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The date

When I left you I had just had my first sexual experience as a girl. I had met Dirk in a neighborhood bar and ended up in his hotel room. After a wonderful night of fantastic sex, I woke, we made love one more time, and then I had to leave for school, as I am a junior at the University.

I left Dirk's hotel room and dashed home to shower and get ready for class. I was tingling all over. I had actually gone all of the way with a man, and a sexy man Dirk was. Strong, gentle, compassionate, and a considerate lover. He smelled so good and brought me to a new level in my sexual awareness. Before leaving his hotel room, we exchanged cell numbers and one last, long kiss. I loved the way his tongue probed my mouth, searching, wanting me.

In the bathroom, I stared at this girl--no, a woman now, who appeared in the mirror. Tall slender with long blonde hair, nice little b-cup titties which were still developing from my hormone therapy, and long long legs with the cutest little ass. A tiny little clit, not more than four inches when excited. She was adorable.

I shower, I washed away my makeup, shaved my legs, and fondly thought of the night I had just had. My god, what a slut I must be, as my girl clit was getting hard at the thought of Dirk. I dried, dressed and was off to class, my long blond hair still damp from the shower. Class, urgh, boring college k**s when I could be with Dirk. Unfortunately, I knew he was in some sort of business meeting. While the professor lectured, my mind drifted to the night before. Just then, my phone buzzed, and it was a text from Dirk. "Ricki, I so enjoyed meeting you. Would you consider a dinner date tonight". Dirk.

My heart raced. I texted back "My dear Dirk: I would love to join you for dinner. What time and what shall I wear?" Dirk replied: "Ricki, I must entertain a colleague for dinner. It will be formal." I panicked, as while I clearly could pass as a girl, having dinner with two men was out of the question. What if I slipped and Dirk's business associate figured out that the young blonde girl was not all that she appeared?

I wrote back: "My dearest Dirk, while I would love to join the two of you, I'm not sure your associate would understand if he discovered my secret." Dirk replied: "Don't worry, you are gorgeous and no one will ever know your secret. I would be severely disappointed if you don't agree to dinner".

My lust for Dirk got the better of me, and I accepted, writing "Dirk, I accept. Where shall I meet you?" Dirk responded that his associate was also staying at the Fairmont and that I should meet them in the bar at 7.

The class seemed as if it would never end, as I played out in mind how the evening might go. Perhaps Dirk's colleague, James, would excuse himself after dinner and Dirk and I could spend another dreamy night together. I also considered what I should wear. Formal??? Hmmm, my little black dress, stockings, a garter and my favorite little black thong. Yes, that it would be.

That evening, I drew a bath, shaved again, and carefully applied my makeup. Not a slutty look, just that of a sophisticated young lady going to dinner with two business men. I slid the hose up my legs and attached the tops to my garter. What a pain! On with the tiny black thong and a matching bra, my little b cup titties snugly tucked away. I slid into my silky little black dress, checked my makeup, put on fresh cherry lipstick, and was off to the Fairmont.

I walked into the bar and immediately spotted Dirk chatting with who had to be James, a tall, muscular black guy. I slowly ambled across the bar towards the two very handsome men, as lady like as possible, knowing that others in the bar were wondering why this pretty young girl was meeting two handsome guys at the Fairmont. I extended my hand to Dirk who took it and kissed me lightly on the mouth. Dirk then introduced me to James, who was attending the same meeting as Dirk and, as I later discovered, was Dirk's superior in their company.

We were soon led to our table for a quiet candle light meal. I ate lightly, and slowly, listening attentively to the two handsome guys talk about their meeting and plans for the next day. We shared a bottle of Opus One Cabernet and soon it was time for desert and drinks. I was once again getting tipsy, as I am very slender and do not drink often. During desert I felt a hand on my knee, slowly working its way up my thigh. The problem was, it was James, and not Dirk! I quietly brushed his hand away without missing a beat in our conversation. I laughed at their stories and enjoyed every minute with these two handsome men. Sipping my drink, James once again touched my leg, this time quickly running his fingers inside my thigh and near my clitty. I again pushed him away, as he could not discover my secret.

With desert finished and our drinks downed, Dirk suggested dancing in the nightclub. I was so hot for Dirk that I immediately accepted, thinking James would excuse himself so that Dirk and I could enjoy our evening together. But no---James joined us in the nightclub, much to my frustration. Dirk and I danced, his strong arms wrapped around me and his very hard cock rubbing against my tummy. He lightly kissed my neck as I nuzzled into him. I was in heaven. He then whispered that James was lonely and should dance with me too. If Dirk wanted me to dance with James, I would.

We returned to the table and James took my hand and led me back to the dance floor. He was so strong and muscular. He gently took me into his arms as the music started and pulled me close. He smelled so good that I instinctively snuggled into him. During our second dance, James pulled my face up and lightly kissed me on the lips. OMG, he was hot! I felt him growing hard as he pulled my tighter into him. His hands once again began roaming my backside, lower and lower until he slipped one under my very short black dress and began massaging my bottom. I was on fire, but wanted to be with Dirk!

