Helping my partners mother

My partner and I had been together for 2 years, after opening up to each other about are sexuality and feelings for each other are lives pushed forward for the better. At 19 we were both young and attractive and had plans to continue studying at college. My partner Lisa was petite blonde with a pretty face and a smile to die for. She was a c cup bra size she and had a good figure; in my eyes was absolutely perfect.

I was similar in size to her in figure and bra size though was a dark brunette. Lisa’s mum Joanna was 38 years old, she had Lisa when she was 19 and was a true inspiration to me as she was co manager of a law business which allowed her to gain a good income and deny stereotypes of young mothers . Though the father did abandon Lisa and her mother it didn’t prevent Lisa and her mother sharing a close bond.

I and Lisa’s mother got on really well with each other as a spitting image of Lisa in regards to shape and hair colour she accepted me with open arms. It was the summer break and Lisa’s mum offered for me to come and stay with Lisa and her at her house. Though Lisa’s collage wasn’t over for another day her mum said that I might as well come early to unpack and get settled in. I arrived at her mother’s at house around lunch time, it was a fairly hot day and Lisa had told me about the new hot tub which her Mum had placed in to the summer house; which I was dying to try.

After arriving and unpacking my suit case Joanna called up to me “Jenny the hot tubs ready when you are I will meet you there.” After rushing the last few things into the draw I changed into my bikini and went downstairs to the hot tub. I gently tapped on the door and Joanna replied “come on in” so I did. As I entered I was shocked as Joanna was getting naked rather than changing into her bikini “Oh” I said “sorry I didn’t know you were naked” Joanna laughed “I’m sorry sweetie I didn’t think you would mind being another women and seeing we are good friends we are” still shocked I felt that I may have offended her so quickly replied “oh it’s no problem.”

She smiled and got into the hot tub, feeling slightly UN easy I got into the hot tub with her and started to make small talk, I didn’t know if I should have also been naked perhaps that would have eased the tension I was feeling especially since Joanna seemed so relaxed. I left it for five minutes as she seemed fine and the hot tub was bliss as it is the only worry I felt was trying to avoid looking at Joanna’s wet soft boobs. To try and ease my tension as I thought I could cope with her seeing my boobs I said “does the hot tub feel any different when your naked or is it just the same?” trying to convince myself that the question wasn’t complete stupid I looked as she smiled and said “I just find bikini tops restricting and I trust you and feel comfortable enough to be naked so I do it.” Reassuring me slightly I proceeded to take off my top half of the bikini. As my boobs were reviled so Joanna said “ooo I see what Lisa means” My tension came back and I said “pardon?” Joanna laughed again “something Lisa said she told me that your boobs were perfect.”

Feeling greatly uneasy I replied “really?” Joanna smiled and said “don’t look so worried me and Fiona talk to each other about everything, we have no secrets, at the end of the day it’s what keeps us close. It reassuring to know how good your relationship is through hearing about your time together and sex, I’ve been told that you have great oral skills.”

I couldn’t help but laugh I was shocked. Joanna then said “ with my failed relationship and bringing up a girl whilst maintaining a career it was difficult for me to experience anything new such as lots of holidays abroad to exotic places, and sexuality. Maybe things would be different if I had shared some experience especially sexually.” She began to look directly into my eyes and gently bit her bottom lip I was stunned I had no idea on where it was going; did Joanna want me to give her a lesbian experience? Assuming it was so I said “Joanna, I don’t want to cheat on Fiona” Joanna smiled “ I’m not asking you to but I only want to try it, it won’t mean anything and will go no further I just want it once with someone I trust and care about. Perhaps then I will have a next step in my life, you and Fiona won’t stay here forever you will go off together and live your own lives.”

I began to think it over I really cared for Joanna especially the sacrifices she had made for her daughter she worked hard from a young age I owe it to her for accepting me as she has and for all she has done for Fiona. I only had one question, “you said there are no secrets?” Joanna replied “just this one, I promise this once and I will know for sure.”
I decided to do it, “what do you want me to do?” I asked. Joanna simply replied “kiss me.”

I went over to her and our lips pressed together, we began to snog each other and started to rub our wet warm boobs together her hands slid across my back as she dug her nails into me during her fit of passion. I proceeded to move my hands down and take her bottoms off, then slid two fingers inside of her moist fanny which seemed to coil over my fingers as they glided in and out of her. She released a burst of pleasure which seemed to be screaming out of her. She threw her head back as she lowered my head onto her boobs which I began to suck and indulge. I moved down further as she lifted her lower half out of the hot tub I stopped masturbating her. Straight away I enf***ed my tongue inside of her as she let out moans of pleasure each one louder than the previous. My hand ran up, down and across her body. The current from the bubbles caused by the hot tub reinf***ed the motion of my tongue in Joanna’s fanny. After a few minutes her whole body began to tense as she climaxed over my mouth. I felt her hot sticky cum drizzling down my chin and into the water, Joanna then lowered me back so she could pleasure me.

For an amateur she had a natural talent, her fingers were magic as they ran so smoothly inside of already I was close to orgasm from the intimacy caused earlier, she rushed her head down to my fanny and started to lick me out not missing a centimetre of my already wet dripping pussy. She explored me in ways Fiona never did I guess from the frustration she had been feeling over the years It was bliss. After an intense orgasm allowing Joanna to devour my cum it was safe to say that her lesbian experience was a positive one. Though we both sworn to secrecy for the same reasons, I felt that I had helped someone who truly deserved it and though it was never spoke of it would never be forgotten.

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3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
Many appoligise for the errors. In the story Lisa is my partner, Just ignor the name Fiona.
3 years ago
Your partner's name changes, and Joanna goes from naked to having bottoms on in the hot tub!? The story has continuity errors.
3 years ago
I don't get it. Is Lisa your partner or is Fiona your partner?
3 years ago
Very hot love to here more!