An afternoon at the Mall

If you read my story "Sandy Comes to Visit Me" you will know that I finally was able to meet my friend Sandy, who was in town for a business meeting. You will recall that I had just graduated from the University and happily living as a woman, even though I still have my boy parts. You will also recall that I’m tall and slender, with long legs and a tight little bottom. I have longish sandy blonde hair and smaller breasts as I have only been on hormones for just a couple of years. All in all I am considered to be an attractive young lady.

Sandy is an incredibly spunky girl about my age, a stunning petite brunette with an awesome smile and a toned body. A perfect 10 in my book. Last night we finally met, and if you read my story, you know that we became lovers. After making love several times, we spent the night curled up in each others arms.

The next day Sandy had a business appointment, but promised to meet me for lunch. Meanwhile, I returned to my apartment, took a long bath, and relished in the warm glow of the memory of our evening. My thoughts then turned to our lunch and what to wear? It was growing warm outside, so I decided on a simple skirt, a plain cotton blouse and knee high socks with my black school girl shoes. I dressed, carefully applying my makeup. I put on some killer red lipstick, and pulled my long blonde hair back into a pony tail. I tied my hair back with a scrunchie and was off to lunch.

I had only waited a few moments at the café and in she walked-looking stunning in her pleated dark business skirt, white starched blouse and tailored jacket, with her hair pulled back in a professional way. Sandy had on hose and heels. She was not only very classy, but very, very pretty!

We chatted over lunch, occasionally brushing our hands against each other. We stared into each others eyes, laughed, and learned more about each other. At the conclusion of meal, Sandy announced that she was done with her business for the day but needed to pick up a few little things at the mall. I offered to help.

We arrived at the mall and immediately headed to one of my favorite stores, Victoria’s Secret. There is nothing unusual about two young ladies shopping together-is there? A nice clerk offered to assist us, introducing herself as Megan. Megan appeared to be around 35 and had a nice body and a pretty face. I whispered to Sandy that I thought Megan was wearing a push up, as her breasts appeared quite large. We decided that we would explore the store on our own, and declined Megan's offer to help.

Sandy and I browsed the offerings, holding up various bras, panties, and other silky delights, offering our opinions on what would look good on whom. I selected several panties and I found a dynamite bra that I knew would look awesome on Sandy. A wonderful pink pushup that would enhance her cleavage and gently encase her lovely breasts. Megan strolled over to us, having overheard our conversation, and concurred, asking if Sandy wanted to try it on. I blurted out “Yes, and I’m going to assist her” to which Megan gave me a wicked little grin and said “sure girls, I will show you the way to the fitting room.”

We entered the fitting room and Sandy slid the business suit off, exposing her tiny black panties and bra. I reached around her, unhooked her bra, and caressed her breasts momentarily. I then slid her panties and hose down, and "inadvertently" rubbed my fingers against her tender clitoris. In doing so, I elicited a slight moan from Sandy. Sandy slipped on the pink bra and I adjusted her straps, making sure it fit just right. Then she put on with the matching pink thong. Sandy twirled around, looking delicious.

I slipped out of my skirt and blouse and tried on a couple of items I had selected-a lavender bra and panty set. I looked at Sandy and saw how sweetly she was staring at my nearly naked form. I bent down to kiss her and our lips were soon all over each other. I caressed her back, her bottom, and soon was kissing my way down to her lovely breasts. I slid one finger inside her thong and began toying with Sandy’s hard clitoris. She did the same, stroking my boy parts through my panties. I moaned softly, enjoying the smell and taste of my lovely Sandy. I could also feel my boy part growing to its full eight inches. I continued caressing Sandy, and could feel her building, her hips now gently thrusting to meet the gentle strokes of my finger. Her nipples were hardening and her breath grew erratic as I continued my ministrations. Just as my dear was approaching her climax, there was a loud knock on the dressing room door, followed by the door being jerked suddenly open. Horrified, we both saw Megan standing there, hands on her hips, as she exclaimed “what is going on in here”.

I started to stutter something when Megan said in a firm tone-“you two little bitches have been naughty and must be punished. You will follow me to the store room”. Having no real choice in the matter, we gathered up our things and followed like puppies, embarrassed to have let our passion lead to this very compromising position. Megan led us back to the storeroom and locked the door behind us. Inside were all sorts of boxes and packages containing wonderful, silky soft things. Frankly, the store room was a girl’s dream.

Megan led me to a chair where I was quickly bound. Megan then slipped off my bra, exposing my firm breasts. My nipples were protruding due to the cool air and the intensity of the situation. Thankfully, Megan allowed me to keep my panties on, as I was still recovering from the dressing room play with Sandy. I was thinking, "my, she cannot discover my secret". Megan then led Sandy to a clothing rack and tied each of her wrists to the rack with silk panties. She then slid one hand down Sandy’s lovely backside to her pink thong and gently tugged it down Sandy’s firm legs. Megan quickly tied Sandy’s ankles, which she had spread shoulder width, exposing her cute bottom. Megan completed her work with a silk blindfold, leaving Sandy vulnerable, exposed, and unable to see.

