a week of slavery part 1

The internet is a strange, awesome thing... first it explains me why I was never happy with the normal sex I had and why I was always feeling like putting my sex partner in chains, even hurting her. The answer was simple. There's this thing called BDSM and some people are into it, some arn't - I definitely am. Over time I learned a lot using the net, watching videos, reading stories. Some months ago I discovered this online game called SecondLife with its very own BDSM universe. It allowed me to exchange my phantasies with other people and also to try them in roleplays. But there was still one thing missing in my life. Altough I've read so much, seen so many videos and talked to so many people online about it, I have never experienced it in my real life. But one day while playing SecondLife I got to know this girl from Poland. We met regularly and talked a lot, also about our real lifes. We both had the urgent desires to try our phantasies and make them real. She as a sub or slave, me as a dom. The match was quite perfect, She was even about my age. The only problem was this trust thing... how can one be sure the one he just met in the internet is really the one claiming to be and not a silly trap? You never really know until you try... so we finally decided to meet.
So there I was, sitting on a bench in front of a railway station in the heart of Sweden, waiting for this one train to arrive where I expected her to be in. It was a wonderful evening in early summer / late spring. The air was wonderful to breathe, the trees were already full of green leaves and flowers began to grow in every corner. Finally I heard the announcement from the loudspeaker. The train was coming in. I was still quite sceptic if she'd really have the braveness to come and do as we dreamed up, so I calmly stayed where I was, looking over to the main entrance of the railway station, watching the train arrive. It didn't take long until the first people were coming out the entrance and finally there she was - she's even more beautiful than on the photos she sent me. A nice face, little overweight body, about 1.6m tall, black, long, slightly curly hair and cute brown eyes. Somehow I was surprised she was actually there, my heart was jumping. I stood up and walked over to her, she immediately recognised me, smiled at me and walked towards me. Hello. I noticed she was slightly shivering from the excitement. Her heart frequency must have been nearly twice as mine. So we went on as we discussed in our endless mails. I invited her to a little cafe close to the railway station and got us some refreshments. We sat there talking for a while about the ordinary things in life. I guess we both just needed some time to calm down. It didn't take too long until we felt very familiar. From our conversations over the net we knew more details of each other than most of our friends did.
Finally I pulled out the contract we created in which we both agree on what would happen the following week and that we both, especially her, do this out of free will. The contract was just one page long, mainly stating that she would submit herself to me for 7 days, that she agreed on spending most of the time in bondage and that I agree on dominating, humiliating and hurting her, but taking special care not to damage her body permanently in any way. She signed the contract and returned it to me with the words I'll never forget: "Congratulations, I'm your toy now." I sifned as well and put the contract back in my pocket, then we left the cafe and walked over to my car. As discussed before she had no luggage with her besides of a small handbag with her bathroom stuff inside. It was slowly getting darker outside, looking on my watch I realiced it was already past 10pm. First I had her sit on the passengers seat next to me until we left the town and were on the countryroad. After about 20min of driving, it was already half past 10pm, I turned right into a small forrest maintenance road and stopped the car as we were out of sight from the countryroad. We had already discussed what would happen here now. It was her explicit wish not to know the address and location of my house where she would spend the next week. As we stopped I turned over to her and looked her in the eyes, asking her if she was sure to do it. She looked back at me, gulped and said "yes, I trust you.", then she got out of the car. I switched off the engine and lights and got out too. The sky has gotten darker in the meantime and so the forrest was only dimmly lit. I walked around the car and told her to undress and put her clothes in a bag I gave her. It didn't take long until she was completely naked and I put leather cuffs on her ankles and hands, lockin her hands behind her back. Then I opened the trunk and took out a large plastic bag, made out of durable, thick, black plastics. I had her step in, closing the bag around her neck with tape. Then I put a cotton blindfold on her and finally gagged her with a red rubber ball. Then I helped her in the trunk, carefully put her head on a towel and closed the trunk. The plastic bag was her idea as she knew I loved my classic car and would have been very upset if she peed into it, on the other hand she told me before that she sometimes wasnt able to hold it back when she was very excited. I got back into the driver's seat, turned the car