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Pet Peeves

Just a list of very, very common things that get on my nerves in many different irritating ways.

Autotune If I want to listen to a computer sing, I'll just watch 2001

People who say things like 'LOL' 'OMG' or 'LMFAO' out loud. Considering the previous post, it should be clear how I feel about the "music" group LMFAO.

People who use cutsey portmanteaus like 'guesstimate' 'ginormous' or 'fantabulous.'

Grown adults who use words like 'tush' or 'tummy' to other grown adults.

Commercials for pretty much anything that is advertised during sporting events - beer, soda, phones, cars, trucks, each one of them assumes that we're all stupid in different ways.

MMA - watching two naked men beat the shit out of each other creeps me out.

The fact that every movie that comes out is a remake or a 'reboot' of an older movie, tv show, cartoon, toy, or board game.

When the people making said remakes use the term "reimagining." That's insulting, because it implies that they have imaginations.

Reality TV.

People Who Talk on the Phone When They Drive

People Who Text When They Drive

Internet Memes

I'm sure there will be more to come.

Posted by Regrets 3 years ago
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