My Step s****r

So I had started fucking my step niece. But at the time I had been fucking her mother for several years.

She is about ten years older than me. The first time we did it I was at my dad and step moms house. They were gone and I was there by myself when my step s****r came over to pick something up. She was dressed in shorts and a tshirt and no bra. Her big heavy tits were just swaying under her shirt.

I had just turned 16 and I had been enjoying sex with my neighbors and the occassional girl and guy from school. She came in and we were talking for a bit, we never really had done that before. I couldnt help but look at the curve of her big titties swaying nice and free with only a thin piece of cotton over them.

I cant remember what we were talking about but then after a moment of silence she just looked at me and asked if I liked her tits. I said hell yes......

She smiled and we started talking about sex. She told me about her first husband and the father of her son who lived in another town. Talked about how they started fucking when she was 14 and how she got knocked up two years later. This was before she met the guy she married and had my step niece with so at the time she was just out having fun.

I kept staring at her tits and finally she asked "Would you like to see them?" I smiled and nodded and before I knew it she pulled her tshirt off and just sat there on the couch with shorts on and nothing else. They looked so damn sexy. She started to play with them, squeeze them and she started telling me how much she likes them sucked and played with.

She said fair was fair and I should take my cock out and show it to her. Think of it, a 26 year old mother of one asking a 16 year old bisexual boy to take his cock out. How fucking sexy is that?

I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out and as soon as I did I started getting hard. She asked me about the sex I had had. I told her about the girls I had fucked and then I told her I was bi and that I had been sucking cock and taking up the ass and fucking some man ass myself.

She smiled and told me she loved eating pussy too so she considered herself bi. I told her that cock is great but right now I wanted some tits and pussy. She said, "Do you wanna fuck?" Uhhhhh YEAH I said and she flashed this big smile and said "far out"

She stood up and took off her shorts and I took my clothes and in seconds we were naked on the couch in my dad and step moms living room. We kissed for a brief time and she held her tits up to my mouth and I started sucking them. With my one hand I grabbed her ass and the other I started rubbing her pussy and clit. This was the mid 80s so women still had hair on their pussies and I remember running my fingers thru it to find her clit and fuck hole.

After about five minutes of tit sucking and fondling my step s****rs pussy she went down on me and started sucking my throbbing cock. Damn she was a good cocksucker, coming from long years of practice since she was 12 she told me.

I was rock fucking hard and her mouth had me nice and wet and then I leaned back on the couch and she mounted me. She started fucking her pussy up and down on my cock and my hands went to her hips and guided her. She started moaning and whipping her long brown hair all around. Those big tits just swaying back and forth and up and down. And here I was fucking my step s****r, wishing she were my REAL s****r (yes I was freak even then) and I started flexing my thigh muscles to push up into her dripping wet snatch whenever she raised up.

I looked up at her. "Yeah cmon you fucking slut. Take my cock." I told her, or words to that effect. She was moaning and moaning and then she started making gutteral sounds. She must really have enjoyed fucking teenage boys cause she seemed to be enjoying me.

She looked down at me and said she wanted me to cum on her tits. I said fuck you. I am coming in this hot fucking pussy. And to make sure I grabbed her arms and held her down on my cock as I worked it around inside her.

She said something about our not using a condom and getting pregnant. I looked up at her and said, well if I knock you up then I do but I am cumming inside this pussy. I pushed her back on the couch and now with me on top of her holding her down by her shoulders she couldnt really protest.

My hips and ass were moving back and forth and my balls slapping against her. Finally I couldnt hold back and I dumped a ton of my seed into her. I let her reach down and rub her clit until she came with my cock still leaking inside her.

I lay on top of her for about five minutes and we kissed and rested. We finally got up and cleaned up our mess before my dad and step mom got home. In fact she left before they got back. And over the next several years we would have sex. Especially when I got my drivers license I would come over to her place from time to time and have sex. She finally decided to get on the pill so I never had much of a chance to breed her.

She got married again not long after that for the second time and had my step niece. We would occasionally cop a feel but we never had sex again until after her husband was killed in a car accident in New Mexico. A year after that we started having sex again and then a year later is when I fucked her daughter and she found us.

Now she is about to get married again but thats ok cause I am fucking her daughter every so often. I love my step s****r and step niece and especially the hot fucking we have.
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2 years ago
Too bad there's almost no conventional families any more, with all the pregnancies without marriage, everyone seeminly fucking their in-laws I'm not sure how the (birth) parents can keep track without the aid of a ledger. But, a good hard fuck for male or female is still hard (pun intended) to forgo and pass up!
2 years ago
hot story..would love to hear about the step niece...can't view your profile tho to see if you have any other stories posted
3 years ago
you are one lucky guy!
3 years ago
your lucky dude, one pussy or the other still same
3 years ago
oh yes i would have too
3 years ago
Good story, any more :)
3 years ago
3 years ago