advance rising from my frothy form to nuzzle and nest on my nipples causing me to thrust absent-mindedly anguishing to enter her.

“Hunger for my lions you lusty fuck,” She accented in a sultry slur. “Is it hot and bothered to be in me?” As she now drove her digits in and out of her damp divide. “Does it want to fuck me hard and fill me up with f***e?”

Heated by the hint of having her, my hand returned to my rod and began it barrage once more as she reached out with her spare hand to tweak my trigger.

“Oh, I want to be fucked,” she groaned, and I quickly clamored to copulate, but found her hearth full and her fingers f***ed deep. Opening her eye she spied my struggle and briskly berated “I didn't mean by you of course,” taking a second to sigh again with satisfaction before instructing “fetch my box from the bed stand drawer you dirty minded dunce. Oh, eww yes,” she continued to take pleasure before realizing I’d released my rod to run off. “Did I say to stop stoking?” She shamed me into subjection, and I swiftly started again to service myself while working my way to her wish.

She continued to endear her entrance as I found her smooth stained wooden box waiting in the drawer like she had said. I noticed the carved karma sutra symbol on top and knew what lay inside would be a special addition to her enjoyment. Gathering it up I rush back to present the present, holding the box in one hand and my manhood in the other.

Escalating herself to the edge, “Get on your knees you nasty fuck,” she commanded with eager to enjoy her award. She broke open the box while beginning, “oh, I need a cock to fuck and since yours is otherwise occupied I bought this for just such an occasion.” She then passed me a phallic seven inch crystal glass dildo with small blue bumps along the shaft. “Fuck me with it,” she ordered as she threw herself back onto the pillows. “Fuck me, hard and deep,” Impetuously pulling herself open wide for me to slide it inside.

Over-excited by the scene, I had to stop stroking or I’d to squirt, reaching yet another intense edge, as I fumbled feverishly to fulfill her demand.

“Now!!”she ordered annoyed with the delay, as she grabbed the gourd and greased it into her gap.

I proceeded to push, inserting it with easy into her well lubed loins. Powerfully, I posting it all the way before I began pistoning it in and out of her puss. The signs of her excitement showed I was doing right as she began to pant profusely. I could tell it wouldn’t take a prolonged pounding for her to pop.

Lowering her hand to the hold of her hot lustful lava, she laid aid to the bombardment of her Bliss, briskly brush the button of her bounty, begging it to bring forth the froth of fulfillment, aching to erupt just as she had earlier. “Mmmmm, it's cumming,” she cried. “Faster...fuck me faster!”

I turn it up and soon was slamming the stone so fast you could hardly see it strum in and out of her. My hands were full with my cock in one and hers in the other both beating together to her breaking point.

“Oh yes! Yes!” she screeched hitting a high note as it sprayed out showering me with the sap of her satisfaction. “Oh yes!”

I was riding the edge when her delight drizzled my dowel, lubing me up to last a few seconds longer before I had to break me fist away to prevent my envy from overwhelming me as I fell forward into the final eruption of her intensity. It coated my lips and tongue which I savored as I struggled to hold back the boiling beuke, beseeching me to burst from my balls.

She then took hold of the hot poker that had incited the insatiable incident and sliding it from her sheath, glazed in her greatness, slipped it in for me to suck and mix with the majestic mire she had dominantly deposited in my mouth. She then relished in the radiance of the rich relaxation, moaning and murmuring her merriment.

I purged the plaything of her powerful potion, licking and sucking it before swallowing the swill of her satisfaction as if needing the nectar to necessitate my life. I then turned my attention to the drooling dish of delight which was sprawled out mere inches away, lapping against the gaping greatness gracefully.

“No! no! no!” she squirmed wiggling away. “I can't take any more,” she gasp, “not now anyway.” She sat up and looked down at me still kneeling before her, my hand still seized around my size stroking it slowly encouraging yet another edge.

“You have one horny cock,” she smiled.

“Thank you mistress,” I responded enriched by her admiration.

“Stand up here,” she instructed and I complied. Without word she held out her hand and laid my length on it, as an offering of obedience. She caressed it caringly pressing the palm up and down while she tugged it tenderly. “Did you enjoy this evening as much as me?” She inquired lingering her long slow strokes.

“Oh yes mistress,” I exasperated, aroused by her fondling.

Turning up the heat on my harness, she firmed up her grip while using her other hand to tease the tip of one of my nipples. “Tell me once more what you really want,” she said in her sultry seductive voice working to see if I would wane in my resolve.

Straining to maintain from the fiery fringe of fountaining my fizz, I managed to moan, “I... really...really...want...” Her stroking surged and she clamped my nipple in her fingers forcing me to reconsider my option. My member cried cum while my mouth deplored “denial.”

She suddenly stopped causing me to convulse as my body boiled at the brink of its breaking. She wrapped her arms around my neck and brought my face to her bosom, comforting me with care as she caresses my coller and head. “There, there dear, it’s ok,” she soothed as I sobbed in my straining. “If that is what you really want.”

I felt as if my heart was going to beat its way from my chest, my pulse ran faster than ever and I puffed away until I could settle back from the brim. I then regained my stance.

She spied a bead of my battle that had bubbled to the surface sitting on the slit of my stiffness. Reaching out she placed her pointer on the peak and painting it across the spot, soaking it up. “We wouldn't want to waste this now, would we” she trifled taking it to my mouth for me to mop.

I opened and accepted the offering as she slipped the finger inside and wiped it over my tongue to taste.

“Mmmmm, nummy you nasty little cum sucker,” she toyed. “Now fetch me small cup of ice and be quick about it.”

Scurrying off I asked, “would the mistress like water with it.”

“No, that won't be needed,” She gleamed.

When I returned I handed her the cup and she took out a piece placing the rest on the night stand before she reached back, grabbed my gear and without warning began to clean it with the cube.

I shrieked and squirmed as she subjected me to the cold causing her to solidify her grip on my groin. “Stay still and this will soon be over,” she admonished.

The ice melted on my manhood which reduced its rigidness and caused it to shrink and shrivel until it lied limp in her hand. She then cracked open the cage and fitted over my flaccid foul, standing back to admire her artistry. “There now that wasn't so bad, was it?”

“No mistress,” I swallowed humbled before her, my head bowed.

She lifted my eyes to hers smiling as she sought solace in her reward. “It is what you wanted, right?”

“Yes mistress,” I resigned, knowing that although I’d given up a great deal tonight next Friday would be wildly wonderful.

“Then smile and show me your excitement,” she said as she kissed me and introduced me to the confines of her control.

I swelled unable to achieve erection which elicited a grimace with a groan.

“Oh, I suppose it will take some time to get used to,” She smirked as our lips separated.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” she turn and snatched the lock and key. “This will make sure you don't cheat this week,” she stated as she slipped the chain around her neck letting the key crown her cleavage before positioning the padlock. “Maybe I should pull you out once again,”she hesitated seeming to ponder the thought of playing with me more, as sex oozed from her lips locking them to mine making my rod rebound against the resistance.

“Ah, too late,” she sarcastically snickered, as the sound of my surrender reverberated in the room ‘CLICK’.

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2 years ago
great work. loved your story.
2 years ago
Great tease and denial story. Thanks for sharing.