Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Perhaps I should have posted these in order. This was a response story, written for my friend as a continuation of a story she wrote for me about her self-exploration, in the early days of our M/S relationship. As such, it takes place before the rest of my chronology, and is certainly shorter and a bit more subdued. We were feeling each other out, but it is one of my favorites still.

As usual, I do not own the universe of Gor and the characters presented are my own.

As he slips through the door, he turns, frowning, to look at the downpour blasting the landscape. Noting he can barely see the house across the way for all the wind and rain, he shakes his head, his thoughts lingering for a moment on the washed-out bridge. "Short day today," he murmurs to himself, closing the door. He looks curiously about the kitchen and sitting room, seeing no trace of you as he removes his muddy boots and throws off his dripping cloak. Moving past the fireplace, he notes the dying embers and prods at them, tossing another log in as he hangs his sword belt on the wall. His slightly narrowed eyes move about the first floor again as he hears a small thump, and he mounts the stairs, wondering where you are.
At the landing atop the stairs, he halts briefly in wonder... the air slightly warmer up here... the scent that reaches him unmistakable. Still something keeps him from calling out to you, as he moves silently in his bare feet to peek around the corner into the bedchamber.. and he swallows hard at the sight that greets him.
Certain facets are hidden in the dim light, in the shadows falling across the bed, but there is no mistaking the little mews and soft moans of pleasure that reach his ears.. no mistaking the slow arch of your back as you lay there, nor the desperation with which your hips move, your ass lifted most pleasingly. Lightning flashes just then, granting him a brief flash, almost a single, still image, but one that will stay with him for the rest of his days, he thinks. Several things draw his attention... most notable the fact that your eyes are tightly closed, that you haven't noticed him... and he decides to keep it that way, leaning silently against the wall, his throat feeling a bit constricted as he watches, listens.. his thoughts returning to the picture in his mind... the wanton splay of your thighs, your ass raised high in the air, the tantalizing swell of your cheeks... the glistening pink of your sex, your fingers exploring, delving inside... it strikes something deep within him, something primal. How he longs to move behind you, to grip your hips and sink his hardness into your slick, tight heat! To hear your moans, feel your willing submission... later, though, he thinks. Another time. This is far too special, too exciting. He shifts just slightly, painfully hard already.
You cry out quietly on the bed, your sweet voice slightly muffled by the blankets, the pillows, and his heart hammers against his ribs so loud it's a wonder you don't hear it and turn. He is rooted to the spot, paralyzed with desire as he watches you cum, listens to your desperate whimpers as you give voice to your pleasure. Unable to do anything just yet, he watches as you curl up, trembling.. as you stretch lazily (his heart hammers still harder)... as you pull the flower from the vase. He smiles as he hears you play your game, his thoughts moving to those early interactions with you.. how different you seemed, then! He remembers your simple dress.. though just barely, as infatuated and defeated as he was by your beautiful eyes. Your pride... your pain. He frowns a bit despite himself, remembering your fear and confusion, the tears rolling down your lovely face.
“I’m sure I will find out, soon enough.” he hears you murmur, and it snaps him from his reverie. He feels... unsure of himself, surprisingly, as he steps into the room, lighting a candle as he passes the table, moving silently beside the bed where you sit. He watches your eyes widen as you notice him, watches the flush spread across your cheeks in the flickering light. No plan had formed itself in his mind as he walked into the room, but now, looking into your eyes and seeing the building panic there, one occurs to him, and he shakes his head as you open your mouth to begin. He smiles, looking directly into your eyes, pushing you back gently onto the pillows as he moves up beside you, settling there. He pulls you close with one arm, wordlessly unbuckling his belt, pushing your hand away gently as you try to help. Lifting his hips, he pushes his kilt down as far as he can reach... and hears your soft intake of breath as his hardness springs up against his belly with a soft smack. He watches your eyes, watches the slow smile of pleasure spread across your face. Your gaze turns questioning, almost pleading, but she shakes his head, smiling as he wraps his free hand lightly around his shaft, gliding it down to the base. He feels you settle in beside him, the wordless communication continuing, your eyes letting him know you understand. A quiet sigh of pleasure escapes his throat as he begins to stroke up and down slowly, lazily turning his head slightly to look into your eyes. He watches your pupils dilate slowly as you follow the movements of his hand.. watches your full lips part, your pink tongue sneaking out to moisten them. For a short time, the room is silent, aside from the rustling and slight squeaking of the bed, and two breathing patterns, both becoming more husky. He smiles vaguely as you pull your bottom lip in between your teeth, gnawing lightly as he slowly pumps his cock up and down for you.
