My Gay Neighbors

This is something that happened about five years ago. It was the first time I had sex in front of people watching and also the first time I had black cock....

I lived in an apartment complex, mine being right next to the swimming pool. There were two younger guys that lived across the breezeway from me. Two guys living in a one bedroom apartment. If that didnt tell me they were gay the way they acted at the pool certainly did. They werent flaming or anything like that but you could tell they were in love with each other alot....

So I made it a point to get to know them. We hung out at the pool and I loved looking at their hard wet bodies. Ideally I would have enjoyed fucking them both but I would have settled for just one of them. I tried several times to seduce them but they were really in love and didnt fool around.....tho we did sometimes kiss each other and hug each other.....

One day during the summer we were out at the pool. I was about to go in and cool off and they invited me over to their place to have dinner. Something we have done often. I said sure and a few hours later I was knocking on their door. I walked into their living room and saw a very attractive, well built black guy sitting on the couch.

He wasnt dressed like most black guys do. No sagging jeans or ball cap sitting crooked on his head. No he was dressed in some very tight, well fitting jeans and brown tshirt. I could tell through the shirt he was very well muscled. His black skin rippled when he moved and after a few moments of talking to him I started to think about what he would look like naked...

We ate and then sat around drinking and talking. I was sitting next to him and after awhile my two gay neighbors found reasons to leave the room. I sat there talking to the black guy (Sorry I cant remember his name) and he asked me flat out if I was gay. He asked cause he was told that I hang out with the two other guys alot at the pool.

I told him I was bisexual and he said that was cool. He said he liked pussy SOMETIMES himself. I just sat there and stared at him. I then leaned over and kissed him softly on the mouth. He returned the favor and before I knew it I was making out with him. We kissed and sucked each others tongues and we were running our hands up and down each others bodies. I could feel his pec and ab muscles. Finally I had to take his shirt off and I started kissing and licking his chest.

I got him to stand up and I got his jeans off. JESUS CHRIST!!! He had a 11 inch cock. It was about as thick as a beer bottle and his balls were nice and big too. I threw my mouth on it and started sucking it eventually taking him all the way in. My hands went to his well formed ass and I just kept performing oral sex on him. I had a black cock in my mouth and it tasted SOOO GOOOD.

He finally got me naked and soon he was sucking my cock and licking my asshole. It was about this time I noticed that my two gay friends were standing in the door watching us. They were smiling and holding each other. I smiled back at them while this sexy black man was sucking my dick. They started to undress and they went to the love seat (my black lover and I were on the couch) and they started having oral sex as well.

My hands were running up and down my black lovers shoulders and soon I was begging him to enter me. I had never had black cock in my ass much less one that was almost a foot long. He licked me real good and then he started to slowly push into me. I will never forget how it felt that first time. By the time he was inside of me all the way to his balls I never had such a full feeling.

Soon my arms and legs wrapped around him and I was making love to this beautiful sexy black stud. He was such a good fuck. And I could hear my two gay neighbors fucking on the other couch. My cock was rock hard and it was rubbing against my black lovers stomach. We kissed and licked each others mouths. I was using my ass muscles and milking his cock wanting his cum inside me.

After about ten minutes of solid ass pounding my black stud let loose a gallon of cum inside my ass. He collapsed on top of me and we held each other. He then pulled out and I sucked and licked his cock clean. We then sat there holding each other while we watched my two gay neighbors having themselves a nice fuck.

I was still hard and hadnt cum yet. I my black stud to get on his hands and knees and soon I was fucking that well formed black ass of his. I reached around and squeezed and stroked that big black splitter of his and all the while I was watching my neighbors fuck and fuck and fuck.

It didnt take me long, about five minutes before I came in his ass and he returned the favor of cleaning my cock like I did his.

I spent the night there. He left the next morning and while we did talk and text we never got together again. Several days later I ran into my two neighbors and thanked them for dinner. They said that they planned it cause I was a good friend and they knew it had been awhile for me.

While I never got to have sex with them, I at least got some of their friends, men and a few women to, in bed.
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6 months ago
I would LOVE to try eleven inches! I love a big load a huge load too. My Boyfriend always fucks me bareback, cums inside me and I know how great it feels!

1 year ago
HOT story, would love to have joined in.
2 years ago
Fucking hot.
3 years ago
mmm I'd love to be your neighbor
3 years ago
Hot story
3 years ago
Hot Story!!
3 years ago
Fuck!!! I love it.
3 years ago