Don't You Know Lightning is Dangerous?

This story was written in the universe of John Norman's Gor. I can't imagine he'd be upset at me borrowing his universe, as I do not own it or make profit from it, and no character names are mentioned. It was written for a friend, from her perspective... maybe the women of XHamster will enjoy it too. It's a male-dominated society, and slavery is prevalent... hard to explain in a blurb. But if you can give up your control, you might just like it.


It is a still, humid night along the bank of the river... the air seems to sit too long in one spot, the wind having taken its leave for the evening. He stands faithfully at the gate, despite the utter desolation of the city... everyone is inside, out of the heat, it seems. He smiles down at you where you sit atop his boot, twining his fingers in your hair, tugging lightly, seeing the impatience mingled with the adoration in your eyes. Your lips curl upward at the corners, just slightly, and he winks, returning his eyes to the gate.
He smirks slightly to himself and wiggles his boot a bit, smiling at your soft intake of breath, followed by your quiet huff. Your soft purr nearly undoes him though, and he feels your hips rock ever so slightly against his boot, a light shudder rippling through your body. He tugs on your hair teasingly, refusing to look down... even when he feels your hands working their way under his kilt. He closes his eyes as your feather-light touch drifts up past his knee.. your fingertips trailing slowly up his inner thigh. Your hips have begun a slow, primal grind atop his boot, a fact he is very conscious of as your fingertips move higher, ever so slightly grazing his balls, which causes his eyes to roll upward. He is already hard for you, of course, and he hears your soft purr as your hand moves higher still, wrapping around his length, giving him a gentle stroke. He bites his tongue to stop himself moaning your hot lips press lightly against the side of his knee. His eyes move about more quickly now, his heart beating rather fast as you continue to tug on him surreptitiously under his kilt... your lips working softly against his leg.
With a sigh, his sense of responsibility slowly gains the upper hand, and he tugs your head back gently, waiting until your eyes slowly move to his. Your pupils are dilated, your lips parted, cheeks pink, and he smiles and shakes his head slightly. You begin to pout immediately, pushing your lower lip out, giving him one more light stroke, your eyes pleading. He shakes his head again, firmly, and you nod sadly, releasing your grip on him, settling back a bit on his boot. It's very nearly painful, his want for you... how he hates to make you stop! But he is on duty, a fact that has not escaped him, and he returns to it.
The night presses on in slow, crawling fashion.. an ahn passing, and another, before finally the silhouette of another man appears on the path... relief. The exchange is short, on such a quiet night, and moments later he tugs the leash and sets off down the path... toward the tavern.
It seems a busy night, shouts and laughter erupt from the building as you near, light spilling out onto the path. A few greetings are called out as he tugs you inside, and he answers as you kneel on the dusty floor, trying to avoid what looks like spilled paga. Pleasantries exchanged, he heads for the corner beneath the stairs, knowing this will allow him to view the room in its entirety, and both exits. Once there, he settles on a cushion... a red one, unsurprisingly. He meets your eyes as you kneel beside him, and he sees the mingled curiosity and disappointment there... he knows you want to go home.
"How may I have the pleasure of serving you, my Master?" you ask quietly, hands resting on your thighs. He ponders in silence a moment as his little plan takes shape.
"Some mead, I think, my girl." he says after a moment, drumming his fingers on the tabletop. "In my horn, honey added... chilled, if there's any there."
"Yes, my master." you offer, detaching the horn from his belt, rising fluidly, and he watches with interest as you move toward the serving area, your silks offering a glimpse of your delightful backside... a fact you surely appreciate, as you bend at the waist to find a rep cloth, the silky red fabric sliding up your thighs, barely covering your heat. Another man looks up from his bond's breasts, his eyes moving over to you, and he opens his mouth... a masterly glare is all it takes, and the man closes his mouth again, looking surly.
Returning his eyes to you, he watches with scrutiny, but can find nothing to complain about.. he smiles as you open the tap on the cask of mead a bit too quickly... he sees you laugh quietly as a bit splashes over you, before you get the horn under the stream. You move to the dish of honey, and he meets your eyes, knowing desire burns there, watching a slow blush spread across your cheeks as you drizzle the golden sweetness into the horn... you both know he is planning to sample another type of honey before the night is past.
Your task completed, you carefully cross the floor back to him, and he smiles as you furrow your brow in concentration, trying not to spill. Having successfully navigated the bustling tavern floor, you drop to your knees beside him, lifting the horn to him.
"Your mead, my Master, may it quench your thirst this evening." you say, pressing your lips to the horn, offering it with a smile, and he takes it, smiling himself, taking a deep drink. His eyes close in rapture at the taste, at the cold, and he basks in it a moment before opening them again. He feels you move closer, and the next half ahn passes without much event as he drinks slowly, offering you the occasional sip. Turning the empty horn over at last, he sets it on the table, squeezing your thigh lightly with his free hand as he feels you toying with the buckles and straps on his belt... he looks up when you stop suddenly.
