Sandy comes to visit me

If you have read any of my prior stories, you know that while I was born as a boy, I more closely resembled my mother and my older s****rs. I was the only boy in our f****y, and from a young age realized that I was destined to live as a girl. It started early in life, with me sneaking into my s****r’s rooms and admiring their pretty things. Later on, I actually began “borrowing” things from each of my s****rs. I lived in secret, ashamed that I was different.

When I graduated from high school, I moved to the big city to attend the University. I was fortunate, as my grandmother loved me dearly and provided for my education and my apartment. Grandma also supplied me with a generous allowance, thus allowing me to acquire an extensive wardrobe of sexy, sensual things.

After my first year of college I decided that I needed to be true to my inner feelings. I began hormone treatment therapy and my transformation. My skin grew soft, my blonde hair was growing longer, and my body, always slender, was growing fuller. My breasts had blossomed to sweet little b-cups and my nipples grew more sensitive every day. While I had grown infinitely more feminine, I still had my boy parts, which, when erect, had developed into a thick eight inches. I’m taller than most of my girlfriends, but most of my height is due to my long, firm legs. I blossomed in my new identity and for the first time in life, felt right.

I graduated from the University as a woman, even though I still had my boy parts, and went out into the world as a vibrant eager girl. I secured a good job in the city and continued to live in my apartment. I was content, but I was missing that special person in my life.

I stumbled onto xhamster one night, and on a whim, registered. When it requested my gender, I selected “female” as that is who I felt I was. I enjoyed the social aspect of xhamster as well as the wonderful videos and pictures. I finally got up the nerve to post a few of myself.

One day, I met this most intriguing young lady on xhamster-Sandy-and began chatting with her. She was beautiful. A smile that lights up the room, long brown hair, a gorgeous body that was slim and petite. Her breasts were outstanding and her bottom to die for. From her video “favorites”, I suspected that she might like girls as well as other naughty things.

Sandy and I soon became close friends. I told her almost everything about me- where I worked, those people in my life, and my hopes and dreams. I too learned, little by little, about my dear Sandy. She was funny, outgoing, but yet reserved. Perhaps it was because I was holding back my greatest secret that caused Sandy to be so reserved at times.

I logged on one night, hoping to chat with my dear friend. There is was-a private message from Sandy that I read with absolute delight:
“My dear Ricki: My employer has asked me to attend a conference in your city in two weeks. Would you have some free time to meet? If so, I will schedule a few extra days in the city. It would be fun to meet you and to spend some girl time together. Kisses, Sandy.” My heart skipped a beat at the thought of finally meeting my dear friend. “OMG YES” I wrote back, and soon our plans were set.

Sandy arrived on a Sunday, checked in to the Fairmont, and called. I had taken a long bath and was dressed, as we planned to have drinks and a light dinner. I had slipped on a casual skirt, a cotton blouse, and of course, one of my favorite bras and sheer little panties. Knee high socks completed the outfit. I touched up my makeup and skipped out the door to meet my mysterious friend.

I walked into the Fairmont bar and recognized Sandy immediately. My God, she was even more beautiful than her pictures. A drop dead gorgeous smile, warm brown eyes with just a hint of mischievousness to them, and wonderful long brown hair that cascaded past her shoulders. I knew it had to be Sandy. I confidently walked over to her and introduced myself. We shared a drink and soon were chatting like long lost c***dhood friends. I learned more about her life, her f****y, her work, and her interests. It turns out that she was a fitness nut too, and we hit it off.

Our conversation flowed during dinner as we made plans for the next day. I didn’t want the night to end, and I don’t think Sandy did either. After dinner, Sandy invited me up to her room for a nightcap.
We retired to Sandy’s room and opened a bottle of wine. As we sat and sipped our wine, I felt this overwhelming urge to kiss Sandy. I stared into her brown eyes and was mesmerized by this incredibly gorgeous creature. I was under her control. Sandy looked up at me and asked if something was wrong. No, I replied, it is just that I so wanted to kiss you and didn’t know if I should. Sandy soon took charge, and wrapped her arms around my neck. She smelled so good and it felt wonderful to feel her pressed against me. We kissed, hesitantly at first, with Sandy clearly in charge of the evening. Her tongue probed my mouth and our hands caressed each other’s cheeks. I was smitten!

We continued to make out like high school girls, kissing and giggling. It was then that I felt Sandy’s hand slide down my neck and began unbuttoning my blouse. I was scared, as I had not been honest with her about my boy part, which was now quite erect under my skirt. While I had an obvious problem, I couldn’t stop her hands, which slid under my bra and gently caressed my sensitive nipples. Sandy’s touch caused my nipples to harden and protrude. I kissed her back, passionately, longingly, relishing in
our femininity. Gathering up courage, I began unbuttoning her blouse, and was delighted to see that Sandy had worn a sexy little black bra which barely restrained her perky breasts. I slid her blouse off, all the while kissing her lower, knowing that I had to stop before she found out my secret. I couldn’t help myself, as I wanted to kiss and suckle her gorgeous breasts. I unhooked her bra and Sandy allowed it to fall to her lap. I then feverously nibbled her nipples, wanting, no needing, this gorgeous girl.

