Stitching Frankengirl Together: a Halloween Treat

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It combines candy, monsters, horror movies, ancient pagan rituals, booze, partying all night, fake bl**d, and hot girls in sexy costumes. On top of everything else, Halloween, a night given over to fun, fantasy, and revelry, is by far the sexiest holiday of them all (shove off Valentine's Day).

I always use October as a chance to revisit my favorite monster movies, the glorious black and white classics like Dracula, The Wolfman, The Mummy, and my favorites, Frankenstein and the even better Bride of Frankenstein. Now, Doctor Frankenstein had a bright idea, but he wasn't really thinking his little project all the way through. After studying his techniques and some basic anatomy and shoddy surgery, I figure that I can make my own creation. But I won't make some guy to lumber around and accidentally murder people. No, with some lab equipment, a few body parts snuck out of morgues, graves, and tombs (and maybe some more 'aggressive' means) and a whole lot of thread, I can make the sexiest, hottest, horniest woman man ever made.

So come up to the lab, and see what's on the slab...

Let's start from the ground up - graceful, shapely feet taken from a prima ballerina. Nothing like having a good partner to go dancing with. Going up, we have the slim, white, muscular looooooong legs of a Swedish beach volleyball player. Ah, the paradox of Sweden; they have horrible beaches but bombshell blond volley ball players...

On top of the legs, we'll have a big, curvy, juicy, smackable, spankable round bubble butt ass. And let's face it, black girls have the best, biggest, most badass asses, and I think the different skin tones stitched together will be cool. In front, I'll put in a tight sweet virgin's pussy, that...well, I'll get to the details later. Let's continue with the tour.

The large hips will curve into a thin waist and shapely back with a small of the back that curves in and and up, making one of those sensitive little bowls above a sexy ass, offset by upper ass dimples...

Of course I will need a college basketball player or swimmer's athletic upper back and shoulder muscles to hold up what is in front; gorgeous, overflowing, double d tan Brazilian breasts. Just an amazing set of knockers to bounce and play with as I please. Some tip top tits. To the side we have some nice lean arms with the powerful hands of a masseur at the end. Hey, mad science is stressful, and I would enjoy a rub down every now and then.

Above the graceful clavicles, there will be a long slender, swan like neck, which will house a larynx with a soft, sultry, seductive voice to make toes curl. And because I have a thing for the classics, neck bolts. She's hot enough to make them work.

Then we get to the head, and here's where we can have some real fun. After acquiring a noggin with exquisite bone structure, I can stitch on whatever face and whatever scalp of hair I please. A pale brunette seductress? A tanned blond party girl co ed? A freckled, red headed girl next door? Black, Asian, or Latina? She can be all of that and more. Whatever I'd like her to be...whatever she wants to be...

Before I get to the extra features, let take a break and acknowledge that this whole concept is pretty sexist and possibly misogynistic. I know the idea of valuing women for their parts alone is horrible and wrong and smacks of n*********a, but this is just a fantasy.

But what does one do with a woman of one's own creation? Well...She'll have a long, supple tongue, the kind that can tie cherry stems in knots. Not to mention some surgical implanted additional salivary glands to make it extra wet and slippery...

Using revolutionary super science, I'll grow nerve endings, and while that could be used to help people with debilitating conditions and paralysis, I'll use them to make her clitoris and pussy extra sensitive to stimulus. An extra set of skenes glands will give her pussy additional lubrication. At the very hint of arousal, she will be dripping wet. A special vibrating disk will be inserted onto the Gräfenberg spot and it will respond to vaginal and clitoral stimulus. So every finger, poke and thrust, no matter where it goes, will hit the g spot.

On the other side of things, nestled between sexy cheeks will be a tight, unused asshole. Now this is where I can really improve on nature. I will insert extra nerve endings and skenes glands in the rectum so that anal sex will be both pleasurable for her and naturally wet and lubricated. And in a stroke of genius, I will design and culture bacteria that can break down methane and consume foul odors. Once inserted into the colon, they'll make sure that, yes, even her farts will smell good. I mean, why not go the extra mile?

I'll insert additional nerve endings under the surface of the skin, making the entire body one large erogenous zone. Naturally, they'll be concentrated in the breasts, making them even more sensitive than ever. And here is where my true stroke of genius, the pièce de résistance, comes into play; clipples! That's right, clitoris nipples. These little pink nubs at the end of her tits only need a little stimulation to give her sense shattering, double barreled, full body orgasms.

And just to show I'm not greedy, there's an added feature she can use while playing with the girls. Why use a strap on when she can stitch on a detachable cock and balls wired to her nervous and circulatory system? She will be able to get hard and fuck her girlfriends like a man, even cumming on their faces and tits when she's done.

Now all I need is a brain. I'd like one that's intelligent enough to hold an actual conversation with. Someone naturally sexy, who has an imagination that can come up with all sorts of improvements I haven't even thought of. She'll have a body to die for and a life dedicated to pleasure. Hmm, any volunteers from you out there in hamsterland? It would be better if you came willingly, but I'll get a brain one way or another....Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Happy Halloween!
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3 years ago
Very cool! Do we have to wear a bra on our heads to activate her like the boys in Wierd science haha?
3 years ago
Like the parts about an unused asshole and detachable cock. As for improvements, how about giving her the soul of a nympho. A girl who turns the tables and can't contain herself. She must have sex with her creator.