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[Story] Her First Cock

Collins Louise Parker was a high school senior. Her hobbies included playing flute for the school’s concert band, trying to draw what an emotion looked like, and dancing to pop music in her bedroom. Her favorite foods were pizza and chocolate. She liked horror movies, 80s sit-coms, and the color pink. But none of those interests matched the intensity she held for a secret obsession.

Collins Louise Parker was infatuated with cock.

She was addicted to cock. Not that Collins was sexually active - far from it. She was, in fact, a virgin who’d never seen male genitalia in person. That lack of... Continue»
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Tongueless And Bound

It's funny SO many people *as I did* have such a shining opinion of porn...Most seem under the assumption(or want to be) that i's just a way for girls who loves sex to make fast cash. Fun and games. It's all voluntary and the women happen to "really like it". The things is though sex =/= porn. Porn is fake...but it' still choreographed. The women are acting as is they're in eternal bliss(well the acting and the d**gs) but that twelve inch dildo going into her anus is real, the ten guys ramming her in... Continue»
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Exactly How I Suck Your Cock

You have finished work for the day, and come home. I meet you at the door, holding a small silver tray with a drink on it. You take the drink and look me over, at my black heels, eyes moving up to my thigh-high stockings. A short black skirt flares out from my slender waist, enough to be inviting to your hand. Over that, my big tits, round and firm under a tiny white apron. My nipples already hard. Finally, around my neck, a little white lace collar with a tiny black bow. Would Monsieur like to relax before dinner? I whisper in your ear. You nod.

You take a sip of your drink, and I lead you... Continue»
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The Difference between a Blowjob and Worshipping a

A blow job feels f***ed, obligatory.
Cock worship is eagerly voluntary.

A blow job is (sometimes) done with reciprocation in mind.
Cock worship is completely non-reciprocal; nothing is expected in return.

Both a blow job and cock worship brings pleasure, however, to me, cock worship brings a much deeper level of satisfaction for both parties involved.

A blow job can leave me feeling empty, unfulfilled.
Cock worship leaves me happy, complete, fulfilled.

A blow job gets the other person off.
Cock worship gets me off. (well, okay, he gets off too!)

A blow job can be quick and m... Continue»
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I was reading messages from two of my female friends on here and I closed my eyes and started to drift a little bit into a fantasy. I left my job before Thanksgiving and am not starting my new one until January, so I’ve been sl**ping a lot more than usual. I was still in bed at 10 a.m. and I felt a surge of energy through my body, so much so I started laughing. I’ve been working out a little more intensely recently so I guess I’ve felt a little sexier, a little more excited about my own body. It’s been two years since I had a baby, but I feel like I’ve finally gotten back into the same sha... Continue»
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Cumshot Gif Collection

6 [image] Continue»
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Chloe Camilla is Helen Haley (Koch) Jude by XXXME

She is awesome. I appreciate her energy. Her email is listed as: Chloe Camilla is Helen Elizabeth Haley (Koch) Jude (415.343.5595) Continue»
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What do your kisses say?

What do your kisses say? Here are a few examples of what mine say:

Kiss on the cheek: Welcome.

Kiss on the nose: You’re being silly, but that’s ok for the moment.

Kiss on the forehead: You just said something profound.

Kiss on the lips with eyes closed: Romance.

Kiss on the lips with eyes open: You’re going to get lucky.

Hard kiss: I like what you’re doing; keep doing it.

Hard kiss with a little biting: Yup, you definitely kept doing it.

Lip lock: I wish I could suck your whole body into mine.

So. What do your kisses say?
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To Jennifer

That night when you and I were at El Matador beach, to hear you say that you loved me caught me by surprise. It took my breath away to look into your eyes, those honest but conflicted eyes, and hear the words I had longed to hear for so long. It was like a dream had come true. I felt as though the world around me just faded as only you and I were on that beach at that moment. As the waves crashed along the shore, those periods of their refrain reflected the stillness I knew we both felt at that moment. As the moonlight strengthened and dimmed upon us, it was if the night mimicked our very... Continue»
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[Story] Julia is becoming our favorite fuck toy

Hanging around the house this morning after an eventful, hot, week, got a text message from our neighbor Julia, "Girl, I am horny". I yelled to Ben who was in the living room, "Ben, Julia is Horny!" chuckling to myself. "Oh yeah?" Ben said, "What's she gonna do about it?" I text Julia back and she said "Come over, if you're free". Well, I wasn't expecting to have a little fuck with Julia this morning but it's hard to let a friend down. I text her back, "We're Free. :D"

In about 15 minutes Julia appeared, dressed in short shorts and a white t shirt with no bra. Her nipples were clearly e... Continue»
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[Story] Lesbian BDSM

In the dungeon the slave kneeled and wriggled slightly in her bonds to again feel the pleasure of her imprisonment. Her whole body was encased in leather, a black cat suit stretched from her ankles to her jaw with a single zip down the back to release her when the time came. Black leather boots, which reached nearly to her knees covered the cat suit on her legs, as did the steel collar which covered the leather around her neck. The tag on the zip was clipped to a ring at the back of the collar so that even with her arms free she could not remove her uniform, not that she would have tried. A ma... Continue»
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Dawn helped me cum earlier just by telling me she watched one of my vids. I orgasmed by rubbing my clit in just minutes as she told me what she liked.

