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Feeling unloved

Its hot and sticky on the cannals of Amsterdam. Perfect sweaty fetish weather! No one out to play, everyone too vanilla!
Posted by Restricted1 5 months ago

My cage

I guess one of my favourite 3 toys of the moment is my chastity belt. Currently I’m wearing a CB6000, but will certainly be upgrading to something that would require me having a Prince Albert piercing.
The last few days I have been finding the perfect combination of sizes and duration of wearing. Now at day 3, I’ve found the perfect fit and am feeling wonderfully chastised with my penis only able to expand slightly against its unforgiving plastic restraint. Could I go 24/7 365? I don’t think I could, purely because I would miss the feeling of a good fuck. However I’m loving the feeling of ha... Continue»
Posted by Restricted1 1 year ago

[Story] Breast / Nipple torture

Breast / Nipple torture
Okay so the Life style activities I enjoy are extensive. One word of phrase barely constitutes an insight into what I like about it or how it makes me feel emotionally or physically. For me receiving Breast / Nipple torture is one of, if not the most delicious way to receive pain. (But I’m always open to ideas!)
My nipples have always been sensitive, I’ve had them pierced, had the piercing ripped out, although not intentionally or as part of play, and still get off on the extensive use of nipple clamps.
My favourite pair I’m wearing now and that’s facilitating my er... Continue»
Posted by Restricted1 2 years ago