"My master..." you breathe in his ear, and he hears the question there, the plea. He nods again, wordlessly, somehow just.. knowing... and his heart pounds harder as your thighs part, as you slide one delicate hand down your front and between them.
The shaky sigh you utter next nearly makes him lose his self-control, a breathy whimper as your fingers play lightly over your sensitive, slippery heat, begging their exploration again. He smiles as you lay your head on his shoulder, your delightful lips at his ear, giving him audience to the sexiest sounds he's ever heard. A moan escapes him, louder than he'd intended, as your hips lift slightly, and he tugs faster, tightening his grip on his hard, throbbing shaft... he has never been so hard in his entire life, he thinks.
As your moans are still soft and gentle, he slows his pace.. willing himself to last, to finish with you, when the time comes. Turning, he claims your lips with his own, his heart almost bursting at the enthusiasm he finds there, the hunger. You moan quietly into his mouth, and he tightens his jaw amazed at his lack of control, amazed that you are driving him to his absolute limit. The storm outside howls louder, hurling itself against the house, raindrops hammering the roof, but he barely notices now, as the storm you are creating inside him is that much more fierce. His hips lift of their own accord, even as your thighs splay wider, your own hips rocking. His eyes find yours again and he smiles inwardly at your dilated pupils wildly seeking his, then locking on. A smile curves your full lips as your eyes narrow slightly, and he smiles back, thrilled beyond words to be sharing this with you.
Desperation begins to creep into your voice now, desperation that he understands and shares. He pulls you closer, half over him, seeking your lips again and kissing you ardently, not faltering in his rhythm. Your thigh sneaks over his... and he can feel your muscles trembling. His strokes are light now, barely touching, his erection straining, sure the next full stroke will be too much for him to handle. Your lips are hungry on his, communicating your urgency, and he nods, gripping firmly again, beginning his ascent as you moan into his mouth. He feels his climax boiling up, knowing he is past the point of stopping as you cry out loudly in his mouth, your hips bucking against him, your thighs quivering and taut. Your cries are muffled, but even in this pleasure-d***k state he would swear you were forming words.. words he understands and echoes: yes!
He pulls back then, lost, his hips locking down as he cries out roughly, cumming for you, with you, a rope of his hot seed erupting, streaking across your thigh. Through the haze of pleasure he is aware of you hugging him close, tightly, holding on as you share this together, this baring of the soul. He spurts for you again, again as you nuzzle against him, purring quietly. Your name springs to his lips at last as his strokes slow.. and finally stop. "My master..." you murmur, your lips brushing over his ear and cheek. He smiles, pulling you atop him fully so you can lay against his chest as he finds the edge of the blanket, gripping it and pulling it up and over you, protecting you from the chill that is stealing over the room.
Your murmurs begin to sound sl**py as you press your lips to his chest, and he kisses the top of your head, feeling his own eyelids droop as well. "I love you, my girl." he murmurs, and you hug him tighter... drifting off to sl**p, safe, warm and satisfied as the storm howls outside.
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2 years ago
I'm glad I randomly picked this as the first post of yours to read -- and that I haven't screwed up any sort of chronology that I'll then have to reconfigure in my head :) This is lovely, well-paced, and incredibly hot.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
It isn't, unfortunately. We haven't been in much contact, and I would prefer to ask her before posting her work. We'll see what I can do.
3 years ago
Beautifully written, yet more great work- would love to read the story she wrote for you- is it published somewhere?
3 years ago
You guys don't like this one, huh? Ah well.