around and continued driving northbound. It was quite a strange feeling for me, having a girl bound in the trunk. On the one hand it was just so awesome, so perverted and so hot, on the other my consciousness came up, asking me if that was really right what I was doing here and what I would tell to a police patrol if they wanted to see the trunk. Luckily police checks are very uncommon here in Sweden and so I arrived at my house half an hour later without any complications. I parked the car, got out and opened the trunk. And there she was, her face looking even more beautiful with the gag and the blindfold, the rest of her body hidden in the plastic bag. She moaned and I noticed some drool was coming out beneath her lips and the gag, dripping onto the towel. Slowly I helped her out of the trunk, still being caught in that plastic bag she couldn't stand very well and so I removed the tape from around her neck, having the bag fall down. I was surprised to see her body all wet. She really peed while we were driving. By her movements and the ones by the car the pee distributed itself all over her body and mixed with her sweat. She obviously felt ashamed as she realized what a mess she already was. I ordered her to step out of the bag while I locked the cuffs on her ankles together and had her hop over to the house. Just in front of the entrance I used a garden hose and hosed her down. The water still left on the long hose was warm from the sunny day, but gradually got colder. It was quite cold as I finished and she was shivering. I took the towel and dried her up, from top to bottom. While drying her up I moved my right hand across her body. Her nipples were thick and hard, further down I slowly pushed my fingers beneath her pussy lips. She was totally wet down there and that slimy substance was neither pee nor water. Later she told me if I had touched her just a second longer she would have had an orgasm right there.
After having her dried up I led her into the house, taking care she wouldnt stumble with her feet being cuffed together. After managing the not-so-easy task of dragging her upstairs
with her feet bound I lead her to a small room that has originally been a small dressing room but where I put everything out and had thrown a mattress, some pillows and a blanket inside. The room had no window and was just beneath the roof. This should be her home to stay for the following week.
I helped her laying down on the mattress, removed her blindfold, turned around, switched off the light and left her in the dark. A couple of minutes later I returned with three small buckets, one filled with milk, one with Kelloggs crunchy nuts which she liked so much and one with plain water. I put them close to the wall on the floor and plugged a small, red lamp in one of the power outlets. This way the room was dimmly lit even with the main light switched off and she could find her way around. Before leaving her I pointed at another bucket in another corner of the room and told her to use it as toilet if she needed to go. I also explained her that she wouldn't get any new blanckets or pillows for the week and had to get around with what she had now. In her pleading eyes I noticed just before I left the room that I should take that ballgag out. Then I left, wishing her a good night, locking the door, well pleased as she only returned the wish and thanked me.
Before going to bed I switched on my computer and activated the webcam I installed in the ceiling of the dressing room, watching my guest getting familiar with the room, the pillows and blankets, having a hard time to arrange it comfortable with her cuffed hands and ankles. Before she went to sl**p she also tasted some of the milk, cornflakes and water.
The next day I woke up early, first having a look at the recordings of last night. My guest seems to had an easy time falling asl**p. The cuffed hands and legs didnt seem to bother her much. I noticed she was still sl**ping and decided to go to the bathroom first and prepare myself a breakfast. Then I went upstairs to have a look at my captive. Slowly I opened the door as I didn't really wanted to shock her. She was still sl**ping, looking cute as she lay there on the mattress, in the middle of several pillows. I calmly approached her, touched her head and turned her around. Slowly she woke up and I could see in her eyes that she only slowly realized that yesterday
wasn't a dream. She really did it and came to me. I gave her some minutes to wake up, then I helped her on her feet. As she stood in front of me I moved my fingers around her breasts again and then down towards her pussy. She was quite dry. Her juice from yesterday was sticky. A little rubbing on her clit immediately resulted in a loud, sexy moan. She hasnt said anything yet, but that moan immediately made my cock rock hard. I then mounted another pair of cuffs on her upper thighs and connected her feet with chains on them, forcing her on her knees the same time. THis way she was f***ed to crawl and coulf not stand up anymore. Then I put a collar around her neck and led her out of the room by a chain, it was time for her cleaning. I led her to the bathroom where I gave her some time to brush her teeth. She asked for a shower, but I denied and immediately pushed the ball gag in her mouth again. Then I led her downstairs where I had already prepared my reakfast table.
