My first time using sex toys on a woman...

When I was a little younger - about 22 - I had a 19 year old girlfriend that I will call Stacy. She was petite, about 5 feet and 3 inches tall, and must have only weighed about 90 pounds. She had short curly brown hair and usually wore a bandana. Her lower lip had a stud through it, and she also had a piercing in her left nipple. The thing about her that I liked the best is that she had a nice hairy pussy, hairy legs, and hairy armpits.

One day we were hanging out in her dorm room and she told me that she'd like me to use a vibrator on me. So we got in my car, immediately, and went to the adult bookstore in town. After about 15 minutes, she finally made her choice. She picked a purple variable speed dick which was about 9 inches in length.

On our way back, this time to my house, Stacy kept looking at me and blushing... Anticipating the fun we were about to have.

Within minutes of getting into my room we had the batteries in the thing and our clothes off. Stacy was lying down on her back on my bed with her knees up in the air. I began to finger her hot, hairy box and she began to wriggle with excitement. I clicked the end of the vibrator on to its lowest setting. Slowly, I moved the head of the vibrator on to her clit and applied soft pressure as the buzzing toy did its magic.

Stacy began moaning and her chest started heaving as I softly worked the toy over her sweet little clit... I moved the vibrator lower to the entrance of her wet pussy. She told me to shove the vibrator into her. I obliged, and brought the head of the vibrator slowly into her pussy.

She squirmed as the tip went in. I slightly turned the vibrator as I worked it in and out of her hot little pussy. Her juices were flowing at this point, so I could glide the toy in and out very easily. I continued poking her cunt with the toy as I found her clit with my lips.

Her sweet clit perked up as I latched on. My tongue fluttered over her hot button as I rammed her with the vibrator. I saw that her sweet pussy juices were running down her leg, so I collected her moisture with my tongue - swallowing her yummyness. Stacy was thrusting her hips into my face at this point and she was moaning in the throes of orgasm. When Stacy would cum, she would immediately clench tight, not allowing anyone or anything to touch her pussy. She said it was too sensitive right after she came.

This was now my turn to get off.

I got on my back, beside Stacy, with her laying on my right side. She started jerking me off. While she did this, she latched on to my right nipple. She felt so soft on me. I put my right arm around her and dampened my middle finger with her pussy. Her asshole was nice and tight, but I slid my finger right in. I continued diddling her little pink asshole while she stroked my cock and sucked my nipple.

As she continued working on me, I pulled my finger out and sucked her hot juices off. She was making me feel so good. I put my finger back, deep into her smooth, tight ass.

Just about then, I shot cum all over. It got all over the bed, the wall, everywhere. She loved watching me spray my cum...
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