I went for a long run, then I showered and slowly shaved my pussy clean. My cunt is aching and tingly.

I'm laying in bed naked listening to my husband shower.

I'm not touching myself, just waiting for his mouth all over my thighs and my pussy. As he does this I'll be running my fingertips, tongue and lips...and use my entire face on every inch of his thick cock from top to bottom. I'll run my tongue over his balls and to that spot... Continue»
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GF just came over

My gf just surprised me by coming over wearing a tight dress and high heels. She said that she was feeling horny and wanted me to fuck her with my big black strap on. I was more than happy to oblige as I took her gave her an erotic kiss and starting to feel her up. My hands went under the dress and grabbed her ass and then worked my way to her pussy. The moment I grabbed that pussy it was dripping wet. She took her dress off and begged me to get my strap cause she just wanted to get fucked. I went to my drawer took the strap gave it to her to lick and then I put it between my pussy and around ... Continue»
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[Story] Cum for Dawn :Book III

Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

I love New Years Eve: staying up late, watching Dick Clark, partying with the neighbors, watching my b*****r light fireworks off in the streets… My parents really got into the New Years thing; they would invite pretty much the whole block over for a party.

Well the New Years of ’93 into ’94 I wasn’t going to forget anytime soon, as usual at the stroke of midnight the fireworks would go off, and I’m talking about the big ones! Not my b*****rs, which always made me run and hide. (At that time I didn’t like the loud booms from ... Continue»
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[Story] Holly and Melissa

This is Holly. I'm 19 years old, married and kind of sheltered in my husband's world. Last week my husband went out of town and I slumbered up for 5 days with my girlfriend Melissa. She's also married. Her husband is off fighting the war in Afghanistan. That's me sitting on her husband's bed.

Oh, and I should say off the top that, yes, Melissa and I have made up after she betrayed my trust and told my husband that I had dumped his cum in her pussy. My husband made my life miserable after Melissa told him that. But tha... Continue»
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[Story] My Craziest Sex Moments

Hi there. My name is Melissa. This story is about my craziest sex moments so far in my life since I turned eighteen years old. I love to look back at these times and laugh and masturbate about them. So here goes...


I'm in my high school locker room and about twenty of us girls are showering after our track and field practice. Out of nowhere this guy in his twenties, who has nothing on but tennis shoes, breaks in and he's masturbating his hard cock in front of us. I think it's funny and quite arousing. But ... Continue»
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[Story] Monica's Birthday

I want to start out by saying that ALL of my stories are written for my best friend Monica. They all were specifically written for her and I'm now sharing them as she believes they're worthy of being posted.

This one is my favorite

It’s mid-October of senior year, with the smell of fall break in the air; time for several friends and me to head cross country for the week. We decided we wanted to go somewhere memorable and have an unforgettable experience. There had been a long debate over where we should go, but the final decision had become Las Vegas. None of us had been, s... Continue»
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So a lot of people were disappointed that my visit with Pammy degenerated into us acting like bitchy high school cheerleaders via my blog, eschewing the usual highly erotic drivel I'm so known for.

Well to be honest, we had a fucking great time together this weekend. We went to the boston "Gahhh-den" to see the Celtics kick the fucking shit out of Lebron and the rest of those Miami Heat assholes. The day before we went to our old gym and played basketball with some guys we knew from high school and we kicked the crap out of each other. I still have the single game steals record for our h... Continue»
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I put on my robe and wizard hat...

I did not create these and they've probably been posted before... but I want them here because they make me feel better during those shitty days. They're always funny.


bl**dninja: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?

BritneySpears14: Aight.

bl**dninja: Slip out of those pants baby, yeah.

BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, bl**dninja.

bl**dninja: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.

BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up.

bl**dninja: Me too baby.

BritneySpea... Continue»
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[Story] It started with one message.

This story is for a friend. It's what I hope happens one day. Hope she likes it.

Boredom crawled into my life yet again and drew me to the distractions bought on by a starved libido. Xhamster had always been something I did with my ex and while it did bring bad some tough memories, my need won out over memories.

