I Dream of Sweden

I met this Swedish girl, torturing myself at my gym. Her name is Renka and is over here for 6 months managing some department over at the local Ikea. _She called me up on Friday to meet up for a drink in town after work. Cool I thought. I suggested the Establishment on George St. which she loved as it was like a swanky European bar. __We hit the dance floor in the neighbouring club 'TANK'. Flo-Rida came on which was perfect as she was actually wearing 'Boots with the fur'. This girl could dance, and do a booty shake on me. I had to lean forward not let my hard on be seen. __

We had dinner back at the bar, where she talked bout life growing up as a north African in Sweden. It would be like Albino growing up in Harlem, you would notice. _Girls would occasionally shun her, but guys would be constantly cracking on to her, as she was exotic amongst all the Aryan poster c***dren._She was quite forward which I had known Scandinavian people to be when having had a few drinks.

She enquired what colon I was wearing as she kissed my cheek. Trusardi. She liked it as was masculine but not overpowering with fruity undertones. __I enquired as to what she was wearing, Bulgari with a Mango & Coconut spray. No wonder I felt dessert. Lets get outta here she said, Dessert I enquired? Sure your place. Whoa ok.. (Fast mover). Bus Train, Ferry or Cab? Cab it was. We got back to my place within 20mins. Up the stairs, and on the couch with a glass of red wine.

My apartment was warm despite, we are in the middle of winter. She found the decor all too familiar. Shop a little at Ikea do we? 90% of my place is decked out in the Swedish brand. Yep. Ikea is like relaxation therapy to me. Well you made it work well for you, she said with a cheeky grin. I leaned in to kiss me, her lips were darkened maroon, and perfect white teeth. I felt her fingers move into my chest hair as she undid my shirt. This girl was not into Tall, dark and handsome. She liked her boys Vanilla.

She started to suckle my skin underneath my chin, down neck and across my collar bone. Those North African lips felt warm lotion as she sucked on my nipples. Mmm salty, she stated as my skin started to heat up, little beads of sweat started to form around my chest. I was nervous or anxious I couldn't decide. Shhhh just relax she whispered.

I lifted her top, revealing a French lavender lace bra, it was such a contrast to that mocha skin She stood up in front of me and grinned again, as her boot was up on the couch in between my legs. "You don't mind do you?" I obliged by unzipping the tan fur boots. ZZZZIP. Revealing a well toned calf muscle and toes with purple nail polish. I undid the other. I unzipped the back of her thigh length mini. She wiggled down the skirt. Showing me her muscled thighs and buttocks. I did not deserve such an awesome example of femininity. __I could feel my toes begin to curl as the soft red light in the background reflected off the brown beauty.

Holding my hand, she made her way to my bedroom. She liked what she saw. dark g**** bed sheets and a thick chocolate faux throw. She wrapped herself up in the throw and it looked inviting. My shirt was still hanging on me and my belt still done up. She obliged me in return, slipped them both down on the floor leaving only m standing at the foot of the bed in my red undies with a raging hard on. Ooooh someone is happy to be here. She put her fingers on the top of of my under wear and slowly revealed my cock. Hey a redhead! I had no idea but now that I look at you, closer I can see it. Does that bother you? I asked. She said hunny I am from Sweden and we have boys who are blonde and ginger top to bottom. Cock is a cock and yours looks nice and white. Come here. She wrapped he legs around me and drew me in. I could feel the pressure in those thighs against my pelvis. Oooooh baby. You have seen James Bond Goldeneye she asked? Oh yes. My favourite JB movies. Good then, she squeezed even further, I felt my eyes beginning to bulge in my skull.

I kissed her lips hard and with passion. Her tongue tasted of Malibu and pineapple still Her legs started to loosen to a more welcoming embrace. I removed her blouse top revealing a tasty pair of tits. I I loosened her lavender bra, with my left hand, while smoothly lowering my right hand down her back. She started to shiver, as a chilly breeze came through the window. I lowered Renka back on the bed kissing her from the corner of her mouth, down the neck, her shoulders and those stunning perky breasts. Around her nipples and underneath where I could still taste the sweat of the day. Intoxicating'.

I further went down across her belly, gently licking her belly button, which she giggled, and the palms of her hands, as they stroked the side of my face. Pulled down the lavender bottoms, to be greeted with a stunning all natural muff. It was growing back after a Brazilian wax a few weeks earlier. She was North African after-all. _I gently lapped the flat my tongue on the dark lips. Letting her pussy naturally widen. A stunning pink love tunnel started to open toward me. I obliged my letting my oral skills work further. It tasted salty, as the juices moved back and forth in mouth.

After making her pussy cum in my mouth twice, which I was more than honored to accept, she said 'you have been down there for ages and I am feeling selfish'. Come on slip that cock in now. I'm so sensitive. And she was. Little goose bumps had surfaced over that fine mocha skin.

I got a rubber from the chest of drawers, and put it on. I raised my head up to her face, gently bit her on the ear and slid in. Her breath exhaled and her legs wrapped around my waist again. Her hands slowly moved over my back and head. She looked amazing, with her eyes partially closed and teeth biting her bottom lip. Her body girating to my movement back and forth.

She wanted to be on top for a awhile. 'Can you hold it in for a little while?' 'I got all night bb' I replied. I did not need to pull out, I simply rolled to her right and she was on top. 'Well that was easy, she said'. Thats usually the awkward part for her, she expressed quietly.
Her stunning dark body moved up and down now, on my rock hard firecrotch. I need to feel you inside me she exclaimed. I could feel her body quivering again. I want to cum with you at the same time. I want that nasty white cock to explode in me.

She started to rub my chest hairs generating friction, and loosening them at the follicle. Ouch, but hot. Then started to put her fingers in my mouth. Wetting them and then rubbing her nipples, with my saliva. Oh this is too hot, I thought. I motioned to get up to lick those dark nipples but she pushed me back down on the pillows.

She let me take over the rhythm entering her deeper with every thrust. My mushroom head plowing further made her more vivacious. She lowered her mouth to chest and started to lick the sweat from my pink nipples. Mmmm salty sweat. I like it. Oh god, I thought. I could feel that surge pushing through. Oh bb she said lets do it. Cum hard baby, in me now! I've got another on the way. _Her body started to stiffen and arch back.

I could feel her pussy splash down on me and she could feel the hot cum try and burst through the rubber sheath. Oooh you got quite the punch deary. She slowed down the movements and I could feel the pussy muscles d**** around my now deflating erection. She looked at me cheekily, and then whispered with me, ok... 1..2..3. She sucked in her breath, withdrew her love tunnel and rolled off me. __I jizzed one time in the condom as moved off me. She lowered down, and inspected the rubber.

Whoa thats quite the load. Did you forget to jerk off this year or something?, she giggled. She slowly fell to sl**p moments later, with her left arm across my chest, and her legs curled into mine.

The following morning we woke to watch the opening ceremony to the Olympics in London, and cheered Australia then a while later Sweden came out. I made her breakfast.

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