Interracial Roman Holiday

Way back in 2002, I was on a Contiki holiday. There were two buses groups running side by side for the first couple of weeks.

From London to Paris to Nice, Tuscany then Rome our tour buses were together. While I was stopping at these stunning locations, a girl, Melissa, with mocha skin, short black hair and eyes you could melt in a chocolate fondue set.

I found she was not American but a Canadian from Winnipeg, with an outgoing down to earth attitude to boot.

As this was the first few weeks of Summer in Italy, there were days that that were so unbearably hot, and we could not stand some times being around our own bus crews so she hung with me couple of times.

This beautiful mocha princess was everything I was not, taller, trimmer, and exotic. On our final couple of nights before the tours spilt, we found ourselves in the laundry room sucking back a couple of Bacardi Breezers. I noticed that for some reason the soap brick had got stuck to the window of my washer. She got out of her chair straddled over to failing machine and started banging the front, eventually setting it free.

Later that night at the pub we continued having breezer, and subbies, and got sweatier and decided to go for a walk, away from the party. I had put on some Tuscany Eau de Toilette, which she admired. She scented of Cocoa body butter and Malibu.

I had never smelled anything so fitting and intoxicating. As it was a warm clear night we walked close by the river, where the moon light was hitting the slow moving water.

She assured me that nothing was going to happen, that night, and I said that I wouldn't dream of it. (*sigh*)

She wanted me, and I wanted her!

After about half and hour of flirting she stated that she wanted to go back but I could not help but notice her going the long way around towards my cabin.

She did not want to go back to her own cabin as the girls in there were noisy and nosey. I told here that my roomy was not coming back as he had picked up earlier.

I think she realised that it would be wasted opportunity if nothing happened and that our two tours were separating in the morning.

We went in to my cabin the light still off only the moon, shining in. As the beam of light hit her skin it looked amazing as her skin turned that striking blue that Moroccans get on a clear night. The room was a little cooler as a breeze had broken the still night air. She placed herself on the bed leaving me room. I could tell she was nervous.

We kissed gently on the lips. She started to relax when I held her a little tighter. She liked the way my tongue tasted in her mouth.

I had been eating oranges earlier and she thought it only fitting given my Anglo-Celtic features.

Her tongue still tasted of the Malibu and pineapple from the bar. Her skin felt like warm silk on my fingers.

The heat in the room started to swell again, and she asked did I have any protection?
‘Of course’, I said.

She also confessed that I was the first white guy she had kissed. I said that’s ok. I keep my tastes multicultural, living in Sydney you have to keep an open mind.

She turned on the bedside lamp as she wanted to have a better picture of me. It lit up the room in a warm yellow hue.

She slowly removed her Apricot slinky top, and white Daisy Duke cut-offs revealing only a pink string bikini. I gave it one tug from its bow at the back of her neck. It fell from her shoulders revealing two perky b-cups. I brought her in close reached around her smooth back only to feel bumps across her skin. I looked over her shoulder to find a tattoo of a dragon.

I gazed into the chocolate abyss that were her eyes, and she began to rub her fingers up in my shirt. I could feel my cock bulging from pants. So could she.

‘Ooooh she exclaimed quietly. What have you got for me down there’, she said playfully.

As the shorts fell, her legs I could see went all the way up to heaven. I could see why that two days earlier she had won the prize for best pins in the Riviera.

She had taken my undies at the side and was hit in the chin when my throbbing boner popped out over the top. She had never seen a fire-crotch before. She ran dark fingers up and down the shaft. And started to kiss the underside of my balls.

She let the little golden hairs tickle her chin, then ran her tongue down the left side of my cock, then over through my ginger forest. My cock felt it could explode at any second from agony or excitement.

I thought to myself, that this contradicts everything I had perceived. That a HOT black woman would never go for a guy like me. How wrong was I.

I lent her back over to the bed and pulled down her pink bikini bottom. Revealing a neatly shaved landing strip.

Do you like what you see? Oh yes, me likey! Her nipples were like two chocolate drops on cupcakes, and just as sweet. I could taste her intoxicating sweat from the day on them.

I swirled my tongue around them as she writhed in ecstasy. I continued until all the sweat was in my mouth. I made my way down to her 'have a nice day' belly ring where I looped my tongue in and out of her belly button. She sat up with a jolt as no-one had ever tried that before. It was a sensation she'd never felt before and she liked it.

I followed her snail trail down to the dark forest below. I now knew it was time to saddle up and 'Head South of the border, I need to please Missy'.

I ran my tongue, through the tight curls of her pubic area. She moaned as my mouth moved further down to her inner thigh. Now or never I thought. I could feel the warmth pulsating from those black lips. I gently pulled them and to my wonder a strawberry centre. I plunged my tongue in further and further with every motion forward.

She ran her fingers through my hair and whispered 'Oh Marcus'. I could feel her body temperature rising inside and out. Then I felt her tremble under me. I stopped rubbing her ass cheek and slipped a thick finger in her pussy folds to see how wet she was. When I pulled it out I saw her juices dripping from my finger. I pulled it out and stuffed it in her mouth for her enjoy. She eagerly licked her juices and whimpered in expectation of what was next.

I slipped my tongue in her pussy lips again but this time held there while he maneuvered trying to find her spot. When she started trembling I knew she was close.

I brushed her clit with my thumb making her gasp, and kept rubbing her clit until I felt her juices flowing on his hand. When she was a second away from cuming I withdrew my hand. Ohhhhhhhh! She squirted a little, on my face. It was warm and like honey.

I want you in me NOW, white boy! So when a sexual rampaging, Hally Berry look a-like, has you between her thighs... you listen.

My cock I thought was as hard as a jack-hammer. She got me on my back this time, her eyes were far more determined from the sweet bowls of chocolate earlier. They were glazed over and hungry.

Give me that damn Red cock now. She rolled a condom down using only her lips. I had a mini packet of lube just in case. 'No need!, you got me there’, she exclaimed. She lowered he tight body down over me. My white cock disappearing in her super wet love tunnel. Its was tight at first, and she moaned in anticipation. Our bodies gyrated back and forth.

On my back, and reverse cowgirl, on her back, and then turned her over for doggy. She groaned as I moaned. She even managed to rip the sheets of my bed. While in doggy I massaged her back with hers own and mine sweat. It tasted sweet and salty. Every now and then she would ask to spank her left and right butt cheeks which thrilled me more. The hot Roman heat swirled around the room, as our bodies tore into one another.

She begged me to cum soon as she had already climaxed twice. I asked her to started talking dirty. She said, she wanted my hot white cock to pour out all over her. All over her front and tits and face. I could feel the sudden surge of power flowing inside my core.

Within seconds I pulled out of her, and emptied my hot white load, that felt it could melt steel at that point. I had not cum like this ever. It had ran up her belly, over her tits, around her chin, and dribbling in her mouth. Mmmmm. She tasted.

Salty, and fruity. We fell into a sensual heat and she asked me for a tissue. I of course complied. She wanted me to spoon with her as our bodies cooled down and the gentle breeze returned.

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