Men can be jerks and perhaps a change of pace was in order. Of course they have their uses, but too often they're uncontrollable assholes that have the world's smallest brains located in their cocks. There is no doubt a woman can be just as bad, but I had to see that for myself.... Continue»
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[Story] Just Friends

She’s just a friend. I’ve told myself this a million times. When she throws her arms around me. When she jumps on my lap. When I watch her tilt her head back in laughter. She’s just a friend. When her breasts press against my back as she hugs me from behind. The way she tickles and teases me. How she jokingly bites my shoulder. She’s just a friend. The other students watch as we giggle and slap each other. Wrestling and grabbing each other bodies and hands. I feel like they know I’m convincing myself. That she’s just a friend. She runs her fingers through my hair massaging my scalp. My body is... Continue»
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About male porn actors in western country (had fin

7 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be a Male Porn Star

By a Male Porn Star

Hello, I’m a male porn star and it sucks! Now, I know what you might be thinking: “Fuck you asshole – you have a big dick and you get paid to get laid.” True, but being a “pro” isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I’ve been “in the biz” for almost two years now and my experiences, while sexy and fun at times, for the most part have been awful. Below I’ve listed my Top 7 Reasons why being a male porn star sucks but let me say first that, yes, the overall ”kink” of what I do is pretty hot but the nuts ‘n bolts... Continue»
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[Story] Cindy Enjoys A Joint And Great Oral Sex With Two G

I swear, stories like the one I'm about to tell you only happen in two places: porno movies and college.

I, like a lot of young American women, did things back in college that I would NEVER consider doing now. But, having said that, I sure am glad I got to do them then!

These days I'm happily married and have two c***dren and would never dream of doing anything to jeopardize losing my f****y. But, having said that, there are nights when my husband's away on a business trip and the k**s are tucked into their beds, and I lie here in my bedroom, not thinking about my husband, but about the ... Continue»
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[Story] My First Threesome – My True Story

After having met up with Jack a few twice more, he made a crazy suggestion of inviting another lady to the meeting. I was a bit hesitant, and didn’t know much about having sex with two other people. But Jack reassured me that this other lady is very nice, as he was also seeing her casually, and that she wanted to do a threesome, so he thought of me.

So I said OK, but that I’d like to talk to her first to get to know her, so he passed on her details and I got in touch with her. After a few weeks of talking and chatting online, I finally informed both her and Jack that I would be happy to hav... Continue»
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[Story] Uni...part 1

At uni, Teresa or’Tess’ became by best friend. She succeeded my c***dhood friend Bethany who studied elsewhere. Me and Beth drifted apart.
I met Tess on day 1. We were both 18 and we hit it off immediately. Drinks, laughter… …we are a similar size as well so there was plenty of dressing up together and clothes swapping. Tess never made any secret of the fact that she’d been intimate with a couple of girls in addition to boyfriends, and she would often make it clearly obvious that she was checking me out. If I was down to just my underwear, she would always try to cop a feel. I was fine with ... Continue»
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[Story] Fuck my dirty asshole

The way real ass fucking should be

MMMM, that’s right baby, eat my pussy. Ohhh, lick it. Work my clit, yeah, suck all that juice. Oh shit, what are you doing? I see, you want to lick my ass? Yeah sweetie, don’t be afraid, no need to be shy if that’s what you like. I LOVE a hot tongue in my ass. Let me turn over for you so you can really get in there good. Spread my full, round asscheeks and really get your nose in there. Yeah, smell it. You like the way that smells? You like my musky, hot asshole? I know you do, look how fucking hard your dick is, look how much precum you are ... Continue»
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[Story] Jilling in the Fitting Room

One weekday morning many years ago I was trying on some tops in the fitting room of a local store.

I had been vaguely aware on my way in that there was somebody else in one of the booths almost opposite mine, and as I was getting changed I happened to glance through the gap at the side of my curtain and noticed that I could see into this other booth as the curtain wasn't completely closed.

The booths all had full-length mirrors on the back wall and I suddenly realised that I could see the reflection of the woman who was in there. She was facing the mirror, still dressed from the waist do... Continue»
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[Story] In the Heat of the Night

It was a steamy night in the ATL and there was a power outage. No light, no AC, all the entire city could do was sit and sweat and sit and sweat some more. Luckily, I live on the top floor of my condo so I could go outside naked as the day I was born and enjoy a little breeze without the fear of anyone peeking at me. My balcony looks out over the parking lot of a major home furnishing store, you know, the one from Sweden, Switzerland, wherever the hell it’s from so there isn’t a building around that could spy on me. I made a pitcher of Sangria before my ice cubes turned to water and I ... Continue»
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The reasons why I'm better than your wife

When you're out with your wife, she's constantly looking around to see if other men are looking at her. My eyes are always fixed on you.

Your wife calls you her "significant other." I call you Daddy.

Your wife needs "alone time." All I need is you.

A kiss from your wife is like ice cubes on your lips. A kiss from me tastes like raspberries and magic.

Your wife steals the covers. I use you to keep me warm.

Your wife says, "Not tonight." I say, "Just once more? Please?."

Your wife sees sex with you as a chore. I see sex with you as an honor.

Your wife shoots down eve... Continue»
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Butt Fucking

My boyfriend and I both LOVE anal sex. And when I say we love it, I know that I can’t get enough of it and he’s an anal enthusiast to say the least. If I had my way, I could take a dick in my ass every day, twice a day if I had the chance. Timothy, on the other hand, likes to keep a little variety in our sex lives so he has me on anal restriction. I can only get butt fucked twice a week so I have to ration it out until I’m desperate for it and I can’t take it anymore.

Timothy can always tell when I when it’s “my time” because I start getting a little more frisky. While we’re fixi... Continue»
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