Megan made a quick call on her cell phone, but I could not hear the conversation. The situation was now way out of control, and I was growing fearful, not only of being discovered, but what might happen to the two of us. After hanging up, Megan went to Sandy and began caressing her back, her bottom, her calves, and her tummy. I couldn’t see exactly where Megan’s hands were, but from Sandy’s low moan, suspected that Megan was playing with Sandy’s wetness. I saw Megan unbutton her own blouse and gently drop it to the floor. She then released her firm breasts from what I had properly guessed to be a push up bra and began rubbing her nipples against Sandy's back.

I heard the door open behind me and the heavy footsteps of what had to be a man. Megan briefly stopped teasing Sandy and retrieved an object from the visitor. Megan’s demeanor became somewhat more harsh, as she called out “you have been very bad, and you must be punished”. With that, Megan produced a small whip and began stroking Sandy’s firm bottom, gently at first, and then increasing with intensity. At the same time, the stranger approached me from behind and roughly applied a blindfold.

I was now bound and blindfolded. I was petrified by what was to come. I could hear the lashes, not brutal, mind you, just playfully applied to Sandy’s backside. I was wondering if I had the same treatment in store when I heard the stranger's pants unzip and felt what had to be his warm cock against my lips. “Open” he commanded, so I did what he wanted and took him into my mouth. He was not quite fully hard, yet filled my mouth. He roughly began sliding in and out between my red lips, commanding me to take him deeper. I could feel him harden and lengthen, growing in size beyond any that I had ever had. Soon he was completely hard and was having his way with my mouth. I could hear Sandy’s punishment continue, the light cracks of the whip across her beautiful bottom, all the while I was being used by some unknown intruder who now had his hands all over my perky breasts and was cruelly pinching my hard nipples. I thought to my self that if this guy would just come, we could get out of here and retreat to the safety of the mall.

After some time Sandy’s punishment stopped and I could hear Megan talk soothingly to Sandy. While I could not quite hear what Megan was saying, I could only imagine what Megan was doing-perhaps running her slender fingers in and out of Sandy-perhaps kissing her wetness? I didn’t know, as I was blindfolded and still being abused by the intruder who was now fully engorged.

The intruder untied my hands, and I hoped it was over. Instead, I was commanded to “lay over the chair, bitch” which I did. Given our compromising circumstances, I thought it best to be fully compliant with the demands of Megan and the stranger. I once again worried that the stranger might see my boy parts, so I quickly laid down on the chair, my bottom skyward and my hands and ankles near each leg of the chair. The silky bonds were soon roughly reapplied, after which the stranger jerked down my pretty panties, exposing my secret. “Hey Megan, we got something strange here” the intruder cried out” to which Megan replied “I know, but I thought you might enjoy a pretty little t-girl”. The stranger laughed and seemed to hesitate, then he ripped my panties off. I was exposed, horrified, and petrified about what might follow.

I sensed the stranger behind me, and expected the cruel slap of the whip that Megan had used on Sandy. Instead, I felt the tip of his hard cock against me. He pushed, commanding me to take him. I tried to relax as he pushed harder, sliding the head of his long thick cock inside of me. O my God that hurts! I winced, and a tear came to my eye as he pushed harder, sliding a little more of his large cock into me. As he did, I could hear Sandy moaning, a slurping sound coming from her direction. Meanwhile, the stranger began stroking in earnest, probing deeper with each stroke, searing my loins. As the intruder was roughly taking my bottom I heard Sandy cry out loudly as Megan had brought her to an intense climax. Sandy’s moans only encouraged the intruder, and his strokes became faster, deeper, and more wanton. One more long moan from Sandy sent the stranger over the edge, as he firmly gripped my slim hips and took one final plunge into me, burying his cock deep inside me. I felt him throbbing deep inside my loins, his sticky come flooding me. It seemed like forever that he stayed deep inside of me, pumping his seed into me. I had just been ravaged. I was humiliated and I hurt.

The stranger eventually pulled out of me, laughing at my predicament. He then called out to Megan "I think we need to let these two scared rabbits loose or take them home for good". More tears from me, and Megan relented, ordering the intruder to set us free I felt the bonds loosen and was able to stand up, with the stranger's come dribbling down my thighs. I heard him leave, and once again we were alone with Megan.

Megan ordered us to take off our blindfolds and gather our things. I looked at poor Sandy, who had welts all over her pretty bottom. She could see that my mascara had run from my tears. We promised Megan that we would never ever do anything so naughty as to fool around in her dressing room again. Our lesson learned, we dressed in silence, both of us wondering what had happened to the other. Megan became a sweet, helpful Victoria’s Secret clerk again, and offered to wrap up our selections. I gave her my card and gathered our colorful bags, and out the
store we went. Later that afternoon we would share a sip of wine and relate our experiences to each other.....
More to come.
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2 years ago
Wow that was more excitting than the first two stories i'm so hot and hard I'm goning to take care of me will be back