The three of us danced late into the night. I enjoyed being the object of desire of these two handsome, and might I add, horny men. About midnight Dirk suggested a bottle of champagne and a view of the city. It turn out James was staying in the penthouse suite, and he suggested that the view was better from the 25th floor of the Fairmont. Off we went, giggling, into the elevator. An older couple got on with us, and she looked jealously at me, knowing that I was most likely going to be the sexual object of two very handsome men while she was going to put on her flanel nightie and sl**p the night away while her pudgy husband snored next to her. They exited on the 18th floor, her tut tutting away.

We arrived at the 25th floor and James slipped the key into his door. The suite was fabulous! The view of the city was remarkable. Dirk popped the cork on the bottle and we each sipped our drink, looking out over the city. I turned to kiss Dirk, and soon felt a hand sliding up my thigh. As we kissed, I realized the roaming hand was once again James! Well, if he was going to be so bold, then he would have to live with the consequences.

Dirk and I kissed, our tongues snaking into each others mouths. I was on fire, as I wanted Dirk so badly. Dirk whispered that he wanted me to kiss James. I was startled, wondering why my handsome man would want to share me with his colleague. Being ever so submissive, I turned to James, who pulled me into his strong arms and kissed me. His tongue probed my mouth and his hands were all over me. I felt him pulling my little dress up, exposing my tight little bottom. I looked at Dirk, and saw a look of approval. In fact, Dirk was taking his shirt off as I kissed James. Why??? As I later learned, DIrk wanted me to please his boss.

James and I continued to make out, with James pulling me to the king size bed. As he did so, he too removed his shirt, exposing a muscular chest with six pack abs. He pulled me on top of him and I felt Dirk sliding my little black dress up. Then I felt Dirk tugging at the zipper of my dress. Dirk, why?? I want you tonight. Dirk then slid my dress down, exposing my little black bra, thong, and black hose, all the while James continued to kiss and fondle me. James was soon sucking on my tiny nipples, inflaming me with desire. I heard Dirk unzip his trousers, and soon felt his soft lips on my back side. James continued suckling my now puffy titties, unhooking my bra and alternating between them. I reached down and unzipped James, thinking that if this was what Dirk wanted, then this is what he will get. I reached inside James' trousers and found an incredibly large and very hard cock. OMG, I had never seen a black cock, and now I had my long slender fingers wrapped around one. I was lost in wonderment when I realized that Dirk was sliding my thong off. NO!! my mind cried out. Not while we are with James.

Dirk pulled me down the bed so that I was eye level with James's very large and very hard cock. Well, if this is what Dirk wanted, then I would do it. I ran my tongue over the head of it and heard James moan. I then wrapped my cherry red lips around the large crown of James' cock and slowly took as much of him as I could into my mouth, all the while Dirk continued to kiss and lick my backside, working ever so closer to my gurl pussy. I was overcome with desire, as Dirk was running his tongue in and out of me. I wanted, no, needed, to be fucked!

James, now fully erect and throbbing in my mouth, pulled me up, staring into my blue eyes. He looked at me with a gentle, kind look, and then he saw my secret! My clitty was erect, standing proudly out from my shaved nether region, dripping with excitement. James smiled, kissed me, and pulled me close--his massive black cock rubbing against my very wet gurl pussy. Then I felt just the head of his cock probing me, slowly, but intently, seeking me. I relaxed as best I could and felt the ridges of his hard cock slip past the tight ring of my girl pussy. He paused his advance, letting me relax and accept the fate that my night had brought. We kissed and James began pushing further, until he ever so slowly and gently began sliding in and out of my tightness. I looked up and saw Dirk, smiling, approvingly, of my first time with a black guy. Dirk was slowly stroking his gorgeous cock when I beckoned him to the bed so that I could suck him. James began probing deeper, sliding in and out, with each stroke a little deeper into me. OMG, I was in heaven.

Dirk lay back on the bed and I rolled over to better access his lovely cock. I was soon on my hands and knees when James slid into me. It hurt, but hurt in a wonderful way. I was tingling inside as James slowly fucked me. Dirk stared into my eyes, watching as his colleague ravaged my gurl pussy. I could tell he was close, as Dirk's breathing was irregular and his lovely cock was throbbing. At that moment I felt James plunge his entire cock deep into me, and he tensed, spasmed, and filled me with hot cum. Overcome with lust, Dirk grabbed my head and thrust his cock deep into my mouth, throbbing and shooting jet after jet of his salty warm cum into my throat. As James continued to spasm inside of me, his gently stroked my soaking clit, and I too felt the lust build in my loins. Before I knew it, I was squirting all over the bed. James continued to caress my clit with his cock still throbbing deep inside my gurl pussy. I was fulfilled!

More about the rest of my date later......


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2 years ago
Your doing wonderful with your writing. Keep it up! ;) I am looking forward to the next installment!
2 years ago
Wonderful story
2 years ago
Yes, 2 very lucky guys to enjoy a night with you!!!!
2 years ago
Very hot!!!
2 years ago
Two VERY lucky guys Ricki!!

2 years ago
Great Story Ricki!!! Can't wait till read what happened next;)