What's so hot about gay/bi-guys???!

Well, hello everyone out there... I decided to write this down in my own thoughts, because so many men are asking me what I think is sooooo damn hot about bisexual men... Okay, if you are curious, I'll tell you!! I tell you what I think about it... ;)

So, the first thing I want to let you know is, how I even started watching gay porn... That was a couple of years ago... I started watching "normal" porn with guys & girls... But after some time, it became kind of boring to me... So I searched for something new... And I always wanted to know, how the guys do it to each other... So I went to the nearest video store to see, if they have some gay-action.. ;) And there was a short collection of dvds... So I chose one or two dvds and took it back home... I watched it, and what I saw really impressed me... There were some hot young cute guys, sucking it like nothing and they seemed to know what to do... ;) I was like wow.. I didn't expect these guys to be so good and so passionate... That's where I thought, wow, so thats the way guys like/do it... ;) and so I kept my attention on that...

-You know, everybody has been watching some porn before, and we all know what we get to see:
Just, stupid, bad and -sometimes- disgusting, fucking!!! Damn!! So I decided to take a look on some "man-into-man" action... -

And even if the first movies I saw didn't contain famous porn stars, they were way better than guys&girls together!!!
- I have to admit, at this point. -

~ Let me explain what "better" means for me... I mean, in the most porn videos and movies with guys&girls there is no story, no passion, just stupid fucking around... And in many gay-movies there's a real story behind all that sex... And that's what I liked from the beginning... ;) ~

So I kept watching more and more gay movies... And I must say, these gays are great!!! And they are way better than any other porn movies I've seen so far!!! Honestly!!!

So, well, I don't even know what makes gays/gay movies so hot... Maybe it's because its -almost- always two (or even more) guys with big cocks... Thats always interesting!!! And I've seen many videos and movies with only men/boys. ;)) And I can say, I believe they are way more passionate than guys & girls!!

That's it, for the "gays"... for now.... ;)

Okay, and to tell you a little bit about why one particular guy (B.E.) appears a couple of times in my favorite videos,
Thats also a cool story:
Some of my girls (friends) know about my special interest in gay porn... So we were chating for some hours, and I asked her what she was doing at the moment... And all of the sudden she told me she was searching for new hot videos with hot guys for me!!! WWWOOOOOWWWW!!!^^ :P So I said okay, that's cool, thankyou!!! ;) then she said, hey I think I found someone you'll love to see,... and I was like, okay if you think so, then give me a link and I'll take a look!!! Then she sent me that link, wich lead exactly to a very hot video (in my favs. "brent&brent -the meeting)!!! I was soooooo excited, from the first minute!!! That was like "love at first sight"!!!

>there was this one cute guy standing there, thinking 'bout how he's gonna make a good impression on the other one... And the other one, sooooooo damn hot and sexy, even with his clothes on, and then they "crashed".. haha *lol*.... <

But when "B.E." took of his "soakin' wet" shirt, and the other one (B.C.) just stopped and stared at him, I think I was thinking exactly the same!!! I thought like, "oh yeah, keep going, take it off, boy!!!" And when I saw that beautiful body, I was soooo excited... He was looking soooo fucking hot!!! ;) And that's where I discovered him, and kept searching for videos with him...
-and I still search for more videos of him!!! So if you know or have any please tell me where to find them!!!-

Well, at this point my girl said "hey, I'm downloading this video for you right now!!" .... and I was like, "are you serious? Thankyou soooo much!!" :))

-I guess I couldn't ever get with a girl, because I love to see hot guys!!!!!-

Wow, long text so far... ;) but it still continues...

So now the question of all questions... What's so hot about bi-guys?? Well I have to admit, I have never had a threesome with two guys.. Not yet... ;)
But I can imagine it to be very hot and sexy... So what makes bi-guys interesting for girls -or lets just say for me- ??

I do believe that many girls in the world have spent at least ONE thought of fucking with two guys at the same time, or getting fucked by her boyfriend and then having her boyfriend fucked by another guy!!! *lol*

I was thinking about that, too, in the recent years... Whenever I had sex, I thought it would be even more hot, if another guy were there to fuck him while he was fucking me.... ;) And now (I often have that fantasy) I'm interested to have two guys around me, and have them suckin' & fuckin' each other -right in front of me!!! And I'll just sit and watch... ^^ (and thats where we come to the point, why it has to be "BI"-guys) But, I believe, that, if they would start fucking in front of me, I couldn't just sit around and watch very long... I think I'd want to get in the mix!!! :D *lol* I guess I couldn't watch "complete" -gays having sex, 'cause it would make me horny somehow and I'd want to get with them.... Unless some gays don't mind and wouldn't be afraid to even get with a girl... *lol*

And that's why it has to be bi-guys and not "complete"-gays!!! ;)

I hope you enjoy my thoughts about it... and have fun reading it... and of course, please leave some nice comments!! :D

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1 month ago
Thanks for all your nice comments guys!! :) keep going.
11 months ago
Loved this entry and your thoughts on bi/gay men!
1 year ago
i can see how thats hot, im kinda bi curious myself. I think the idea of having another guy there to maybe suck me or me to fuck him is kinda hot for me.
2 years ago
you have a great attitude! i love it ;)
2 years ago
I agree with you...
the biman is too Hot...
I also love to see bigirls ...
WOW Bi Is so HOT!!!
I love to blow up seeing bi videos...

2 years ago
wow that was very interesting. im not sure what to say. But i will tell you if you ever want to carry out that fantasy. im ur man
3 years ago
very nice to see a woman so honest with herself and her friends about liking bi men. men love bi women, and women secretly love bi men....and its VERY clear women are into this. most hide it by hanging out with gay guys...when they know they like seeing all the man on man action and get turned on sexually