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I'm:Joe Coleman, 28
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"God give me chastity...but not yet." - St. Augustine

How's it goin? I'm Joe and I'm from DC. Right now, I'm kicking about looking for some direction in life. I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, music, film (Turner Classic Movies is on of my best friends), hiking, camping, travel, cocktails, cigars, baseball, and wasting time on the internet. I'm unlucky in love, but like Wille Coyote, I'm still trying. I'm down for anything - some nights I like tearing up the club and going wild. Other nights I just want to sit and chat with close friends.

I'm 5'11, 160 lbs, slightly athletic (I've just started working out again), brown-blondish hair, blue eyes, clean shaven, but I can grow a wicked mountain man beard in the winter. - pretty much a text book example of Average Joe. If you want any more details, you'll have to get to know me a little bit better.

Turn ons - I like natural girl next door types. Not too much makeup, not too fake looking. I love ladies who are sexy with a sweet side and sweet with a sexy side. It is okay if ladies have a little meat on their bones. Who wants to get with a girl that looks like a twelve year old boy? Pretty open minded as far as race goes, beacause a beautiful women is a beautiful women. Blondes and brunettes are sexy, but redheads drive me up a wall. I love to watch a girl start out slow and bring herself off. Girl on girl drives me absolutely gaga.

Turn offs - Violence against women. Anything overtly exploitative. Porno with fake plastic looking Barbie chicks and tattoed creeps shouting and moaning. Sleezy isn't the same as sexy.

WARNING: Sydney University and all other institutions using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.

The obligatory disclaimer: WARNING: all individuals and/or institutions, including local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects and/or investigations. - You do not have my written permission to use any of my profile information, pictures, videos, blogs, or stories in any form or forum both current and future. If you have, or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.

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6 days ago
hi sugar baby
28 days ago
I been to Nashville a couple of times. Your about 7 hour drive to me.
1 month ago
Love the avatar :)
1 month ago
Hannibal Lecter ♥ Sweet Avatar sir ;)
4 months ago
Scully!!!!!!!! :D
4 months ago
nice dark shadows!
4 months ago
Wooohoo they are back. :D I love the Halloween Avatars.
6 months ago
Interesting pics, blog etc. Enjoyed it alot. Hope you get the chance to fuck many hot women ;-)
8 months ago
Sawdust bukkake... that actually sounds ridiculously funny, lol
8 months ago
You had a birthday on the 5th? I missed it? :( Happy belated Birthday!
8 months ago
What would you like? Perhaps some authentic and awesome Canadian maple syrup? A Roots Canada t-shirt? Lol let me know what you'd like and I will make it happen. Within reason of course: I'm officially a starving college student ;-)
8 months ago
I'm so sorry that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday on the 5th! Happy belated birthday, my love - I hope you had the happiest of days!!!!
11 months ago
Oo la. Oo la. Ooo Lucille. Baby. … Hey Lord, whatevea I done, don’t strike me blind for anotha coupla minutes. My Lucille. … That’s Lucille you mullethead. Anything so innocent and built like that gotta be named Lucille. … Hohohohuaha. … Shut your mouth about my Lucille.Cool Hand Luke...one of the best movies ever!
12 months ago
Either of*
12 months ago
Alison Redford... worst premier Alberta has probably ever had, next to Ed Stelmach. I'm very much a supporter of the Conservative Party but I did not vote for ethem in the last few elections.
12 months ago
The question is why would you want to eat 50 eggs?
12 months ago
Oh Paul Newman....man his stomach looked tight as a drum. 50 hard boiled eggs. Yuck!!
1 year ago
Lol, thanks for passing by.
1 year ago
I figured your status was a movie quote. By using google I see that I'm right. I never seen A Fish Called Wanda.
1 year ago
Lol I asked admin to send the profile reactivation link to my actual email address, and instead they shut down the new profile and reactivated this one. I'm taking it as a sign that Love-Bites should stay.

Happy Valentine's, darlin'. ♡
1 year ago
I'll look forward to it!
1 year ago
I been taking pictures of some of my favorite geek items i own!! Look for a gallery soon on my page. LOL
1 year ago
Merry Christmas!!! I hope Santa brings you everything you could wish for :-)
1 year ago
Merry Christmas Joe
1 year ago
It's like I'm talking to my Doppelgänger..
1 year ago
Man you east coasters are pussies about snow lol :-P
1 year ago
I do say so!! :P
1 year ago
No I was just chatting a little. :P
1 year ago
ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! OMG you just made me laugh like a fool in front of my coworkers.

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