The First Time From Me

When I Was In High School, I Had Thought Of It All... Being Smart, Cool, Calm, And Nice With The Best Of Respect. But Then Came That Time I Wanted To Lose My V-Pass. *Virginity*

I Was A Freshman Around At The Time, And I Had My Sights On This One Girl. It Was At A Football Game, I Made Out With Her And She Had A Thing To Do It With Me....So That Night Will Never Change Forever.... So October Comes, And She Gives Me This Note Saying We Are Going To Have That Moment Alone.... And It Happened After School Alone Alright LOL It Was Me, Her, My b*****r And His GF. And After The Minutes Passed By, We Went Around The Weight Lifting Room And Got Turned On. I Put On A Rubber (Safe Sex) And Then....It Happened. Having Sex For The Very First Time As A Teen, Losing My Virginity To The Woman Who Wants To Set Me Free.... I Got Nervous, Sweating, And Hard.... From The Time She Went Up And Down, Up And Down Repetitively, I Almost Was At The Point For Me To Cum.... So After 9 Minutes Passed. I Came..... After Feeling My Own Sperm In The Condom Making Me Realize I Finally Had My First Time Having Sex. So What I Did, I Tied It Up, Throwed It Away, And Then Left The School With Her And My b*o And His GF. After The 2 Weeks Passed, She Ignored Me, Not Answering Me, Mostly Not Even Looking At Me. So I Found Out She Cheated On Me With Another Guy From The Football Team. He Was A Defensive Line Backer.. Shit He Even Looked Strong And Big... But Then The Moment Came To Me...Telling Me To Move On And Never Give Up. So Now....Im Am On The Journey, To Do Whatever I Can...

SEX...IS....Good. Dont Let This Situation Happen To You If You Were In High School.

Please Feel Free To Comment LOL

This...Was My First Time.
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1 year ago
lol, my first time must've been when i was 12 and i was with a gay boyfriend of mine, very first & i remember making out in his bedroom "the garage" lol, anyhow, sex was unplanned but the bj, 69 was a norm for us, but instead of doing it in the house while his grandmother is asleep just a couple ft away like we usually would lol, we decided to take it to the garage and i remember him doing oral on me, fierce mouth he had and i reciprocated, but unplanned we decided to try and fuck, would be my first time ever, lol, it was not a pleasant first time, he wasnt big in size but he was in fact thick, pushing into me, first time ever, i believe he was 19 at this time, half the head of his cock was just fine, but then came the other half of it and i was feeling such excruciating pain from his cock penetrating my asshole once it plopped in, i dont believe there was a scream but i pulled him out right quick and the water works followed lol, not a great first time lol :P
3 years ago
My first time with someone I actually really liked was a similar story... sucks.
3 years ago
girls & guys both can be that way in high school
3 years ago
I was in high school and I graduated in class of '09 and I must say I never got this lucky during high school! It sucks but I actually might get someone to be able to have sex with me thanks to a website i found from a ad on this site!