Then I sat back in my chair, reading the newspaper and eating my toast while having her kneel to my right. By her looks at me I saw she must have been hungry, but obviously didnt want to beg. As I finished and stood up I had some pieces of bread left which I broke into small pieces and put it on my plate. I then poured some marmelade on it as well and put the plate down to her. I then cuffed her hands to her thighs and watched her eating. While she was struggling to eat up the things on the plate without making a mess I went upstairs and got the Schuesseln with water and milk from her dinner yesterday. I then put fresh water into it and placed it next to her. A couple of minutes later she looked up to me and said she was finished. I immediately bend over to her and gave her breasts two hard slaps on each one. I could see the surprise in her face as it was the first time I really inflicted pain on her. "When I offer you something you're going to take it completely understand? So clean up that plate and empty that Schussel completely. And I want it both empty and clean understand?" She immediately nodded and bend down again, eating up the rest, licking the plate clean with her tongue. When finished I put the ballgag inside her mouth again and couldn't resist the temptation and pressure from my cock anymore. I needed to fuck her now. So I opened the cuffs from her thighs and made her stand up, cuffing her legs to the feet of the kitchen table, forcing her to bendover and cuffed her stretched arms to the opposite side, making her belly and tits lie on the table. She was very willing I bet she had the same desire back then. I then fingered between her pussy lips and started making her wet. It didn't took me long until I could smear her juice all over her pussy. Then I stood up, put a condom over my cock and pushed it, being rock hard, all the way down, inside her and began to fuck her. While pushing myself in and out I began searching for her nipples by bending forward and moving my hands under her, slightly raising her up. When I found them I started to pull them sideways and to twist and turn them. That immediately increased her moaning sounds. Still having my cock inside her I pulled some clamps out of my pocket and clamped them on her nipples. Then I took a small rope, guided it through the clamps and mounted each end of it to the table legs close to me, constantly pulling on her nipples, dragging her backwards. Then I continued fucking as hard as I could, pushing her forward with every thrust, watching her nipples being pulled. It didnt take me long to cum inside her, the moaning and my excitement about fucking my very own slave mixed up in a wonderful orgasm. I immediately took out the cock, draw away the semen filled condom and walked over to her head where I removed her drool covered ball gag, pushing the condom in her mouth, commadning her to suck it out. Most probably I overwhelmed her with this as she immediately spit out the condom again. This behaviour was unacceptable and as I had originally planned on making her cum now I decided on giving her her first real punishment. Without saying a word I pushed the gag inside her again and started to whip her butt with my bare hand first, then with a riding crop I pulled out from a niche in the kitchen. Only after a couple of hits I could watch tears forming in her eye, altough I noticed she tried to withstand it.
I enjoyed her moaning and crying through the gag with every hit and finally decided on giving her a second chance by removing the ballgag again and offering her the filled condom saying: "you take what I offer to you understand?". She nodded and willingly opened her mouth. Then I walked to her back again and started working on her dripping cunt. While finger fucking her with one hand I worked on her clit and lips with the other. Only a minute later I felt the first wave of orgasm rushing through her. Without pause I continued and f***ed her to a second orgasm. Despite the condom in her mouth on which she was chewing her grunting and moaning sounds were well hearable. Having finished I ensured she had swallowed every drop of my cum by pressing out the condom with my fingers in her opened mouth. Any resistance she might have felt was vanished. She opened like she was told to and swallowed. Then I brought her upstairs again, locking her in her room, giving her a rest and myself some time to clean up the kitchen and work a little on my computer.

to be continued... (if you like it)
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Yes please I want to hear lots more ...
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interesting! yes! more!
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great story man. love it