My first online hookup... (a true story)

A few years ago, I met a woman online. We'll call her Mandy. We chatted for a while and decided to finally meet for some drinks. I have a special place in my heart for more experienced and mature women, and also I like the women with curves. Mandy, a 39 year old gorgeous bbw was just what a 29 year old like me wanted...

We met at the mall and she took me to a bar that she liked to go to. I bought a beer for me and a Jack and Coke for her. We chatted about music and other interests as we drank. She took me out to the beer garden and we enjoyed a drink out there. That's when things started to get interesting...

She leaned in and asked me to kiss her, which I did. All through the evening I couldn't stop thinking about touching her soft body. I put my hand on her ample thigh and continued to kiss her for several minutes. It didn't take long for us to decide to move the party elsewhere.

We decided on my apartment, so upon arrival I showed her to my room. She was looking at my books and bent down slowly to examine some of the titles. I couldn't resist the opportunity to playfully slap her hot booty... She immediately responded to this by jumping on the bed and lying on her back. I straddled her curvalicious body and started kissing her and working her clothes off.

I moved from kissing her mouth to her creamy-pale neck, undid her bra, and found her firm, pink nipples with my tongue. She sighed as I moved my tongue over and around both nipples, searching with my hand for her hot pussy.

Between her legs was her juicy, hot mound that seemed to ache for my teasing hands to do more... I kissed down her ample midsection only to find that she was wearing Winnie the Pooh panties!

After peeling those off, I kissed around her hot pussy for a while, teasing her and making her want me more. My searching tongue found her clit and I began to feel her thrust her pelvis into my face as I did this...

I placed my hands behind her knees and pushed her legs back so they touched her shoulders... She was a flexible woman despite her hot, curvy features. Her huge, luscious ass was now in the air. I gave her a good tongue-fucking until she came a first time and moved my tongue down to her pink, puckered asshole.

I love to eat a woman's asshole. She seemed to enjoy it, too, and I made sure to leave her ass nice and wet so that I could slide my middle finger in. I started eating her wet pussy again as I pumped her asshole with my finger. She started to moan while I did this and I discovered that she was close to cumming again. So, I put my ring finger into her fine ass, along with my middle finger and then I put my thumb into her pussy. I rocked my hand back and forth while my mouth was latched onto her clit. I could hear muffled, orgasmic screams as I did this for several minutes... Her body writhing to climax more than once.

After she wiggled for a few minutes, I finally put my cock into her. She was still lying on her back as I fucked her, with increasing speed and intensity. Her body was undulating with each thrust, which is a huge turn on for me. Her curvy belly and giant tits were wriggling as my dick did it's magic.

I began sweating as I fucked her, and I was having so much fun riding Mandy. I loved her huge, hot figure and I could tell she liked being fucked by someone younger...

I pulled out and got on my back and she immediately, without prompting sucked my pussy-wet cock. She was very good at this. I began thrusting my hips into her and at last came into her mouth, which she happily swallowed. Before we went to bed, she left her mark by sucking my neck hard enough to leave a giant hickey on it...

In the morning, I decided it was time for round two... I began playing with her pussy, but wanted to fuck her from behind, so I positioned her on her hands and knees. I slid my cock into her wet cunt and found my stroke. I must have been hitting her G-spot pretty hard because she was practically screaming into the pillow. As I fucked her, I spread her giant ass wide open with my hands so that I could watch her pulsating asshole respond to my pounding her. I pulled out for a few minutes to tongue-fuck her ass and then went right back to fucking her pussy. As she started cumming, I got really excited and pulled out and shot my hot cum on to her ass...

It was a great online hook-up.
100% (9/0)
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2 years ago
Omg that was so fucking good I just about had an orgasm my self
2 years ago
Thanks for your comments... I'll post more if you ask...
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
Great story, I'm still dreaming about meeting a mature woman like this.