Day out at Obelisk Beach

As for stories well, I can tell you one that happened in December. I was walking away from the usual track through some dense bush where u find a rock face deep within the scrub. I could see human movement and what looked to be two guys. Both tall and muscular, one was strawberry blonde wearing a purple check open shirt blue tank, and denim cut-offs, with thongs. The other was African-American cause I could him talking, wearing a loose yellow tank, and high cut blue drawstring swimmers. 

I remained on the other side of some thickets unseen, I could see directly at them, their cocks were bulging through their jocks, as they kissed each other. 

I noticed I was not the only one enjoying the show. There was a lean mid twenties Asian guy peering from the other side of the couple who had his cock out but I could bearly make out. 

Slowly the Asian guy shuffled over to the spot where the guys were, stroking his juicy rod inside his red speedoes. Showing the slightest pubes as he rubbed down and up his shaft.

My cock was rock hard at this point as Asian guy gestured for me to come over. We all slowly and tantalisingly got our cocks out massaging each others balls and shafts. 

The blond guys (Scott) cock was so inspiring, like me a firecrotch only a tight foreskin and a few extra inches about a 7". The Black guys (Tyrone) member resembled a chocolate python with a cut strawberry pink head, and small circular tuffs of hair covering his throbbing monster and tight chest. The Asian guy (Will) had never seen a redheads cock before and seeing two right in front of him plus the BBC, said it was Christmas. 

My cock is about a 6", and Will took my cock in his smooth hands and rubbed it back and forth. His own cut cock about the same length only slimmer was pulsing over his red trunks up and down. His juicy purple knob pointed out rather than up. I got down on my knees just as Scott was doing the same to Tyrone. I brought over Will so both he and Tyrone were leaning up against the rock face while us two Whities immersed our faces on their ethnic tools. 

We swapped over and I could taste Scott's sugary sweetness over Tyrones tube-steak. While moving my mouth up and down the shaft the American groaned in xtc. I reached over to Scott's fiery man meat and could feel the sweat pouring off his golden haired abdomen. 

Scott was a Aryan poster c***d, with buttermilk good looks and fair complexion. He also tasted faintly of vanilla kisses compared to Tyrone who tasted of cocoa body butter, Yummo. 

Gently Tyrone, reached over to Scott's chin and raised him up. Both boys cocks were rock hard. Tyrone kissed Scott passionately for a few seconds as I stroked Will's pulsing dick. 

Tyrone reached down into the front of his backpack, and pulled out a rubber and a lube packet. Scott obligingly opened up the rubber and rolled it down the waiting meat stick with his moist golden/ginger haired lips, while fingering his own pink asshole with the lube. 

Tyrone masterfully lowered Scott's tight hole onto the black pole. Scott struggled and groaned in agony and anticipation. Both me an Will started sucking on Scott's nipples and torso. His body tasted sweet and salty as the Vanilla scent became more intense. 

Then with a final groan the Scott had managed to take Tyrone's piece all the way in. Somehow by some freak of nature this Blonde boy managed to take in this tusk of a penis and we were helping. He was going cross-eyed as the three of us worked on this torso. 

I worked on his chest, arms and neck while Will buried his nose into the then licking the sweat from his golden balls as they bounced up and down from Tyrone's movement. We each had to move the rythm. 

My mouth rotated between Tyrone and Scott's bodies. The tastes between them were so different but just worked. Me and Will broke off into our own 69 on a laid out towel. His cock felt so good at the back of my mouth. His firm butt cheeks would tense up every time I flattened my tongue on his shaft. His trimmed pubes tickled my freckled nose. 

I noticed his tongue was long and pointy, and liked to explore. As he was a few inches taller he managed to bury his mouth under my balls sending me into a minor convulsion. His mouth somehow after all the action remained cool and comforting yet exciting and adventurous. 

Will and I were just about ready to pop our loads when Tyrone started to let out grunts. As hard and as engaged as Me and Will both were, we could not miss this. We got off the ground and started to massage both of the guys torsos. Tyrone's white teeth and pink gums were gritting and shining in the warm sun. His movement getting more erratic, then suddenly he managed to rip Scott off and the rubber off in what seemed second in slow motion, a thunderous guttural yawp emanated from inside Tyrone as hot white cum ruptured up through the opening of his one-eyed monster showering all of us like a Peter North porn volcano. 

Tyrone fell into a sweaty gooey heap his black monster deflating and tender as Scott gently licked the remaining cum off our chests. 

Scott needed to cum next and Tyrone obliged my taking the golden boy's rod in his mouth. What seemed like only minutes, Tyrone's big nigger lips sucked like a velvet vacuum, with his firm sweaty butt in the air. 

Will could not contain himself and started rimming Tyrone. Then a sudden jerk occurred within Scott. He was about to pop too. His knob was bright fucking purple and the veins were started to inflate. Tyrone had to keep pushing down on Scotts chest as the xtc was to much to bare. 

Then with a final gag and squeal from Scott he exploded vertically in the air like a creamy fountain. I managed to taste it and it was hot, sweet and spicy. He said he ate a lot of pineapple for better tasting cum. 

Both Tyrone and Scott collapsed into each other as Will and I continued our 69. His salty load came first as I plowed my finger into his tight asshole. Then mine on his face which he soon wiped off. 

Will and I had never been in anything like this before. He asked both me and Scott for some pubes as we were his first redheads ever. We pulled off a few strands and he put them in a little sample packet from his bum bag. 

We finished up in the cool waters down by some rocks. Our cocks gently lapping each other. Both will and I started to get hard again and engaged in an underwater sword fight. His felt so nice next to mine. 

We kissed each other goodbye and went our separate ways. This was the hottest day at Obelisk Beach. 
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2 years ago
Wow, great details!
2 years ago
I have a few red haired friends and they are FUN as Hell!