Hot Tub, Beer & 3 Girls

I first met Lori,Debbie & Brenda my sophomore year of high school. Nothing romantic no crush just friendship. I always enjoyed being around them laughing,smoking some weed,drinking beer when we could get it & talking.
Lori was a heavy girl weighing about 175lbs plus,big boobs,big ass,looked like Janis Joplin. Debbie was a knock out with feathered hair, cute ass, nice boobs & seemed to always have a boyfriend. Brenda was like a stick. Tall,skinny,flat chested,no ass & weighed no more than 90 lbs.
I was always walking around with a hard on & sometimes jerking off 2-3 times a day. Sex was always on my mind a long with motorcycles & cars.
During our junior & senior summer break I was house sitting for a teacher while his f****y vacationed in California. The house was equipped with a redwood hot tub & there was a beer keg in a small cooler.
I happened to run into Lori & Brenda during a shopping trip. I invited the girls over for some beer & a hot tub. I continued shopping picking up a few extra food items then went home & got ready for the night.
The girls showed up & had Debbie with them. I sent the girls into the master bedroom to change. When they came out there were smiles on all of their faces & comments about the Penthouse & Playboy magazines I had forgot to put away. Feeling a little embarrassed & I think I even turned a shade of red.
With beer mugs full & chips near by we enjoyed the summer night laughing & talking. The conversation soon turned to tits & how Brenda didn't have any. I could tell she felt bad & soon changed the subject. About 10 minutes later Brenda started throwing chip @ Lori & Debbie aiming for their cleavage. Both Debbie & Lori warned her to stop. Brenda would stop then start back up. I was just sitting back enjoying watching Debbie & Lori get chip out of the swim tops. When Debbie stood up & faced away from me to remove her top to clear chips I developed an instant hard on catching sight of the side of her right tit. Then before I knew it both Debbie & Lori picked Brenda up & hauled her on to the redwood deck. They stripped both the top & bottom of Brenda's swim suit off & tossed it onto the roof. Now I just watched in amazement with my hardon. Brenda hurried back into the tub letting me get a good look @ her almost hairless pussy. I guess she had not started getting hair there yet. She pleaded with me to get her swim suit off the roof. I had never seen Brenda's tits & I couldn't keep from staring @ them. Under developed was no lie. Her nipples were on little mounds almost tubular & stood straight out about 2 inches.
I didn't dare get out of the hot tub showing my hardon. Lori & Debbie showed no mercy on Brenda.
Brenda pleaded but I still couldn't get out of the hot tub. Lori then made a remark that I probably had a erection after looking @ the magazines & then seeing Brenda naked. I froze where I was. Debbie reached over & felt my hard cock & let the other girls know about it. They all laughed about it & joked about me going into the house & jerking off. Brenda said she had never seen a guy jerk off before & even Lori was wanting to see me do it. I told them no that was not going to happen.
Just like before when they hauled Brenda out onto the redwood deck & before I knew what hit me the 3 girls had me not only on the deck but a was naked & pinned down. Lori sat on my chest facing away from me. Brenda & Debbie were both on a leg. Laughing @ what they had just did & looking @ my cock. Lori wanted to know how to jerk a guy off so Debbie told her she would show her.
As hard as I fought to break free there was no chance. Lori was just to heavy. Debbie found some baby oil & sun lotion nearby. I soon felt the smooth feel of a hand @ oil being poured over my hard cock. Debbie gave the girls instructions as she stroked my cock. I could barely breath with Lori sitting on my chest. I begged for them to stop but my words could hardly come out. Debbie peered around Lori & said "if we let Lori off you will you stay where you are"?
Yes... a very reluctant yes.
"Will you do what we tell you to do"?
Yes again was my answer.
Lori got off of me giving me a great view of Brenda as she was learning how to give a hand job. The combination of her tits & the feel of her cunt & ass on my leg was overwhelming & I exploded hard sending cum on all of us.
I lay there resting when Debbie told Lori & Brenda that this next thing was fun to do. She explained how sensitive the head of a cock can be after climaxing. She then started to stroke just my cock head sending me in a world on pain. I had never felt that before & tried to get away. She stopped & reminded me of my promise to stay still. I lay there as each of the girls took turns rubbing & stoking the head of my cock. They all seemed to enjoy the pain & torment they were causing me. What seemed like an hour but was just a few minutes Debbie then stopped the girls to give me a rest.
We all returned to the hot tub & the girls were asking me all kinda of questions about sex & the male body. Since Brenda & I were naked we both felt that it was only right that Lori & Debbie a least take their tops off. I was very surprised when they both removed their swim suits completely.
Debbie asked me to sit on the side of the hot tub. I was already getting another hardon. She produced the bottle of baby oil & Lori & Brenda then started with another handjob.
That Night we stayed up playing around with each other & even got Brenda to masturbate on here own which was her first time. The girls stayed the night & I loved waking up the next morning to have 3 naked girls in the same bed as me. Lori woke up first & started with another handjob. We didn't get out of bed until noon time then the rest of the day was spent walking around naked.
That summer was great, I loved when Lori, Brenda & Debbie would come over & bring a friend that needed to know about the male body or just see a naked guy. I did give in and show the girls how I enjoy jerking off which was a great turn on for me & a great show for them.
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3 years ago
great summer
3 years ago
3 years ago
Sounds like a fantastic summer...did you get to have sex with them too!