My Work Out This Morning

I try to make it to the gym three or four days a week. Am glad I went this morning. There is lots of eye candy in there, both male and female. When I am working out I really dont pay much attention to others around me. But there was this one guy I kept noticing this morning and the past two or three times I have been in to work out.

He is about my age, maybe a bit older. A thick burly type. Not really fat but very thick and nicely shaped. This morning I noticed him staring at me while I ran on the treadmill and while I was lifting weights. Anyway I got done and went into the locker room to shower and get dressed for work.

When I am in the shower I like to leave the curtain open a bit so that anyone who might be interested can see. I have always wanted to have sex in my gym. Many times I have stood in the shower and jerked my cock off thinking about fucking some guy or girl I saw in there....

I was showering and I noticed that guy again. He was standing by the sinks and looking at me by way of the mirror over the sinks which faced the shower. He caught me looking at him through the doorway to the shower stalls and he smiled. I smiled back. He kept looking. I decided to go for it. I puckered my lips and blew him a kiss.

That did it. He came over and standing outside the shower in his shirt, shoes and shorts and we kissed. I asked him if he wanted to join me in the shower and next thing I know he was naked in the shower with me. We kissed some more, our cocks were getting hard and rubbing against each other. Our hands were caressing our chests and stomachs and asses. He was a moderately hairy man, chest legs and some on his ass.

I kissed and licked my way down his chest and stomach and took his cock into my mouth. He must have been 6-7 inches long but damn he was THICK. Give me thickness over length any day. My mouth was working him and I felt like I had a mouthful of cock, which of course I did. He moaned and groaned and I knew I was going to want him in my ass.

I sucked him for a couple more minutes and then stood up and turned around. I leaned over a little bit and I felt him take hold of my hips and he pushed that big baby maker of his up into my tight fuck hole. I was begging him to fuck me hard and fast. He certainly did his part.

His balls were slapping against mine and and he was rubbing my ass cheeks and smacking it every so often. I am pretty straight acting in public but when I am having sex with a man I turn into a total fag. I looked back at him and blew him another kiss and said, "Cmon baby fuck me hard with that big cock."

That seemed all he needed to hear cause the next thing I know he shot a big wad of cum into me. I squeezed my ass on it and milked all the sperm out of him I could.

After he pulled I turned around and pushed him down by the shoulders and shoved my cock into his mouth. He had a warm wet and very willing mouth and I started fucking his face. Holding the back of his I was really slamming into him and making him gag on my cock. He took my balls and started squeezing them. Then I shot my wad down his throat.

We stood there and hugged and kissed some more. He whispered thank you and left and I finished my shower and got dressed. I didnt see him as I was leaving but I wouldnt mind seeing him again. I would love to have his ass.....
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3 years ago
one of my fantasys
3 years ago
Hot story!!
3 years ago
Good place to start great story