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Porn pet-peeves

1. Crucifixes and crosses being worn in between the tits.
A cross don't have any place between the tits or another area where you want to do the Wild thing. Let's just put it this way, when I see cleavage, I think Tittyfuck. When I see Cross, I think holy and off limits to anything dirty. When I see your sweaty breasts out I want to get dirty. I don't want to get struck by lightening for sacrilege.
There was a stripper I used to visit who had some of the most delicious set of jugs I ever saw. One day she thought it would be really cool to get to large cross tattoo between... Continue»
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Strip Clubs are starting to get lame

Some joints I'm realizing are becoming too cliche, some of the really high class ones especially. Most strip joints are just being modeled to be hang out spots instead of places where you want to get your socks blown. First off, I feel a strip club is supposed to be a place where you can please your dick or get smothered by a set of breasts. If I wanted a hang out spot, I'd go to a regular fucking bar or restaurant.

But most people are seeing nudie bars as legitimate hang out places like it was the TV show Cheers with tits. I don't want everyone to know my name, but I wa... Continue»
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Condoms don't protect against everything

They should have taught this stuff in high school health class. But most people see condoms as the ultimate cure all against all stds out there. Condoms mostly protect against hiv and aids but they don't offer much guard against the other stds like HSV1&2, Scabbies, and crabs.

For instance, HSV1/HSV2 (herpes) can still be contracted even when people wear a condom. Although HSV1 and 2 won't kill you, you will still get it for life. Usually when a person contracts it they would get an outbreak in the first few months and then have it subside. However it will stay with them after that an... Continue»
Posted by Ridemycock 2 years ago


Enough of all the fake ass profiles uploading stolen pictures already! Many people have signed up to xhamster and uploaded stole pictures of someone else and claimed that it was them. Many more have asked men on here to do "cum videos" of them. Tell me, why the hell would you even want someone to do a cum video of a pic that isn't even you?

What I suspect is that the so called "Female" member using the fake profile isn't even "Female" at all but just a dude with a small dick who's looking for revenge. Show some damned respect to people. If it isn't your picture then don't post it a... Continue»
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Eva Green's Beautiful Nipples

Eva Green has some of the best breasts and nipples I ever saw on film. When I first saw her in the Dreamers she had some of the sexiest large areolæ. I instantly fell in love. Most of all I respected her for being so gutsy for displaying them in a mainstream movie. Here is a woman who isn't ashamed of her body, and why should she be? She's a work of art.

Unfortunately Eva Green once said during an interview that there was a time when she googled her name and a discussion of her areolæ came up. She claimed the comments were pretty mean and she sadly vowed never to do it again. Even w... Continue»
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If you hate Cum Tributes

People are complaining about how stupid they think "tribute" videos are. Well the reason I use do them is because many beautiful women request them. Since I'm not some douchebag who rudely tells ladies to "No! Fuck Off!" I oblige and do these vids for the female requesting them to enjoy. Like I said, I'm here for fun and fun with others; I'm not here to ruin someone else's day. However if you're one of those types of people who hate "Cum Videos" try to use Xhamster's search engine more proficiently. Cum Videos like mine are often listed under the "Men" channel. So if you wanted to... Continue»
Posted by Ridemycock 3 years ago