We continued to kiss and feel each other up when she dropped a hand to my lap. I jumped back, ashamed that I had gone this far without disclosing my deepest secret to her. After all, I felt strongly about her, yet withheld this from her. Sandy again asked whether I was feeling well, and I explained that I just didn’t want to complicate our wonderful friendship. To which, Sandy replied, “life is complicated sometimes, and you are a complex girl. That is what I like about you.” I melted! I vowed to tell her everything. I looked into her eyes and told her that I had strong feelings for her, yet I just couldn’t bring myself to reveal my secret. Sandy leaned over and kissed me firmly, vigorously, and passionately, and I kissed her back.

We continued to kiss and fondle each other when suddenly Sandy stood up and told me-not asked, mind you, but told me to take off my skirt and join her in her bed. I watched as she slowly unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall down her shapely legs, landing in a bunch around her feet. She stood there-a goddess, wearing only a tiny black thong and a smile. I knew that it was now or never-either I had to tell her everything or I would have to run, never to see my love again. I resolved to tell her.

“Sandy, my dear, there is something you have to know about me” I said as I slowly unzipped my skirt. “You see, and I hope you will forgive me, but I was born with...., well, um, I don’t know what to say. I was born with this” I said as I dropped my skirt, horrified that she would scream, or worse yet, tell me that she hated me and ask me to leave. Instead, I was shocked when Sandy said “I knew the minute you walked into the bar, dear.” I had suspected from some of the things you had written. The little hints, the cues, like you wanted to tell me, but that you didn’t have the courage to do so.” Sandy continued: “While you are forgiven, you did deceive me, and for that you must be punished.” My heart raced. Relieved that Sandy had not thrown me out of her room, I was now scared of the punishment she might have in mind.

Sandy instructed me to take off my skirt and lie on her lap. I complied. It was then that I felt the first sting of her hand on my panty covered bottom. “Slap, slap” all the while Sandy reminded me that I should always be truthful with her. Sandy then slid my panties down to my knees and continued to spank my bare bottom. I accepted my fate and promised to never deceive her again. I was so aroused that I grew very hard. Sandy must have felt my hardness press against her
thighs, as she spanked me even harder. Mercifully, the spanking ended, and I looked up and gazed into her beautiful eyes.

We kissed, hungrily, and I slowly kissed my way down her neck, to her breasts, and then down her hard tummy where I discovered a cute little tattoo. I kissed down further and slid her thong aside and slowly and gently ran my tongue in and out of her. I flicked the tip of my tongue over, around, and across Sandy’s clitoris, running little circles around and around it. My fingers massaged her firm breasts, teasing her erect nipples. I could feel her breathing become faster, more irregular, as she squirmed. Just then, I felt Sandy stiffen, moan, and I knew she was exploding inside. She cried out and I felt her orgasm spasm throughout her body.

I let Sandy recover, and crawled up the bed to kiss her, still rock hard from making love to her. Sandy looked into my eyes and told me that I was forgiven, but that I was hers. She reached down and began to stroke my hardness, slowly, gently rubbing me. We kissed and she kept her delicate hand around me, teasing me, inflaming my hardness. With me on my back, Sandy then rolled onto me, all the while staring into my eyes, and reached back and slid my rock hardness between her lovely thighs. I wanted to plunge into her, but waited for her to do so. Sandy slowly lowered herself onto me, with just the tip of me penetrating her. She was so wet, so tight, and she felt so good. We continued to kiss, while Sandy adjusted to my size. Sandy then began a slow rocking motion, and gradually accepted more and more of my hardness into her warm, wetness. With one final stroke, she had all of me. We lay there for a moment, frozen, enjoying the sensation of our bodies interlocked in time.

Sandy then raised up, and slowly slid up and down on me, her beautiful breasts jutting out and her nipples hard as pebbles. Sandy’s strokes began increasing in urgency, and I could feel her breath once again becoming irregular. I then grabbed her beautiful bottom and plunged as deep inside her as I could. It sent her over the edge, and she came, splashing me with her cum. I couldn’t take it any longer and thrust deep inside my dear Sandy, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close to me. I exploded deep inside her, wave after wave of my hot cum flooding her. I had never experienced an orgasm like this, as I had never been with a lover like Sandy.

Afterwards, we lay there, holding each other, caressing and kissing. It wasn't long until I was hard again, and this time I took charge. I rolled Sandy onto her back and rubbed my hardness against her sticky wetness. I was soon sliding inside of her, thrusting, teasing, and then thrusting faster and faster. I nibbled on her breasts, her neck, her lips, all the while feeling her around me. With firm strokes, I made wild, passionate love to my beautiful brunette. We kissed each other's nipples, touched, and relished in our closeness. I caressed her beautiful bottom. Soon I could feel her approach another climax, as she was squeezing my thick hardness and encouraging me to thrust faster and harder. I then felt her spasm and as she did, she cried out in pleasure. I soon followed, filling her again with my hot seed. We spent the night in her bed, whispering our deepest sexual desires, embracing this short time that we would have together.

More to come about our week together.

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1 year ago
Ok... this really reminds me of me and my husband :P
2 years ago
great story! thanks!
2 years ago
OMG came so hard all over myself
2 years ago
great story! erotic and just a wonderfull night.
2 years ago
Wonderful story thank you for sharing
2 years ago
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Fantastic story have to go and change my panties
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Great story!
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Wow, I am so hard right now! Great story!
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Holy crap, that is sooooooo hot. Thanks hon.
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great story Ricki!