He finds you staring across the room wistfully, and he follows your gaze to another table, where a blonde girl sits astride her master, pouring his drink into his mouth in small increments, her breasts bouncing with her laughter. He smiles at your expression, feeling just a bit bad, and he wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you into his lap. Delight brings a smile to your face at once as you settle there astride him, wiggling your hips until you are comfortable. He rests his hands there as you brush light kisses across his face.. he is conscious of the crowded tavern, the buzz of conversation and laughter, but his heart begins to pound. Hidden by the edge of the table, he moves his hands around to your bottom, slipping under your kirtle, palming a cheek in each hand and sqeezing gently. He watches as your eyes widen, darting about the room, a blush spreading across your face, your lower lip sucking in to be caught between your teeth. There is conflict there.. pleading. This isn't comfortable, it isn't home. But it feels so good to be bad... he pulls you closer using his grip on your ass, prying your cheeks apart wantonly, his actions just barely obscured by the low tabletop. Your searching lips find his in a desperate kiss as his fingers quest inward brazenly. He hears your breath catch as his fingertips brush your little pucker, and he winks, continuing onward, sliding a hand beneath you to brush his fingers down your slit. Your slick heat brings a lump to his throat as you purr in bliss at his exploration. One finger darts inside you slightly, teasingly, and your barely audible gasp makes him smile. Your hips begin their slow, primal dance again, subtle yet urgent as he teases your pussy with shaky fingertips. A whimper escapes you as you grind your clit against him, your scent reaching him, making his head spin in the damp, sticky air. He pushes his finger into you deeper, possessively, agressively, and you lean forward, releasing a soft cry meant only for his ears.
"My master..." you breathe shakily. "Please..." He tilts his head, darting his finger in and out of your slick heat, watching your eyes roll back.
"Please what?" he husks.
"Let me.. let me.." you whimper, your hips moving erratically as you attempt to keep your little ride a secret. "I need to..."
"Cum for me." he whispers roughly. "Cum for your Master."
He smiles in real pleasure as you shudder atop him, a low, desperate cry escaping your throat as you reach your peak, grinding against him urgently, your fingers leaving red imprints on his upper arms... and before you have even come down from your high, he has snatched up his horn from the table and dragged you rather roughly to your feet. He pulls you, stumbling, toward the door, waving vaguely as people call out their goodbyes...
Thunder rumbles in the distance, quietly, as he tugs you out into the dark, where light drops of rain are splattering on the path.
Still addled by your climax, you blink as he pulls you into the bushes near the tavern entrance.. though the light spills out the entrance, it does not touch this little corner... a fact he plans to use to his advantage. Roughly, urgently, he turns you around, bending you forward, and your hands smack against the side of the building, a quiet cry of surprise mingled with desire escaping you as you realize what he plans to do.
Unable to resist, mad with desire to taste you, he drops to his knees behind you, flipping your kirtle up over your backside, pulling you back by your thighs, his mouth finding your heat eagerly... he listens with delight to your soft cry of pleasure as your sweet taste floods his mouth. He drags his tongue up your slit with relish before sweeping it back down to flick your sensitive clit up and down.
"Yessss..." you whimper quietly, and he smiles to himself, licking you, a long broad stroke of his tongue from your clit to your tailbone as he stands up.
"I have to have you... now." he says roughly, shoving his kilt down enough to free his cock, which springs forth, throbbing and hard, to slap against your ass. "You are driving me mad."
The rain picks up, hitting the path harder, and thunder rumbles again, closer, a fork of lightning streaking across the sky to the south. Bending you forward a bit more, barely in control of his actions, he grips his shaft at the base, pushing his hips forward, finding your entry and sinking into you to the hilt with one long, deep thrust.
Your low cry of pleasure and surprise is all he requires... he begins a firm, pumping pace at once, taking you roughly against the side of the building... mere meters away from better than twenty men, all enjoying a late-night drink. He is dimly aware of your hand sneaking down your front to play between your splayed thighs.. aware of the fluttering of your sex around his rigid length. HIs eyes flicker to the tavern entrance, where a man and his slave have just left. One hand clamps over your mouth at once, his middle finger slipping between your lips... he feels your teeth clamp down on it firmly. He does not stop fucking you... he can't. Muffled little noises escape his hand as he continues to drive into you mercilessly and the silhouettes pass by unaware... or so he thinks. The man's head turns, his eyes staring directly at you... but it is impossible to tell if he can see or not, and after a moment they are out of sight. The rain is coming down in sheets now, the path slowly turning to mud, the overhang from the tavern room offering a bit of respite.
Removing his hand from your mouth, he twists it into your hair firmly, and a moment later he is glad for it, as you cry out softly.
"M..master... I'm.. I'm going to..." your voice trails off into an incoherent whimper as your legs begin to shake, and you push back into him wantonly, your sex clamping like a vice around him. His eyes roll backward as you flutter around him and tighten again, the added friction driving him to the brink.. and over. As his balls tighten, he is overcome with a primal, possessive urge to see his seed glisten on your skin, and he tugs himself free of you, stroking his hand up and down his shaft as he cries out quietly, a rope of hot cum splashing across your ass... another.. another. In the midst of his climax, he takes you again, sliding deep into you once more as he spurts again.. again... and coasts to a stop, panting, the reality of the situation washing over him as you whimper and tremble against the taven wall, a satisfied smile on your face. The rain has let up a bit... but not much. Reluctantly, he pulls free of you, and a moment passes as you both rearrange and make presentable again.
Slowly, shakily, he tugs you out onto the path, into the warm downpour. Turning, he pulls you close to kiss you, chuckling, hoping he has shown you again that his desire for you knows no bounds... desire that surges again as you smile up at him, your cheeks still flushed. Ignoring your protests, your laughter, he lifts you bodily from ground, tossing you over his shoulder effortlessly and making for the gate.
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2 years ago
For sure very well written and a theme i can relate too. Very nice.
2 years ago
I am so glad to have found both a talented writer, as well as someone who panders to my interest in power exchange. I think I'll be visiting your page with some regularity :)
3 years ago
Brilliant, thanks
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Thanks! ^^
3 years ago
Great story, something a bit different and well written (not so common here).
3 years ago
3 years ago